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Variations of sneak attack with the right hand.

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Special Edition

The vanila sneak attack had always made me tilt my head trying to figure out what felt wrong with it. Until I finaly realized that, it's not stabby enough. The vanila animation makes a generic slash at the general front direction. No more I say. I give you stabby animations!

There are 3 variations of the normal right sneak attack and 1 for the right sneak power attack, and are set to replace the vanila animations completly. The animations are reworked, edited, tweaked *call them however you like* vanila animations to have maximum smoothness between animations and a common base with other sneak animation, so that the player character doesn't twich between transitions.

The animations are set to play with swords and daggers because that felt more appropriate and play randomly according to personal preference.

The animations stay true to the vanila version's timings. This was a concient decision so that they function well, even though I had to sacrify some style. I 'll see if I can do something about that in future versions.

I had a lot of fun making those and they are my favorite that I ve made until now.

I hope you like them.

Known issue : the camera switches to standing values when performing the attacks and then back to sneaking values when the attack finishes. This is one of those "once you see it, you can't miss it things", and is more noticable the more appart the camera values from standing to sneaking are, but I think the animations play nice eitherway and the bug doesn't distract from the action. I recommend using AIM FIX to hopefully make this much less noticable.

Jovel because of his work, this is even possible.

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