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This mod adds several objects in some areas to make Skyrim feel more fantasy-like.

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  • French
This mod was mainly inspired by this. I decided to make something similar but to fit my own tastes. There's nothing but static objects added, no quests, items etc.

Thanks to Sinitar and Heavy Burns for featuring my mod in their videos!

LE Version

Update 2.2: Redone navmesh.
                     More objects that don't have LODs in vanilla are set to "Full LOD" so they are seen from a distance.
                     Removed one object for better compatibility.
                     Moved some objects a little for better compatibility.
                     Added a few new objects to one location for better aesthetics.
Update 2.1: Forwarded water records from USSEP.
                     Plugin is now ESL-Flagged.
Update 2.0: Remade the whole mod from scratch. Changed some stuff, added new stuff, removed some old stuff.
Update 1.1: Added new objects near the Shrine of Azura and Valtheim Towers.

Download and install via Vortex/Nexus Mod Manager or download the archive manually, copy and drop the ESP file into your Data folder and make sure the plugin is activated in the launcher.
Be aware that this mod may be incompatible with a lot of other mods that add objects in the same place. If an object is clipping with something from another mod you can disable it via console or move it using Jaxonz Positioner.
Use DynDOLOD or SSELODGen for a proper LOD.

Mods used in screenshots:
Noble Skyrim
Skyland Nordic Ruins
Rustic Standing Stones
Red Rocks 4k
HQ Tree Bark
Realistic Water Two
Realistic Aspen Trees
Blended Roads
Fluffy Snow
Northern Grass
Natural View Tamriel

Tools used:
Creation Kit