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Makes the pattern and bowstring of Auriel's bow glow in a color of your choice.

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When I got Auriel's Bow in the game I thought it looked really cool but something just seemed to be missing.

What's it do?

It simply makes the engraved lines and the bowstring on Auriel's bow glow so it feels a bit more like the bow of a god. This mod replaces a texture from Remiro's "Auriel's Bow HD."

UPDATE (2.0 or something):
  • By request, I've added a version where only the bow string glows. To install it, download the string only file from the optional files section and install/load it after the main file. It replaces the textures and works with any color. However, if you're using a red glow, install the optional file marked RED instead. I included this because if you use the other (the not-red file) with the red bow the string will look pinkish.
  • Also added a rainbow variant for fun (for the full bow only). To install it, install the white version of the main mod (reinstall the FOMOD if you're using another color) and load the rainbow file after it like you would with the string only glow. This also works with the Scoped Bows patch, and looks pretty cool.

UPDATE (1.5 or whatever):
  • Added FOMOD Installer with patches for Scoped Bows.
  • Install and follow the directions to choose the color you want.
  • If you're using Scoped Bows, choose the [Scoped Patch] variant for the color you want.


If you want another color that I haven't provided and aren't sure how to do it yourself then ask me in Posts and I'll add it to the downloads.Hope you guys enjoy!

Remiros for the HD Auriel's bow texture used to make this mod.
Outlaw66 for the Scoped Bow model.