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A Treasure Hunt! Just for fun and some added flavour you will find various Boxes of Delight scattered around Skyrim and Solstheim.
Some will be easy to find and others will be rather difficult to track down. Enjoy the hunt.

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The Boxes of Delight


The Flavour:

A Treasure Hunt! How exciting!!

Delilah, The Keeper of the Boxes, has been busy.
She's only gone and placed numerous hidden boxes around Skyrim & Solstheim.
The Boxes of Delight as she likes to call them.

Do you, daring adventurer, have the observational prowess to track down these boxes of delight?
Of course you do. Better get to it then, eh?


The Boxes:

215 Boxes (300 with the optional Update 1), Many of them have been deviously hidden, many of them are just there in plain sight.
I want to you find them, discover them and reap the rewards.
I don't want you to find them, they should remain undiscovered, hidden secrets that you've missed.
You will, more then likely, just stumble on them as you explore the worlds of Skyrim & Solstheim through general play.
Hopefully, upon discovering one the boxes it will bring a smile to your delighted face and a nice warm feeling inside.

As a small taster, The very first box that you will come across, can be found following your exit from Helgen. Head down the path and look to your right for a fallen tree trunk. The first box is near it - in fact I've added a nice picture that provide a very subtle hint to it's location.

The boxes themselves are split into different groups that focus on a particular type of loot.
All of the box types do contain a small amount of gold and lockpicks.

  • Gold (A Nice healthy amount of Septims)
  • Gemstones (Precious gems and soul gems)
  • Jewellery (Necklaces and Rings, both enchanted and not)
  • Mixture (Gold, Gemstones and Jewellery)
  • Special (Mixed box containing significantly more loot)

The majority of these boxes are locked with Adept level locks, while a small few have Master level locks.
I didn't just want to give you the spoils of the hunt, where is the fun in that? No, a lock was needed and I feel that Adept level locks would be a sufficient challenge, one that isn't too easy or indeed to hard at the start of the game.

All of the boxes can be acquired through normal gameplay and the placement is entirely based on vanilla Skyrim.
In order to make your hunt slightly easier there is a small, 3% chance, that you will find a Hint Book when you open a Box of Delights.
(With Update 1 installed, physical copies of the books have, for the most part, been very well hidden around Skyrim. However there are TWO complete sets waiting for you devious thieves to steal)

For the curious people out there, if you head on over to the articles tab you will discover that I have provided a breakdown, on an area-by-area basis of how many boxes can be found and what types of boxes are there. Along with what loot tables I've used to populate the boxes with goodies.


Added with optional Update 2

Delilah, the Keeper of the Boxes has setup her camp somewhere in Whiterun Hold.

Throughout the week, but not at weekends, she can be found touring Skyrim and visiting her delightful boxes.
If you spot her around Skyrim and she is sat down, or leaning against a wall or tree then it is highly likely that she's close to one of her Boxes. Perhaps you should check the nearby area and see if you can see one eh? Sometimes she is very close to a box and sometimes a box is only nearby.

Delilah herself is a merchant. She will sell you Hint Books - which are not cheap - normal books and some spell tomes. Her inventory is randomised from loot lists and does refresh after a few days. Delilah only keeps three hint books in stock and there is a possibility that she stocks duplicates. Do not wake her up if she is sleeping overnight as she will only sell you her books through normal merchant hours.

While out-and-about Delilah will defend herself and engage in combat. She dual-wields two custom daggers and also had a bow for ranged attacks. Delilah is flagged as Protected and not essential. So yes, you the player, can kill her but the AI can not. I strongly advise you against attacking her. She will not be at all happy.

If you are visiting Delilah's camp, she will share her stew with you and one bottle of her chilled, refreshing water. She is protective of her stuff so don't be pilfering anything that doesn't belong to you. If you would like more stew or water then she will quite happily sell you some.

Delilah's outfit and daggers are included with update 2. You do not need to acquire them separately.
Additionally they are not flagged as playable so you, dear player, can not use them.


