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Presenting to you a scavenger hunt of no equal. Travel all over Skyrim to hunt down books of philosophical interest. Discover and explore the Kagrenfahlz University. Meet a tribe of people caught in the Velothi Mountains, and put an end to a Daedric plot from the Mythic Era. This is Kagrenfahlz. Fully Voiced quest and new world mod with... books!

Permissions and credits
  • German
  • French

Skyrim breathes philosophy, but rarely expresses it. Kagrenfahlz fixes that by giving Tamriel a philosophical tradition. Dovahkin can now finally challenge their assumptions and become a critical thinker. This mod adds books, philosophers, quests, dungeons and even a new land for you to explore.
Everything should work as it should, but please let me know if anything is not working.

Do not use versions 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, or 2.3.

This mod is for lovers of philosophy, those that admire the written word, scavenger hunters, and mystery solvers. This is neither a combat nor ... no wait! That was the original version for legendary edition. (you can find it here

This is the official port of philosophy in skyrim and much, much more. At first, inspired by a community member (Aragonit), I decided to simply port the mod. But as I got more and more familiar with the Creation Kit I decided to make some adjustments. It went a little bit out of hand... I will be secretive about what this mod does fully because I do not want to spoil anything. But, in contrast to the legendary edition, Kagrenfahlz does add NPC's and combat encounters.

I added compatibility notes below at the FAQ.

-------IMPORTANT STUFF-------

Let's Play

Youtuber EnragedBard is doing a Let's Play on this mod! Check it out here
Check out the other content too! 

French Translation
Click here for the French translation (a lot of thanks to Jihan02).
If you use this translation, do not forget to endorse it. Translating mods is an arduous work and I think it is appropriate to express gratitude and reward that hard work.


What does this mod do?
Kagrenfahlz adds:
  • 20+ books
  • Quests, both miscellaneous quests and side quests, as well as a philosophy main questline, that consists of six interrelated quests
  • A couple of NPC's in Skyrim as well as a bunch of NPC's in a hidden location
  • A context of philosophical practice in Tamriel
  • An ancient riddle waiting to be solved, and more little riddles
  • Puzzles (I tried to do something different than the pillar puzzles in the original Skyrim)
  • Dungeons
  • And... yes... a small, just a small new land.
  • And some little surprises (e.g. check the Khajiit Caravans for an oddly named book, but there is more...)
  • Easter eggs

Now Fully Voiced
Thanks to the power of xVASynth 2 and DanRuta and their team, it was possible to generate voices for all characters in this mod. Also a huge thanks to Starscream to jump in at the last moment and make sure all lines were voiced. In sum: all voices (but three) are generated by xVASynth 2.

Philosophy books
These books were not created by a simple copy paste technique. All the texts have been carefully read and edited to ensure that they fulfill the two following conditions: lore-friendliness and readability.
lore-friendliness was achieved by creating references to elder scrolls lore and adding a context of philosophical practice. Readability was implemented by editing the original texts and turning them into a more easy read during the game.
All these books, except the rare ones, have been added to leveled lists. You will therefore find them in loot chests and you can buy them at certain vendors. Some books are also hand placed in the gameworld.
Most of the fragments are from philosophers such as: Heraclitus, Anaximander, Parmenides, Confucius, Plato, Descartes, Machiavelli, Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, Hannah Arendt, and Wittgenstein. Others have been written by me, but were inspired by Eloise, Pierre Abelard, Duns Scotus, Occam, Geraud de Cordemoy, Norman Malcolm, Schopenhauer, Bertrand Russell, and Marcus Aurelius. 

There is a philosophy main quest that (at least) covers seven interrelated quests.
There are also some sidequests and miscelaneous quests.
Some of theseother are similar to the ancient falmer tome quests of Dawnguard. Others are akin to simple fetch quests, with some minor twists. In a few quests you are able to make choices that will have an affect on how certain NPC's relate to you. Then there are some larger quests, two of them use Skyrim's radiant system, and others guide you through dungeons. (Guess what kind of dungeons?)

For the best experience, talk to Duns Scotus in the Sleeping Giant Inn and ask if he needs help. Just follow the hints and you will be guided through all the quests. I used objectives, but the mod does not hold your hand all the time. Sometimes you just have to use your brain.

But, if you do not feel like arranging an access to the College of Winterhold, you could also look for Sticks in the Winking Skeever in Solitude.

However, although the structure is linear, you are somewhat free in what order you follow some of the quests.

Recommended Level
A minimum level of 10 is advised. It also helps if you have already access to the Winterhold College (this is for the first two quests, you could skip them, see the section above).

