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A visual overhaul of Aela The Huntress.

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 "If you wish to hunt with me, your feet need to be quick, and your eyes quicker."

A replacer for Aela The Huntress that's not meant for milk drinkers.
Aela has been a huntress all her life, she's collected a few scars over the years as a proud member of a warrior guild.
This mod features custom Textures for body and face. Body meshes are NOT included, and she will use whatever body meshes you have installed for female characters. Current texture options : CBBE and UNP.
Expressive Facial Animation is not mandatory, but highly recommended.


Install with a mod manager.
This mod comes with a FOMOD that willguide you through the installation.
If you are using another replacer that edits Aela as well, such as Bijin All in One, load this mod AFTER. Remember that both load order and install order matter, so if you want to use this replacer , you need to let it override anything else.


  • I do not like the hairstyle.
    Feel free to use a wig. Check out Apachi Wigs or KS Wigs.
  • Can you share the preset?
    At the moment, I do not want to share my presets.
  • My Aela does not look like yours.
    It depends on ENB you use. Screenshots are taken with Silent Horizons ENB (edited). 
  • I do not like the textures! She looks too rough/ has too many scars / is too mature.
    Use a different replacer. You've got many choices out there.
  • Can you make the textures more smooth/edit some details?
    I won't be making adjustments for now, unless there's a problem.  Do not ask for variations.
  • I use Vanilla body, which option should I download?
    Choose Vanilla Body with UNP textures, then install UNP version.
  • Textures are too big, can you provide 2k?
    Use Cathedral Assets Optimizer to resize textures easily and quickly.

Expressive Morphs - High Poly Head  - KS Hair - CBBE  - Racemenuzhoulia - Brows - Natural Female Face Skin - Vobla - Mature Skin - Fairskin - Barbarian Paints -  Community Overlays - CGO - Eyes of Beauty