Posting of Spoilers

Delight me with your screenshots of the boxes that you find, but try not to give to much away regarding the box location.
I would request that people message me directly if they come across a box that is partly covered by an object that has been placed by a different mod rather than leave a comment. I don't want to see spoilers as that would ruin the fun for other people.

Should a patch be required then I will provide an update, however there will be no detailed changelog posted.



It is highly likely that some mods, especially those that make significant changes to Cities, Towns, Villages, Settlements and those that make heavy landscape changes will conflict. While I do use a multitude of mods there are many mods I do not use. The following are mods I have installed and have therefore tested for any conflicts. Any conflicts were accounted for when creating the base mod and also Update 1. 

With update 2 I have made several carefully considered edits to the Navmash in order to allow her access to certain rocky places for idle marker interaction and to ease navigation around two specific fallen trees (Very poor Bethesda placed Navmesh imo). I have also adjusted the Navmesh in her camp to stop her from walking over the campfire.

City, Town & Village mods :
Aurora Village
Blackthorn - A Buildable Town in The Rift (SE)
Darkwater Crossing
Dawn of Skyrim (Director's Cut) SE **
Dragon Bridge
The Fall of Granite Hill
JK's Skyrim **
Oar's Rest
Old Hroldan Ruins SE
Quaint Raven Rock SE
River Rock Village
Shor's Stone
Soljund's Sinkhole
Whistling Mine
** JK's Skyrim and Dawn of Skyrim us this compatibility patch

All Other Mods:
Apachii Divine Elegance Store
Ancient Land
Fingerposts Fast Travel
Hold Border Banners
Interesting Roads
Man Those Borders SSE
Skyrim Better Roads and Bridges
Unique Border Gates

Have fun and enjoy the hunt!


Update Progress

I am currently working on two updates, these will be separate esp-lite plugins:

Update 1 - Cities, Towns and Villages : [COMPLETED & UPLOADED 23/12/2020]

  • [DONE] 85 New Boxes of Delight (Cities, Towns, Villages & Settlements) (GASP! SHOCK! Yes, in the base mod, mainland Skyrim only has boxes in the wilds, with a couple of minor exceptions)
  • [DONE] Physical Hint Books added to Skyrim (Not just a random chance when you unlock a Box of Delight)
  • [DONE] Three new Hint Books specifically for some of the newly added boxes:
    1. [DONE] Volume 12 - The Great Cities (15 hints)
    2. [DONE] Volume 13 - Prominent Towns (10 hints)
    3. [DONE] Volume 14 - Villages & Settlements (10 hints)

Update 2 - Delilah, Keeper of the Boxes : [COMPLETED & UPLOADED 13/01/2021]

  • [DONE] Add Delightful Delilah, the Keeper of the Boxes, into the game. She will function as a book seller, not just for the Hint Books, but for all other books too
  • [DONE]] Create a schedule for her to follow (travel around Skyrim inspecting boxes, taking breaks etc)
  • [WISHLIST] Custom dialogue?? Depends if I can convince my niece to be the voice!

Future updates?

I have none planned other than the Wishlist item of custom dialogue for Delilah. I feel that with the extra 85 boxes that have been added in Update 1, for a grand total of 300 boxes, is more than enough and is far more than I ever planned. I never envisioned placing the original 215 boxes let alone a further 85. So, no there won't be any updates to add boxes into caves or dungeons. However, I never say never, so anything is possible.



~ Thanks to Kralyks for the Strongbox Replacer and providing open permission to use it.

~ A massive thank you to Daniel Coffey for helping me with the book covers and understanding spec maps.

~ Big thank you to QuarantineCouture for the  Rugged Rogue Outfits and the open permission to "Do anything you like with these models and textures, so long as you credit me for the outfit meshes and textures, and dimon99 et al for the UNP body mesh"
(Delilah is delighted to have some nice comfy threads to wear while wandering Skyrim)

~ Thank you to all those involved in the creation of the UNP body replacer.

~ Thank you to billyro for permission to use the Clara Dagger from the Epoch Weapon Pack.

~ Thank you to everyone whom downloads and enjoys the mod. Don't forget to upload some screenshots!