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Ysolda replacer with a blond Harvest w/Feathers KS SMP Wig and a custom face with ice blue eyes. My vision of Ysolda is she is an ambitious young & slightly naïve Nord who cares about others.

Permissions and credits

I'm a fan of KS Hairdos - HDT SMP (Physics) and wanted to see the hair (wigs) on many NPC's.  Initially I was adding the wigs to the NPC's via the ~ console or using mods.  However, this work is lost whenever I started a new game.  So, I created some mods using the Creation Kit (CK).

Mod Conflicts

The wig is part of a new Outfit record.  The NPC's Actor record references the Outfit record.  This mod will conflict with mods that have also modified the NPC's actor record.  (A face is also part of the Actor record.) 

If you want this mod to win conflicts, be sure to have is late in the load order.


This mod requires KS Hairdos - HDT SMP (Physics) >= 1.4.3 and all of it's dependencies and requirements.  Be sure to select the wigs option when you install that mod (or you'll get a missing masters error).  After installing, make sure the hair physics are working correctly for a female player character.  Once all is good, then I suggest using a mod manager to install this mod.


You can remove this mod using a mod manager but I'm concerned that doing so could cause the "dark face" bug.  (Never tried it and believe that testing on the computer where development was done would invalidate the test.)


I flagged the mod ESL because of the 255 mod limit when using ESP files.   However, there's a much larger, 2048 mod limit, for ESL files.  Because of the larger limit, you can choose whichever of my NPC replacers that you want.  Because physics wigs use computer resources, some people might not want to install all the NPC's w/physics mods that I plan to publish.  (So, better to let people chose only the ones they want, IMHO.)

Newbie Alert -- Edited

This was my first published NPC replacer mod and my second published mod overall.  Let's assume I made some mistakes.  (Apparently nothing too serious.)  If you aren't OK with newbie mistakes, I suggest you don't download.  If, however, you are the sort of person willing to provide constructive criticism, I'll listen and try to learn.  (I'm still interested in accepting constructive criticism and learning.)

My biggest concern is the dark face bug.  While I've included the facegen file, there might be other files that I should have included but didn't.  It doesn't work for me to test that by downloading my own mod because, if there's a missing file in the mod, that file is on my computer.  It will look like it works to me.


Q. I get a missing masters error for KSWigsSMP.esp
A. When installing KS Hairdos - HDT SMP (Physics) be sure to select the wigs.

Q. Why did you write your NPC replacer mods?
A. Because I don't want to add wigs to a bunch of NPC's every time I start a new game.

Q. Why did you publish your NPC replacer mods?
A. I use mods written by other people in the community.  I read some posts where others desired the functionality that I've offered in my utility mod and these replacer mods.

This is my way of saying "thank you" to the community.

Q. Well, I think your mods stink.  Why don't you just stop this nonsense?
A. Because some people like my mods.  If you don't like my mods, simply don't download them.  If you don't want to see any of my mods on the mod list, simply change your Nexus profile settings to block mods that I created.

Q. Why did you make so many mods instead of an all-in-one mod?
A. Several reasons.
  1. Primarily to give people flexibility.  I used to download replacer mod packages but I didn't like all the faces.  There was no easy way to choose just the ones I wanted from Mod A and then just the ones I wanted from Mod B and then just the ones I wanted from Mod C, etc.
  2. Because ESL (vs ESP) is now an option.  Releasing a bunch of small ESL mods won't easily exceed someone's mod quota.
  3. Physics calculations demand a lot from the CPU.  Some people don't have computers that can handle Solitude "full of physics wigs."  By splitting out the NPC's into individual mods, the players can choose which NPC's are more important to them.
  4. I want to offer different clothing options such as fancy dresses, etc.  I tried combining options for Carlotta but it's a mess because the approach conflicts with the design of the Nexus Mods web software.  Then I remembered a few years ago when I, as a beginning user, would get confused by requirements that weren't requirements, etc., etc. and I didn't want to inflict that on others.  I choose simpler for the user when possible.
  5. It is a lot simpler to maintain a bunch of small mods and a large mod.  In my experience, a complex approach leads to bugs while a simple approach mostly avoids bugs.
  6. By looking at download stats, I can get an idea of what people want.  It appears people prefer longer hair physics wigs.  Example -- Vivienne Onis has a choice of wigs.  I released the short wig first.  Didn't seem as popular as I expected so I released a longer wig.  The stats suggest that some of the people who downloaded the short wig came back to download the long wig.  I wouldn't have noticed this pattern if I used all-in-one.

