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Fixes some visual issues with the museum's exterior such as road blending and UV maps

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  • Blends road edges
  • Blends stone path edges
  • Fixes Z-fighting at entrance
  • Fixes staircase tangents/normals
  • Fixes stretched UV maps/textures
  • Fixes grass glossiness
  • Fixes clipping issues
  • Align entrance cobbles better
  • Added 3 new variations to stone path instead of previous 1
  • Aligns stairs so it doesn't clip through the wall
  • Fixed walkway frames
  • Rotated walkway planks
  • Fixed upside roof tiles on guild house
  • Open cities patch support
  • Optional patch for Erikur's house if you use any mesh replacer for that building
  • ESL-flagged ESP

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Q: some texture mod I am using doesn't blend well!
A: it probably doesn't blend well in the rest of solitude either, since I am using the same technique. Your texture mod's moss texture's alpha values are incorrectly set such that 100% vertex alpha doesn't bring it to 100% opaqueness