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A small patch mainly made to fix a CTD In Project AHO

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This small patch is an ESL made to fix a CTD in Project AHO after the completion of the quest "No Corpse, No Case". An optional "harder bosses" version is available for those who want harder difficulty. I love Project AHO but the game would always crash when going back inside Shanath Selthri's house after the completion of No Corpse No Case after getting the recipe for tea. Sure, if you type in PCB, that can fix it but that console command has side effects. This however fixes it so you won't have to type that in.

1.2: Should fix the eyeballs at the Bkhalzarf Hall of Spheres. Had to remove the Glow Map shader from the BSEffectShaderProperty as I hear that shader can only be used on a Glow Shader and nothing else. Doing so otherwise from what I have heard can lead to all kinds of nasty issues.

1.3 Carried over some of the USSEP fixes for the TowerofMzarkSurfaceExterior's TowerOfMzarkZone encounter zone.