Q. What if I just want to change her wig?
Q. What if I want to add a wig to a different NPC?
A. You can use NPC Outfitter for KS Hairdos HDT SMP to change/add a KSSMP wig.  That mod also has a Utility menu item that allows you to remove KSSMP wigs from any NPC.

Q. What if I want to change the wig's color?

A. Hair color is controlled by her Actor record (Creation Kit, SSEEdit) and RaceMenu.  If using CK, sure to use CTRL/F4 to resolve the Dark Face bug.  I haven't changed the hair color in SSEEdit I can't offer advice there.

Q. Do I need to run Bodyslide?
A. I don't think so but I recommend using Bodyslide.

Q. What body types work?
A. While I use the CBBE body and Bodyslide, I don't have any body requirement for the basic variations.  However, you should respect requirements of KS Hairdos - HDT SMP (Physics).  The fancy variations often require CBBE.

Q. How do I report a bug?
You can use either the Bugs tab or the Posts tab.  If you aren't sure if it's a bug, use Posts.  Please be sure to provide details such as if you just started a new game or updated an existing game.  If you updated an existing game, please let me know if you've already been in the cell with the NPC or not.  If you removed this mod (hopefully via mod manager), it would help if you would report what the NPC looks like from the last save game before you installed this mod.

Q. One of the wigs, um, wigged out!  (Got stretchy.) 
A. You can fix KS SMP stretchy wigs using the Utility Menu in NPC Outfitter for KS Hairdos HDT SMP

Q. What makeup is she using in the screenshots?
A. Fair Skin Complexion

Q. What mod did you use for her outfit in the screenshots?
A. Because I have many mods, I'm not certain but I think its from CBBE Minidresses Collection SE w Bodyslide.  Screen shots "Wodo NPC's" mods might be using Remodeled Armor CBBE SE.  Note: when I run BodySlide, I check the "Zap Leggings" box or I get leggings (which I don't want).

Q. Would you consider making a mod with a different wig and/or clothing?
A. Yes.  I'm more likely to honor the request if you are specific, have community support and if I like the armor/clothing and want it in my game.  I prefer armor/clothing that has CBBE, Bodyslide and physics support.  Famous mods that I have installed include
Caveat - I am not going to include 3rd party assets in my mods.  I will use such mods as a master file which means you will have to download and install all required mods.

Q. Can you port this to Virtual Reality, Limited Edition, Xbox, etc?
A. No.  I don't have a way to test the port.  However, this is such a simple mod that my guess is it will work in VR. 
Edit: Some users have reported that it does work in VR.

Q. Can I port this to Virtual Reality, Limited Edition, Xbox, etc?
A. Probably.  Send me a message asking for permission; which I'll almost certainly grant unless someone else has started the port.

Q. Why is this mod and ESL?  I really want an ESP.
A. Because of the 255 mod limit for ESP files.  The file limit for ESL is 2048.  If you really want an ESP, you can use Vortex or SSEEdit to remove the ESL flag.

Q. How did you create this mod?  (Or I like what you did but don't like how you did it; don't like your choices.)
A. I answered this in an article.

Q. What is the difference between your basic, fancy and other variations?

A. The basic variation includes just the new face and the physics wig.  The fancy variation replaces the default clothing with fancier clothing. 

A silly variation features a silly combination such as an elegant gown and sneakers.
A "yoga" variation has stretchy clothing.  "Fancy yoga" would have high heels.  "Basic yoga" would have sandals.

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Lumber Jills

(non city)

I am planning to add additional NPC's.  If anyone thinks I left out an important NPC in a city or town that I've finished, please post in the forum.