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The purpose of this mod is to fix bugs that appear in Project AHO quest mod and to improve its environments, textures and meshes. The mod page will also serve as a platform to find other necessary patches for mods that also cause issues revolving around Project AHO.

Permissions and credits
Project AHO is one of my favorite quest mods of Skyrim. No mod is without bugs, so I took it upon myself to make Project AHO even better experience for other players. You can check the Features down below to see what changes have been made. Big thanks to Dimonoider for allowing me to publish this and for creating Project AHO. 
Link to the Project AHO can be found here.

Also for people wondering what ENB I use in my screenshots, it's Mythical ENB.

NOTE: Know that the changes made to AHO Playerhome are not visible in the earlier version of it. Once you receive the playerhome after completing the main quest, you'll see the changes. My mod should be compatible with any other AHO patches out there, though some mods like Unofficial Project AHO Chains Patching are already part of my mod so you won't need them anymore. Check Features below for more information!


Version 1.7.1:

Version 1.7:

Version 1.6:

Version 1.5:

Version 1.0:

Things to do:
  • Add new locations to travel with the AHO.
  • Create a "build-your-own-house" mechanic to travel locations??? (You'd have to build the platform in order to access that location with AHO)
  • Merge other AHO patch mods together in this mod???

If you have any suggestions, write them to the comment section or send me a private message! 

Same goes for bugs and compatibility issues! 

Compatibility and Other mods:
People have created many compatibility patches and additions for Project AHO.

NOTE: If you're using these compatibility mods, load them after my patch!

Here are some of them:


Feedback is greatly appreciated!
And don't forget to support Haem Projects!