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Adds a small player home, a Shaman's hut to the plains of the Whiterun hold.

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This is a port to SE of the LE version of HarshyMarsh's Shaman's Hut.

Please, support the author, download the original mod and leave an endorsement.

Description from the original mod:

"A Wildling's house located in the Northwest of Whiterun by a small creek.
Built for an Alchemist/Shaman type character.
works with pretty much every race i think but i built it for my Nord.

It's not navmesh'd and it will never be, its like 2 meters wide."

I converted the mod with the Creation Kit to form version 44, cleaned it with SSEEdit,
(2 undeleted records, 11 identical to master records),
corrected 116 errors caused by static collection records unused in SSE,
deleted unused static records, forwarded water records from the USSEP,
deleted some wild edits and added a location record with according keywords.

The chest and the strong box are safe to use for personal storage.

Added TreeReachTree01 vanilla mesh to avoid being it replaced by Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants,
otherwise the hanging decorations would look out of place.

Location: northwest of Whiterun, south of Morthal, north of Swindler's Den, southeast of Rannveig's Fast
Name of the map marker: Wildling's Hut

ESPFE version:


Despite SSEEdit's warning about cell records being possibly overwritten by other mods,
I compacted the form ids and flagged the esp as esl.
I tested it for over a month and I have several other mods adding cells.
The interior of the Shaman's Hut is still accessible.
LordLucian7 has been using an ESPFE version for several months without problems (Thanks D)

This means an update is NOT possible because of the changed form ids,
this could/would corrupt your savegame :(

1. So go to another cell (Whiterun for example)
2. Deinstall the esp version
3. Start the game and make a new savegame
4. Optional: clean your savegame with Fallrim
5. Install the ESPFE version

Mods used in the screenshots:

Silent Horizons for Mythical Ages
Skyrim Flora Overhaul
Folkvangr - Grass and Landscape Overhaul
Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants
Silly Level of Detail - Potions and Poisons
SD's Horn Candles
Unreal 4K-8K Mammoth Skeleton ReTexture
Skyrim 3D Cooking
Realistic Water Two

Credits: Thanks to HarshyMarsh for open permissions