Philosophical Context
For this mod a background of philosophical practise was invented. This is reflected in a) the introductions written to some translations of ancient works of philosophy, b) the names of the philosophical authors, c) a written introduction to Tamrielic philosophy, and d) some rivalry between authors implicit in the books. This will make philosophy come alive in skyrim. It will make it feel real.

The books are added to the levelled lists. But there are some merchants added to Skyrim that will sell philosophy books. Each of them will always sell two kinds of books (one about Tamrielic Philosophy and one, Bibliographica Philosophiae, listing all the known books to use as reference guide to check on what books you still have to gather). However, it can be quite the adventure to find all the books. The merchants will give you hints about some of the rare books.

Any feedback is welcome!

Any images are welcome too! (My graphics are not the best...)

The following is in progress:
  • Making a lite version with only the books

This mod uses assets or tools from the following resources and/or authors:

A lot of thanks to all these authors. Without their work, the looks of my mod would have been dull and repetitive. 

This is my first big mod, so all feedback is welcome. It started as a simple way to add philosophy books to Skyrim in an immersive way. Instead of using the console, one would find them in game, on vendors, etc. But as I started modding, the idea evolved and turned into something larger. I share this now with you. Why do I share this? Well, I have taken a lot from the modding community (first under a different name) and now it is time to give something back. I hope you enjoy! I also hope it will inspire some of you to check out the covered philosophy books for real. This mod only contains either fragments or abridged versions… 

Special Thanks
I wish to thank the following great minds: Confucius, Anaximander, Heraclitus, Parmenides, Plato,  Marcus Aurelius, Duns Scotus, Pierre Abelard, Eloise, Machiavelli, Rene Descartes, Immanuel Kant, Arthur Schopenhauer, Gottfried Hegel, Friedrich Nietzsche, Norman Malcolm, Geraud de Cordemoy, Bertrand Russell, Martin Heidegger, Hannah Arendt, and Ludwig Wittgenstein. And a huge thanks to Bethesda and the modding community.

And a special thanks to Marinos and Yannick for their ideas and support.

A great thanks to the Nexus community and the Nexus forums, and especially to maxarturo, whose answers to my silly questions always nudged me in the right direction.

Also many thanks to Aragonit who inspired me to port the original mod to Special Edition. Aragonit was also the first to port the original mod to SE for me (before I had SE). That was the start of this mod and therefore I am in her/his debt.

Many, many thanks to Ghia, who went over the trouble to test v 1.2 twice and gave me constructive and honest feedback. This greatly helped to create version 1.3. 

And of course many thanks to Jihan02 for translating this mod into french. So if french is more to your liking, click here.

And a lovely thanks to Peach and Anuska Petruska, my muses and without which life would have been unbearable.



The use of a mod manager, such as Vortex, is highly recommended.

None (fuz ro doh is only required for versions 1.3 or lower)

This mod should be compatible with most mods. Conflicts can arise when combining this mod with other mods that change the book levelled lists. It should be compatible with bookcovers of Skyrim. The mod makes some minor changes to the Tamriel worldspace but it should not lead to any major conflicts. I checked the mod thoroughly without mods and with my extended modlist and everything worked fine. Still, if you use a lot of mods, you should go through your mod order to check for conflicts. In general, the use of SSEEdit and common sense to ensure a good gaming experience is highly recommended.

This mod makes changes to the book levelled lists and to the contents of the Khajiit Caravans Containers. Any mod that changes these might need a patch to work properly with Kagrenfahlz. A mod that also changes the book levelled lists, for example, is Beyond Reach. However, it is quite easy to make a patch for it. Morrowloot Ultimate also makes changed to book levelled lists, so for fans of that fantastic mod, you might want to patch it as well if you want to find any philosophical books.

I know that the following mods are compatible:
- Holds The City Overhaul
- The Tools of Kagrenac
- Legacy of the Dragonborn (books level lists might require a patch)
- Underwater Treasures
- Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
- Moonpath to Elsweyr
- Telengard
- Oakwood
- The Fall of Granite Hill
- Carved Brink
- Project AHO
- Wheels of Lull

I know that the following mods are incompatible

- Ayleid Palace (they both make changes to the same exterior cells in Tamriel)

I hope to add more mods to these lists soon.

