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A sweetroll overhaul for special edition. v3.5 changes sweet roll addiction for the better.

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Welcome to Sweetroll Randomization Act for SE. A mod for Sweetrolls and the people who eat them.

Sweetroll Randomizatio Act has been refined and adjusted for Special Edition. New sweetrolls, attributes and more random sweetroll encounters.

Update Dec. 17th 2021: Woo Hoo! One thousand unique downloads for SRA SE! Now only if I could get that many endorsements.... :(

What this mod adds:

Sweetroll Randomization Act is all about sweetrolls. New sweetrolls, random sweetrolls, and special easter eggs. All the new sweetroll types have been added to leveled loot. On top of all this, there is a chance for sweetrolls to appear in you inventory from nowhere.

Sweetroll Addiction:

There is a 3% chance to become addicted when eating a sweetroll. After becoming addicted the player will notice damaged stamina, ignoring your addiction will result in withdraw which brings more trouble.

When the player ignores addiction and withdraw effects, withdraw pain will result in detrimental effects to health, stamina and magicka. But have no fear, addiction will pass after a few days (customizable) or may be cured by brewing a potion at a cooking pot (Or turned off completely in the MCM menu).

Note: Players will no longer randomly transform into a sweet troll on withdraw level 2. I couldn't get this to work properly, so it's gone for good.

Sweetroll Standing Stone

There is a new standing stone in the worldspace, the Sweetroll Stone. Upon accepting the Sweetroll Stone Perk, the player will receive a spell called 'Transmute Sweetroll', also all sweetrolls will get bonus effects, hidden to the player until after eating the sweetroll at which time the effect will show up in the players active effects screen (this is due to scripting limitations, I wish I knew how to fix this, there's a book in game that gives more information).

MCM Menu

This mod has MCM support. Using the menu, you may toggle sweetroll addiction, adjust automatic sweetroll addiction cure, and adjust the amount of Sweetroll Randomness (increase or decrease sweetrolls in loot lists). Also shows how many Sweetrolls a player has eaten.

Note: You can now toggle sweetroll addiction while you are addicted. The menu now forces all addiction to clear from the player.

Sweet Trolls
The Sweet Trolls are additional trolls that are added to the loot lists. They have sweetrolls in their loot. These do not replace other trolls, and the most recent update changed some leveled list information, so hopefully you see more than just sweet trolls at high levels.

Note: I don't know what I am doing. The sweet trolls look really bright in game and I don't know if I can fix it. If you know what the problem is, or where I can look to fix it, leave a comment. Thanks.


I have also added ten more sweetroll types into the game, which are in the sweetroll sublist.

The new sweetrolls are:

Spiced Sweetroll -Fortify and restore health

Sweetroll with sprinkles -Fortify and restore stamina

Rotten Sweetroll -Causes poison damage (use on weapons)

Painted Sweetroll -Fortifies and regen. magika

Golden Sweetroll -Cures disease... and other good stuff

Spectral Sweetroll -Invisibility for 60 seconds

Blood Sweetroll -Works like vampire blood potion

Silver Sweetroll - Slow time for 10 seconds

Honey Sweetroll - Fortify Smithing and Alchemy (Can only be made in the Hearthfire house kitchens)


High Poly Add-on

I have created a High Poly Add-on using High Poly Sweet Rolls by Kadraeus. Their mod is required for the high poly add-on to work, Check it out. All meshes and textures in the add-on are made by Kadraeus, all credit goes to them. I only made minor changes to color and mesh properties for the add-on.

Harvestable Sweet Rolls

Check out  Hervestable Sweet Rolls by schlafenszeit. Their mod now has a compatibility patch for SRA, it is really cool! (Not compatible with the High Poly add-on, due to texture changes).

Sweet Trolls

If you like the sweet troll texture and want ALL of your trolls to look like that, check out robert114's mod, AllTrollRSweet.


SRA Released Versions:

V3.5.1 - February 11, 2023
-Fixed an issue with the Sweet trolls being invisible

V3.5.1 - January 8, 2021
-Removed Sweet Troll transformation. Couldn't get it to work properly, so it's gone for good.
-Adjusted some aspects of addiction; MCM toggle now removed addiction effects.
-Now comes with a FOMOD installer (first time using this, let me know if there are errors)

V3.1.4.1_A -October 18, 2017
-Reinstated sweetroll addiction
-Reinstated MCM menu

v3.0 -November, 2 2016 (Still available for non SKSE and SkyUI users)
-Merged the hearthfire add-on to the full version.
-Adjusted some sweetroll effects
-Removed addiction (along with MCM menu)
-Added more random sweetrolls


USSEP: There is a USSEP Patch by DanielMtanousUSA. Check it out.

Standing Stones: This mod changes the powerstone script for standing stones, this is because of the sweetroll standing stone. Any other mod that changes this script will conflict.

iNeed or other needs mods: The point of this mod is for special effects on the new sweetrolls. I have no idea how these will interact with basic needs mods.

Various locations and loot lists: Sweetrolls were added to various loot lists, as well as placed around the world. There may or may not be conflicts with mods that change loot lists and game locations, but these will not be game breaking bugs, you may just see sweetrolls floating in the air or leveled loot may be different than what this mod changes.