Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Expertly Narrated & Voiced Dungeon!
Don your finest armor, gather your party, and plunge into the depths of an ancient Dwarf Hold.
But beware, something sinister lurks in the deeps...
Adds Tons of NEW Weapons, Armors, and Bosses!

Permissions and credits

This upload is granted with permission from Fatshark employee David, as well as the sound company they employed. Image:
This is for fan use only, and all rights belong to Fatshark.

A Warhammer Fantasy Dungeon
Original Dungeon by BarronTV1
Remaster & Quest by Aphest
Narration by Juzu

> This mod is now part of my Warhammer Fantasy Mod Collection! <
Dwarf Race
(Required for Dwarf NPCs to function)
Skaven of Skyrim
(Required for enemies)
End Times of Skyrim - Chaos
(Required for enemies)

> Please make sure you're using the latest versions of the above mods! <
> If Updating: Please be sure to be in a different cell when update occurs <
> Load after "Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods" (if applicable) <

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  • Added 2 NEW Narrated Notes! Totaling 11 Notes! One in Hoggars Ridge Mine, and another in Karaz Gnel!
  • Even More NAVMESH Fixes! This should hopefully resolve ALL Pathfinding issues for followers!
  • FIXED Unlootable Enemies! Ambush NPCs are now lootable!
    (Note: The Armory Key is physically hidden somewhere in Kharaz Gnel, it doesn't drop from enemies!)
  • Added an Extra Sanctum Key! To the chest next to Squikch! Just in case Squikch did not drop it for you!

  • Fully Voiced Narrative! All Note Items now contain expertly Voiced Narration!
    There are 9 voiced Notes/Journals in total, find them all!
    (Due to how Skyrim handles sounds, please ensure combat music is not playing while reading!)
  • New Hidden Armory Room! Find the key and receive untold riches, as well as:
  • More Dawi NPCs Added! To leave clues as to what had occurred before the player arrived
  • New Boss-Music in the Sanctum!
  • More Enemy Encounters!
  • More NAVMesh Fixes!
  • Environmental Changes!
  • Added a Skaven-Forge to the Lava-bridge before the Sanctum.
  • Lighting Tweaks!
  • New Enemy Type!: The Rabid Rat!
  • TWO New Bosses!: *No Spoilers*
  • New Legendary Quest! Starts upon completing Karaz-Gnel!
  • New Destruction Spell added as a reward for completing the Legendary Quest!

See All Changes in Posts Section

Version 1.0 Trailer Below (Outdated as of v2.0)

Plunge into the depths of Karaz Gnel, an ancient Dwarf hold.
Uncover the secrets hidden within, 
Beautifully designed Dungeon which will receive future updates based on feedback!
Enemies will change based on level, so clear the dungeon and come back later to face stronger foes!

> Try alongside my other Warhammer mods! <
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The Great Book of Grudges
Bardin Goreksson - Voiced Dwarf Follower
Dwarf Bandits & NPCs
WAAAGH - Orc Skeleton Replacer and Power
Victor Saltzpyre - Custom Voiced Follower
Grimdark Legendary Damage

This dungeon is located at Hoggar's Ridge Mine, West of Whiterun (See Images)