Under the following spoilers I will list all the changes this mod makes so mod users can determine much better whether this mod will conflict with their current mod list:

NPC's added to Tamriel
- One NPC in the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood who will have a short stroll outside every day.
- One NPC in the Arcanaeum of the Winterhold College
- One NPC near the Shrine of Azura, the NPC is down there, sandboxing on a piece of snow and will start travelling to Ivarstead and to Winterhold once the related quest is finished
- Two NPC's in the Winking Skeever in Solitude, one of them will be disabled after the relevant quest is completed
- One NPC to the Moorside Inn in Morthal
- One NPC to the Nightgate Inn which will be disabled after the relevant quest is completed

Edits to Tamriel
- An imperial well (that serves as a door) is added in the forest near Falkreath (up north along the way to Bruma), if you use the Tools of Kagrenac (which I use currently) it will be very near but not conlicting with the Ayleid Temple. This also includes a NAVMESH change in the sense that one of the original unchanged triangle is now marked as a travel point for followers and other NPC's.
- A trapdoor is added to the Moss Mother Cavern, somewhere near the rock walls at the back. This also includes a NAVMESH change in the sense that one of the original unchanged triangle is now marked as a travel point for followers and other NPC's. Mods that change the interior of the Moss Mod Cavern might be incompatible.
- A dwemer farmhouse, a stairs and a rubble block are added on one of the most northern unused islands of Solstheim, in the west. This area was unnavmeshed, so I added a navmesh but did not change the original navmesh.
- A dwemer farmhouse on the bottom of the Sea of Ghosts (somewhere near the location of Telengard by Arthmoor). This change is compatible with both Telengard and Underwater Treasure SSE.
- A change to the excavation site of Nchuand-Zel. In Nchuand-Zel one of the doors was inaccessible because it was filled with rubble. The rubble is removed and a functioning door has been added. This also includes a NAVMESH change in the sense that one of the original unchanged triangle is now marked as a travel point for followers and other NPC's. Mods that change the interior of Nchuand-Zel might be incompatible.
- A chest was added to the entrance of High Hrothgar, two bushes were slightly moved to cover the chest
- A Dwemer entrance was added to an ice island to the northeast of the Sea of Ghosts, just before your run into the invisible gaming barrier removable by Bethini (where horkers fight wolves). This also includes a NAVMESH change in the sense that one of the original unchanged triangle is now marked as a travel point for followers and other NPC's.
- A change was made to Kagrenzel. In the top room, where the mysterious orb radiates light (and where you fall down...), the left corner was changed into a corner with a door that leads to an elevator. Navemesh was added but the original was not changed. Mods that change the interior of Kagrenzel might be incompatible. (Legacy of the Dragonborn is compatible).
- A Dwemer tower with a door was added in the Velothi Mountains, near the border of the Rift and Eastmarch, in a mountain. This also includes a NAVMESH change in the sense that one of the original unchanged triangle is now marked as a travel point for followers and other NPC's. The mod Ayleid Palace makes changes to this cel and is therefore incompatible. A patch is into consideratiom.
- Sameria is in its own little worldplace.

Will you add book X to the mod?
Probably not. I think the current collection is balanced. It is big enough to make it feel real, but it is still small enough to keep philosophy a rare profession.

Can you make a patch for mod X?
I am a working father and husband. So I won't have the time. But you can easily make a patch yourself with SSEEdit. Not only is it easy and fun, it also helps you to understand how a game works.

Is this mod script heavy?
It implements quests, so it uses scripts and script fragments. But none of them are anything weird or heavy. All the scripts are mainly there to push quests forward. None of them loop. I even rewrote all scripts from scratch.

Is this mod follower friendly?
I tested it with and without followers and the followers were always able to follow me all the way through. There are some points, however, in which the follower might nog be able to follow you immediately, but if you move on, it will catch up with you. In other words: all the new areas are fully navmeshed.

This is way too hard, I cannot find any solution.
There are clues, always, both visual and in text. Puzzles might seem incomprehensible at first, but take a good look, take your time, there is always something to nudge you in the right direction. My best advice: look for notes, journals, and books and read them carefully. Also, levers start in the off position. I recommend not to flip them willy-nilly in some cases...

Having trouble finding Ludz's Workshop?
One of the most difficult aspects is to find the workshop of Ludz. Michael Sebastian asks you to find it. However, he does have a dialogue option which you can use to reveal quest markers to the key and the workshop. So if you really do not feel like cracking this yourself, you can use this dialogue option.

This mod broke my game! I hate you and hold you responsible.
I am very sorry that your game broke. Please let me know what happened and why you think this mod is responsible and I am sure we can work something out.

Can I make an overhaul for your mod?
Feel free! 

Can I make a mod that adds voice acting to your mod?
No longer needed, but if the metallic sound bothers you, feel free to do so.

Any resemblance to real persons, both living and dead, is unintentional. No books were burnt during the making of this mod, but a lot of wine and beer was consumed. Three computers were brutally destroyed after unfortunate crashes of the Creation Kit.