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This is an appearance overhaul for the new NPCs added by the mod "The Forgotten City".

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This is an appearance overhaul for the new NPCs added by the mod "The Forgotten City".
It does not include any skin or body textures... it is only an ESP + FaceGeom/FaceTint.
How the NPCs look will vary wildly depending on what other mods you have installed.
See the credits section for more information.


  • v1 - High Poly Vanilla Hair for Males and Females
  • v2 - High Poly Vanilla Hair for Males, KS Hair for Females
  • v3 - KS Hair for Males and Females

Hard Requirements

Soft Requirements

Mod Creation Process

I am working on a script that automatically improves the appearances of NPCs in a semi-random way. I didn't create any of these manually.

All FaceGen was created using the Creation Kit.
This means that users who know how can use the ESP to export their own FaceGen using their own load order if they want to.

Load Order & Compatibility Patches

Please use Automatic Compatibility Patch Creation Script (xEdit) to create your own patches.
Because this mod was created using a script, the EditorIDs will change every time I upload a new version.
In other words, compatibility patches will only work for specific versions of the mod.
For this reason, I strongly recommend using the automatic patcher instead of creating them manually.

The load order of the meshes/textures on the left side of Mod Organizer 2 should match the ESP data on the right side.
If you get the infamous "black face bug", it means there is a mod conflict in your load order, and you didn't patch it correctly.

It should be compatible with all body and texture replacers.

If you are also using another NPC overhaul (for example: the Bijin series), then you should load them after this mod.


These were used in the creation of the NPCs.If you want the player's character to look like them, then you will need to download these separately.