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Replaces the sweet rolls we all know and love with custom high poly meshes and HD textures.

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A while ago I searched for some type of HD sweet roll replacer since the vanilla model and textures don't fit in with all the 2k and 4k textures in my game. All I could really find were a few that just replaced the vanilla textures with HD versions, or ones that completely changed the look of sweet rolls. I LOVE the photorealistic sweet rolls in High Poly Project, but after a while I started to wish that they looked a bit more like the original sweet rolls we see in the game or in the hundreds of irl sweet roll photos posted to Reddit every week.

So, I opened up Blender again and made my own for the fun of it. This mod changes the models and textures completely (yes, they look like Cheerios on the bottom). I should note that the first two pictures are the most recent models, so they look slightly different from the rest of the screenshots.

LE version: High Poly Sweet Rolls LE

I haven't had any issues with performance caused by the sweet rolls (though I do have a pretty strong PC). Just don't go too crazy and spawn like 700 at once like I did in my screenshots. I did crash from spawning too many too fast.
My model has about the same/less than the amount of triangles the food models in High Poly Project have. So, if you can use that mod you can probably handle this one.

I've included 4K and 2K textures as options as well.

  • Install with a mod manager (or manually) and make sure this mod overwrites any other mod that replaces sweet rolls.
  • Install patches after it.

I've included a patch for Eating Animations and Sounds SE so my models work with the animation in that mod (without it, you'll get the vanilla sweet roll model with my textures, which looks awful).

High Poly Sweet Rolls are now included as an option in Sweet Roll Randomization Act, thanks to Darthhister! If you like this mod, be sure to check theirs out! (Optional replacer requires High Poly Sweet Rolls)

Note: I only post my mods to Nexus, but I have given one person permission to port this to console.
If you see my files uploaded outside of Nexus or then they were uploaded without my permission, and I can't guarantee the files will be safe.

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Thanks and enjoy!