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About this mod

This mod makes it possible to do extra damage and stagger etc. effect depending on the body part when the attack hits the actor. No ESP file.

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This is a mod ported the latest version of Locational Damage(SKSE Plugin) to SE.
This mod makes it possible to do extra damage and stagger etc. effect depending on the body part when the attack hits the actor. No ESP file. You can do locational damage to actors of various races. Since this mod works only with skse plugin, you can safely install / uninstall at any time.
You can open "LocationalDamage.ini" to change the settings.

How does it work?
It calculates the distance between the hit position of the attack and the node position of the actor. By using the position where attacks hit, it is lightweight because it does not do complicated and heavy processing.

Address Library for SKSE Plugins

[Damage and effects]
health damage, magicka damage, stamina damage, interrupt, stagger, knockdown, unequip armor, unequip weapon, decrease weapon speed, increase spell charge time, decrease movement speed

[Body parts of races]
Head, arms, foot and heart
NPCs, Draugr, Hagraven, Spriggan, Skeleton, VampireLord, Lurker, Giant, AtronachFrost, VampireBrute, Troll, Werewolf, Dog, Wolf, Falmer, Riekling, Bear, Chaurus, Deer, Dragon_Priest, DwarvenCenturion, DwarvenSphere, AtronachFlame, AtronachStorm, Goat, Horker, Horse, Mammoth, SabreCat, Skeever, Cow, ChaurusFlyer, BoarRiekling, Scrib, DwarvenBallista, Dragon
DwarvenSpider, FrostbiteSpider, IceWraith, Slaughterfish, WispMother, Seeker
Witchlight, Hare, Chicken, Mudcrab, Netch

Basically it is compatible with races added by mods.

・Spells do not cause locational damage.
・Races with No Knockdowns flag will not knockdown.
・Because of the balance adjustment, the effect occurrence probability is multiplied by 0.3 to 1.7 due to the difference in maximum health of the attacker and the target.
・The heavier the weapon, the higher the chance that the effect will occur.

- Credits
SKSE team for SKSE.
meh321 for Address Library for SKSE Plugins.

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