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Expands on the excellent Lawbringer mod to make several locations in Cyrodiil claimable.

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is a great mod that allows you to claim locations around Skyrim for a faction of your choice, ensuring that it will only respawn in the future with friendly NPCs. It is really enjoyable to claim locations and see a tangible impact on the world around you. Places like Valtheim Keep and Pine Watch Bridge are fun locations because they are bandit camps stationed on the roadway, so claiming feels very impactful.

This is the second entry in a series of Lawbringer addons that I am developing. The first addon I made focused on bringing Lawbringer support to locations across the island of Wyrmstooth. This mod will allow you to claim locations in Beyond Skyrim's Cyrodiil; functionality has been brought to one faction and four locations across the worldspace.

 County Bruma 

County Bruma sits in the far north of Cyrodiil, bordering Skyrim to the south. This region is a melting pot of Imperial and Nordic ideals, the architecture in the city proper is reminiscant of both culture's stylings. The outbreak of the Skyrim Civil War has had an impact on the county, the occsional bit of violence spills south and the strife caused by the conflict has lead to an increase of bandit activity across the region. The county governance has done its best to protect its citizens and ensure that Imperial Law is upheld.

Cracked Horn Camp

Cracked Horn Camp is a minotaur camp located just southwest of Lakeside Retreat and east of The Beast's Maw. The camp is situated inside the ruins of an ancient Reman Empire gate that marks the border between County Bruma and County Cheydinhal. Capturing this gate would help Bruma defend its southern border.

Lakeside Retreat

Lakeside Retreat is a lakeside cottage overrun by bandits, located northeast of The Beast's Maw and southwest of Rock Creek Camp. The cottage was once the home of an Imperial and Khajiit couple, but has since been taken over by a group of bandits. Running the bandits out of this house will make it safe for new residents to move in.

Plump Rat Camp

Plump Rat Camp is a bandit camp located just southwest of Reman's Fist and south of Underpall Cave. The camp straddles a side road leading south from the main road to Chorrol, and is overlooked by Reman's Fist, which provides an excellent sniping spot. Securing this location would help keep the southern county safe.

Plundered Mine

Plundered Mine is a small mine containing bandits, located south of Gautierre Manor and east of Bruma Eastern Watchtower. This mine is a valuable source of copper that would be of great benefit to Bruma if it could be captured.

This mod is incompatible with any mod that also makes changes to the locations listed above.

This mod should be compatible with the full release of Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil, barring any major changes to the selected locations