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An interior lighting mod for Legacy of The Dragonborn.

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This is a completely subjective lighting mod for Legacy of the Dragonborn. Vanilla LOTD rarely uses shadow-casting lights, so I figure I'd add some.
  • Adds more shadow casting lights to the museum, safehouse, guild house, and airship
  • Affected interiors are brighter and less yellow on average
  • Subjective edits based on personal tastes
  • ESL-flagged

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Q: Is this compatible with whatever unrelated lighting mods (elfx, lux, window shadow etc) that don't actually edit Legacy of The Dragonborn interiors?
A: Yes, this is compatible with unrelated lighting mods that don't actually edit Legacy of The Dragonborn interiors.

Q: Is this actually ESL-flagged? Are you lying to me in the mod description?
A: Yes, this is ESL-flagged. No, I didn't lie when I told you it is ESL-flagged in the mod description.

Q: I don't like it.
A: This mod is open permissions; feel free to make changes.