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This file adds & distributes all of the aMidianBorn Book of Silence variant armors by CaBaL120 throughout the world, in leveled lists and crafting recipes, in a low-footprint and dependency-free plugin.

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This mod adds CaBaL120's excellent aMidianBorn Book of Silence armor variants to Skyrim by extending existing leveled lists, inventories, and crafting recipes.

  • Items have been added as both craftable variations and distributed throughout leveled lists.
  • Completes the Skyforge weapons set with Arrows, a Bow, a Mace, a Shield, and a Warhammer, and adds unique models to all Skyforge items.
  • Thalmor will wear dark Glass or Elven armor to match their robes.
  • Glass equipment found in Solstheim will match the color scheme of the Glass equipment in Morrowind.
  • Adds a black Wolf armor variant, which has a 50/50 chance of appearing in Eorlund's inventory every reset and is randomly given to Circle members.
  • Ebony armor can be trimmed with gold or silver to enhance its appearance.
  • Steel and Nordic armor can be found with various fur colors.
  • Polished or Engraved Iron armor can be crafted or found as loot.
  • Crafting recipes for some of the variant armors have requirements. See the Juicy Details below!
  • Though no mortal can directly alter the appearance of a Daedric Artifact, there are rumours that some have seen success with some assistance...

None! This mod is entirely self-contained and can be used even with just the base game. That said, USSEP changes have been forwarded where applicable.

Install with a mod manager of your choosing, and select any patches for mods you are intending to use (patches for already-installed mods should automatically select themselves).

  • This should be compatible with most mods that change armor meshes, provided that said mods are still compatible with vanilla textures.
  • This mod edits many Leveled Lists in order to distribute new armors, these will likely need to be forwarded into other mods that edit leveled lists.
  • This mod contains one minor edit to the Companion's quest "Take Up Arms" and may conflict with other mods which change this quest. When in doubt, load other mods which alter this quest later in your load order.
  • Six patches are included in the FOMOD installer: Enchanting Adjustments Updated, Finding Velehk Sain, Improved Closeface Helmets, Thaumaturgy - An Enchanting Overhaul, Reliquary of Myth - Artifact Overhaul, and Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes. If you are using Practical Female Armors SE, its FOMOD includes a patch for the original Content Addon which also works with this mod.
  • An additional patch file is installed when Thaumaturgy and Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes are both installed. This file is not optional, and load order should be as follows:
    • Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp
    • aMidianBorn Armor Variants Lite.esp
    • aMidianBorn Armor Variants Lite - WACCF Patch.esp
    • Thaumaturgy.esp
    • Thaumaturgy - WACCF Patch.esp
    • aMidianBorn Armor Variants Lite - Thaumaturgy Patch.esp
    • aMidianBorn Armor Variants Lite - Thaumaturgy + WACCF Patch.esp

  • This mod and all of its patches are ESL-flagged, meaning that they won't use slots in the 255-plugin load order limit!

    Juicy Details
    • Crafting Thalmor equipment requires you to give the Thalmor a black eye in one of three ways:
    • Complete the Civil War for the Stormcloaks.
    • Complete Missing In Action.
    • Complete Diplomatic Immunity.
    • Crafting Morrowind equipment requires you to visit Solstheim once. This is detected through the Dragonborn quest, so using mods like Alternate Start or console commands to send yourself to Solstheim may prevent it from appearing.
    • Creating a variant of a Daedric Artifact requires some... extra help. Perhaps if you look back where you were assigned the quest to find the item, you might find something? Or, if you want to be boring, you can click this spoiler.
    Returning to the Sacellum of Boethiah or the Falkreath Jail after the quests are complete will reveal an Atronach Forge Note in Daedric. Taking the Daedric artifact in question (the Ebony Mail or the Savior's Hide) to the Atronach Forge allows you to modify them using the Forge's Power.
    The Ebony Mail requires any Ebony Mail variant, a Gold, Silver, or Ebony ingot, and a Black Soul Gem.
    The Savior's Hide requires any Savior's Hide variant and any Bear Pelt variant.
    Neither the notes nor the Sigil Stone are required for the recipes to work.

    CaBaL120 for the aMidianBorn Book of Silence textures, without which this could never have possibly happened.
    kryptopyr for the aMidianBorn Content Addon which, while slightly heavier than I'd like, is an inspiration for this mod.
    Wulf_BearClaw for the Nordic Carved Clipping Fix, which is one of the many minor annoyance fixing mods that I personally recommend.