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Use Text-To-Speech/xVASynth for your character and keep your dialogue/book UI of choice for the best of both worlds!

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Fuz Ro Bork by aedenthorn is a mod I love using to make my character speak, but using it requires Fuz Ro Bork's custom "dialoguemenu.swf" to inject the text-to-speech functionality in your dialogue interface, which will prevents you from using your own custom dialogue menu (Dear Diary, Dialogue Interface Reshaped, etc.). This mod/patch aims to do two things:

1. Patch Fuz Ro Bork's TTS/xVASynth speak functionality directly into those UI mod's dialogue interface!
2. Give people more reason to download Fuz Ro Bork, it's such an underrated mod IMO.

UI Mod Patching Status (see this before downloading):



Install with your Mod Manager of choice. Just make sure this overwrites Fuz Ro Bork and the Dialogue UI mod you're patching, or just put this at the very bottom to be safe.

I want to use X UI mod, but there is no patch!
I've added a comment to the posts section. Reply there with the name and link of the UI mod you want patched! I'm only human, so I don't know all the UI mods out there, but will patch any that I can get permission for!

How do I know if X UI mod needs patching for Fuz Ro Bork?

If that UI mod contains "interface/dialoguemenu.swf", it needs to be patched. If UI mod contains "interface/book.swf" it will need patching only for the autobook speak (which I haven't looked at yet, and none of my personal UI mods touch it, so I am not sure how easy/hard it'll be at this time).

Is this mid-save compatible?
100%. Install/Uninstall this anytime as it's just a single `.swf` file, feel free to swap them out if you want without issue*!
* I don't know the consequences, if any, of installing this patch for a UI mod you don't have, so please only stick with patches for the UI mods you do have!