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A house, hidden away behind and the upper floors of the Winking Skeever, waiting for a new tenant.

Permissions and credits
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  • Italian


  • Revised layout and significant reduction of clutter.
  • Double bed, plus two beds for followers
  • Kitchenette with proper storage of meat, vegetables and spirits
  • Personal workstation (includes library, basic blacksmithing equipment, alchemy lab and enchanting table)
  • Convenient access to Solitude's trade district
  • 4 weapon racks and two display mannequins, plus several weapon/shield plaques
  • Balcony with a good view of the city
  • Small heated bathroom
  • Extensive storage options
  • Can be used as a secondary home for two followers (using My Home is Your Home)
  • Navmeshed
  • Cleaned with TES5edit
  • Converted to SSE with CK64, SSE NIF Optimizer and Cathedral Asset Optimizer.
  • Made more compatible with known city mods such as JK's Skyrim and Dawn of Skyrim.

  • NMM, Vortex, or MO2: simply install the mod.
  • Manual: open the downloaded file with 7zip, and then click and drag the .ESP into Skyrim's Data folder.

The entrance is now located on the guard platform on the wall -- take the tower stairs to the right, then walk along the platform, go straight then turn right until you see the door. It's done that way in order to reduce compatibility problems with most city overhauls.

Compatibility Issues

  • JK's Solitude / Skyrim -- The revised version now relocates the house entrance at the sentry walkway/wall above The Winking Skeever, so as to avoid problems with JK's mod. Likewise, the garden that came with the previous versions have been removed.
  • Dawn of Solitude -- same as above, entrance relocated at the sentry walkway/wall.
  • Open Cities -- NOT COMPATIBLE.
  • NMM/Vortex: Simply uninstall the mod.
  • MO2: deactivate the mod and remove.
  • Manual: make a gamesave away from Solitude, preferably in an interior cell, exit Skyrim; open Skyrim's Data folder, find SolitudeTheLuckySkeeverHome.esp and its accompanying .BSA, and delete both of them.
Upgrading (just in case)
Take all stored items from containers, chests and racks, and then step out of the house, before making a new gamesave and exiting Skyrim. Use the installation procedure to upgrade the mod, before going back into the game.


If a certain object is out of position (i.e. enchanting table, wine rack), open the console (the tilde key ~), click on the offending object, then type and enter recycleactor to return the object to its proper position.
  • InsanitySorrow (TESA) -- chessboard, pillows, paintings, soap, alchemy/smithing charts, 
  • Stroti & Tamira (TESA) -- portions of Dragonstone (hanging cabinet, washbasin), potbelly oven, teapot...
  • AARS (TESA) -- vegetable basket, meat crate
  • FPI Research (TESA) -- alchemy jars, quill & inkpot, smelting pot... 
  • Lilith (TESA) -- burgundy rug
  • eldiabs (Nexus) -- activators and bookshelves
  • jet4571 (Nexus) -- copy and paste wharehouse (sic) cell
  • Oaristys & Tony67 (TESA) -- Modder's Resource Pack (so many of them, can't list all)
  • stoverjm (TESA) - Open Books Library 1.1 (based on Blary's Open Books Resource)
  • lolicept - various resources (
  • garnet/flintone - Wicker Set
  • mrpdean (Nexus) -- Lakeview Custom and Modular Meshes
  • Ga-Knomboe Boy (Nexus) -- Solitude City Buildings aka Big City Mod
  • MannyGT -- The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal resources
  • Jokerine (Nexus/TESA) -- Miscellaneous Resources
Any modification to the mod requires express permission. Third-party assets in this mod are intended for non-profit use. Uploading this mod to sites other than Nexus or TESA without my authorization is strictly prohibited.