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You love your special followers as much as your Safehouse? This mod adds new custom follower room designs, new unique item models and textures, and more museum displays to help your important followers feel at home in the Legacy of the Dragonborn Safehouse Follower Room!

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Legacy of the Dragonborn - Followers Patch

You love your special followers as much as your Safehouse? 
This mod adds new custom follower room designs, new unique item models and textures, and several museum displays to help your important followers feel at home in the Legacy of the Dragonborn Safehouse Follower Room!

Officially endorsed Legacy of the Dragonborn mod

Mod Features:
~ New modular follower rooms for Inigo, Auri, Lucien, Kaidan, Hoth, Remiel, Redcap and Khajiit Will Follow
~ Each have sleeping areas in both Follower Room A, as well as Follower Room B (Added by Legacy Safehouse Plus)
~ Dozens of new models and textures for follower-specific unique items, weapons, books and quest displays 
~ Optional fireplace, hot tub, and gaming tables
~ Replica crafting recipes for most items
~ Displays for previously unobtainable items
~ Dozens of displays added to the LotD MCM Checklist
~ Light plugins so they won't count against your .esp cap

How it Works...Definitely Read!!:
  • LotD comes with 1 optional follower room (A) that has 4 follower sleeping areas.  
  • Legacy Safehouse Plus adds an optional 2nd follower room (B) that also has 4 follower sleeping areas (and a 5th area used as a study).  
  • So each follower room has 4 sleeping areas, and you can choose which followers you want for which area/s.  Here's a diagram of both rooms A and B and their  sleeping areas...

  • You can mix and match, but be sure to download each follower only once, and only 1 follower per sleeping area.  Here are some examples...

Example 1:  Auri A-3, Kaidan A-4.  So 2 sleeping areas will remain as generic sleeping areas.
Example 1:  Remiel A-1, Inigo A-2, Auri A-3, Kaidan A-4.  Room A is now full.
Example 2:  Inigo A-2, Kaidan A-1, Hoth B-1, Auri B-2.   In this scenario you'd need to download Legacy Safehouse Plus and purchase Follower Room B as well as Follower Room A.
BAD Example:  Inigo A-2, Hoth A-1, Kaidan A-1.  Can't have more than one follower per sleeping area.   
BAD Example:  Inigo A-2, Kaidan A-4, Inigo B-4.  Can't have the same follower more than once.

  • Before you purchase the Follower Room/s, they will be empty.
  • Once you purchase a Follower Room/s, they will populate with basic follower furniture.
  • Once a follower joins you as a follower, their specific room will populate with their specific display furniture and decorations.  At this point you can begin crafting replicas of most followers' items, and placing their items or replicas in their room.  
  • It should not matter if you recruit the follower/s before or after you build your follower room.  It should work fine either way.
  • Some quest displays and replica crafting recipes will become available once certain quest stages are completed.  
  • If you want to change your room/s from a Follower room to a different type of room, make sure you first remove any displays you've placed or they will end up floating jn place in the room.  You can always revert back to a follower room by adding the Follower Room receipt back into your inventory as the ONLY receipt in your inventory.   Sometimes you'll need to give the rooms some time to adjust.
  • If you use several of these mods, don't worry about any of them overwriting each other, they share the same assets.
  • I strongly suggest starting a new game on installing these.  I have heard reports of it working on existing saves, but I won't suggest it.  

Installation and Load Order:
Follower Mod X.esp
Follower Mod Y.esp
DBM_SafehousePlus_Addon.esp (If needed)
DBM_Follower X_Patch.esp
DBM_Follower Y_Patch.esp

Load DBM_XFollower_Patch.esp after/below SFCO - LotD Patch.esp (if you're using Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul)
* It is recommended to start a new game if you add may work if you add mid-game, but do so at your own risk!
* It is recommended to NOT uninstall these so at your own risk!

** Important Note!
This mod only affects the followers items' models and textures, and adds displays to the museum. It does NOT change in any way the followers AI, quests, scripts, etc. That said, this mod will not add any functionality to these followers' abilities to make the Safehouse their functional home. Some of these "Super" followers will have their own challenges with player homes in general, and I defer to the mod authors in all matters regarding this.

Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE
Legacy Safehouse Plus - for Follower Room B

Currently choose from any of the following followers for Rooms A or B:


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3rd-party base items, weapons, armor, and/or textures from...

Apologies in advance if I missed anyone...plz let me know and I'll add you!

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