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CBBE 3BA Conversion bodyslide for Rugged Rogue Outfits and Wilderness Witch Outfit with an optional 8k Texture Upscale

I have also included an esp which fixes the forearm and calves disconnections so the outfit can be used without gloves/boots

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I have finally fixed the Weathered Variants that get broken with CBBE 3BBB thanks to trustypilot284 for telling me how to do it. And now that i've gained more knowledge on converting stuff and started a new Skyrim Build and Modding again I've re-converted all Rugged Rogue Outfits bodyslides with better weights less clipping and now some include Uniboob as well, If there are issues or clipping please send me a picture and i will fix it.

In near future i might upload other conversions as well for 3BA, if you have suggestions send me a PM. If i like the outfit i'd probably do it.

I've added the 
Wilderness Witch Outfit
 CBBE 3BA Bodyslide files + an 8k Texture Upscale and an esp fix for calves and forearms disconnection

*Wilderness Witch Outfit
*Rugged Rogue Outfits  
*Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

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