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A texture replacer for the six rune spells: fire, frost, lightning, poison, frenzy, and ash. Includes an extension for "Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim".

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Early in December 2016, Indrisblake published their Detailed Runes retexture. While these – which I since learned are made using ObsidianDawn's Arcane Circles brushes – are very nice, the symbols in them have no real place in Elder Scrolls lore: they're only generic arcane scrawl. I don't consider myself much of an artist, but I saw these simple 2D decals and thought, "I could do that!" So came to be my first mod, by the occultish powers of geometry.

Daedra-tastic Rune Spells does as it says on the tin, replacing the textures of the rune spell decals. This includes the Destruction runes of the base game as well as the more exotic three added with Dragonborn. The installer allows you to choose texture resolutions from as high as 2K down to the 512 of the originals.

In other news, I can now read the Daedric alphabet. Easter eggs await if you can too.