Skyrim Special Edition

The following authors have contributed use of their content in various capacities for use in Legacy of the Dragonborn. Thanks so much for their
contributions. If you spot something in the mod that doesn't seem to be credited properly, please let me know via PM and I'll correct it. Some citations could have slipped through the cracks given the scope of this mod, so give me the benefit of the doubt.

Adabala building system by varlaisaran
Additional artwork provided by Wallcus
Ancient Shrouded Armor alternate by Theycallmecheese
Armor Skeleton model (ysmir) by Lifestorock
Armorstand by insanitySorrow
Artifacts by RonnieMagnum
Astrolabe by Stanisław Ogarek used under CC license
Ayleid Clutter by InsanitySorrow
Bellyaches New Dragon Species shelf scrolls by Tonynarko67
Better Shrouded Armor by MANHUNTER69
Better Bows by Howiego08BDYEB
Big Leather Backpack by Hideto84
Bloodthorn replacer model by KettleWitch
Book Cover Skyrim resources by Daniel Coffey
Booksets by Blarry
Carved Dragon Armor by Hideto84
Chrysamere by RonnieMagnum
Contributed music: "Skymning" by vindsvept (
Contributed music: “Thunder dreams", "Redletter" and "Dark pad" and other soundscapes by Kevin
Cutlass model by Hifoo
Daedric Crescent by Nimezis
Daedric Double battleaxe by Keratoz
Daedric face of god by Kanjs and Nchuark
Daedric Lord armor by Nevermind46
Daedric Statues by Mandragorasprouts
DaggerCraftPack by faxicvm
Dawnfang/Duskfang by keizaalfeyn
Dev Aveza Airship by Deapri
Dovabling by testiger2
Dragonknight armor by hothtropper44
Draugr Armory by Destero
Draugr texture by Kajuan
Dwarven Bows by Jet4571
Dwemer Compass model remade by wSkeever and Kreiste (Creative Commons license)
Dwemer goggles by volvaga0
Elder statue by Angilla
Eleidon's Ward by TheMalfazar
Emperor's Will armor by GechbalNoble
Engraved Shamshir by Faranelli
Fang of Haynekhtnamet by Wulfharth
Fate Cards by Icecreamassassin
Fists of Randgulf by Telthalion
Fixed Daedric Lord Helms (Meshes courtesy of opusGlass).
FPI Experiment pack by BrettM\
Gemstone Collector by Zephur6788
Glassbows by InsanitySorrow
Goldbrand by InsantySorrow
Gorehowl Axe by CrazyLion
Greek statue by Tamira
Heavenly She-wolf blade by MAIBATSU
Helm of Oreyn bearclaw by PrivateEye
Helm of Tohan by PrivateEye
Hircine Statue by Kewin568
Hrothmund’s Axe by painkiller97
Ice Blade of the Monarch by FrankFamily
Improved Ironhand Gauntlets model by Onvil
Ingredient Jars by Blarry
Ingredient Wall Art by Blarry
Knights of the Nine by Matty793
Leather telescope by Kettlewitch (model by Frank Family)
Legacy Gemstones improved by wSkeever
Legendary Rings by RonnieMagnum
Lord’s Mail by edhelsereg
Luxurious pickaxes by Elsopa
MacLeod  (
Malos weapons by Kalten1979
Meo's Tent resource by Meo
Modder’s resource pack by Oaristys
Moonpath to Elsweyr typo patch by Treacleman
Moonpaths to Elsweyr by MuppetPuppet
More Treasure Maps by mackam08
Much Ado About Snow Elves by LittleBaron
Necromancer's Dagger by RonnieMagnum
New Treasure Hunt by InstantKor (v6)
Nordic Kukri model by KettleWitch
Ogmund's tomb by PredragPesic
Open book library by stoverjim
Openbook resource by Blarry
Paintings and frames by Artisanix
Poacher's Axe model by KettleWitch
Printing Press by Stroti
Psiijic robe textures by Zackdip
Resources by Lilith
Resources by Tamira
Resources from Morrowloot by Trainwiz (on permission of individual original authors)
Rings of Old by PrivateEye
Rough Leather Armor by Atomec
Rustic Pottery Textures by Gamwich
Scourge by RonnieMagnum
Seashells by Jokerine (see their mod page for additional credits)
Shadow of the Underking by MyBad
Shields by themalfazar
Shrine assets by FrankFamily
Silver bow by InsanitySorrow
Sixth House Bell Hammer and Bipolar Blade by PrivateEye
Skull helm model by ghosu
Stained glass resource by SrRamrod
Stormlord Armor by Gechbal (armor for Ulfric only)
Sword of Ancient Tongues by Corvalho1
Tamriel world map by Belhene (deviant art)
Tapestries by Insanity
Texture Resources by Jojo-ojoj
Thrassian Plaguesword by Fearless Hero
Treasure Hunter by Arxie (v6)
Triskele Shield model by KettleWitch
Umbra byInsanitySorrow
Unique booze bottles HD by Exray Catt
Unique shapes for unique weapons by nockchaa
Unique Uniques by InsantySorrow
Valiant Bow by Corvalho1
Vanilla Artifact improvements by John Skyrim
Various mesh fixes and tweaks by Gutmaw
Vial holder from Bandolier mod by Dragten
Visage of Mzund redone by Trainwiz
White phial replacer by Saeralith
Witcher's Silver Sword by Kimono
Ysgramor's armor by Nevermind46

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