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The big Dwarven Magettas are firebreathing powerfull dwemer automatons that patrol the now abandoned Dwarven Ruins. Lighter and less armored than a Centurion, what a Magetta loses in defence and offensive raw strength, it gains in agility, mobility and fire power. Also being composed internally by lava, they produce a tremendous heat around them.

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Dwarven Magettas are powerfull dwemer automatons that patrol the now abandoned Dwarven Ruins. Slightly larger than a regular Dwarven Centurion, a Magetta lacks the powerfull weapons encrusted on its arms, so, their blows, despite powerfull, are not as dangerous as the bows of a centurion or similar. This kind of machine also has a lighter metal composition on it's body than other big automatons, what makes them have slightly smaller resistance to damage.

In compensation they are much faster than most automatons, specially Centurions, their blows are more agile, and, being composed internally by pure lava, compressed in a special type of darker, and more resistant to heat, dwemer metal, Magettas produce a terrible ammount of heat on the surface of their metal bodies and on the area around them, what can cause lethal burning damage to their victims. This also makes Magettas completely immune to fire damage on battle, and gives them the ability to breath destructive fire balls, due to their respectable fire power.

They have a pair of aetherium sensors similar to eyes on their metal heads. But is unkown for what function they serve, with some scholars speculating that are the mysterious aetherium properties who allow this automatons to control the enormous concentration of lava inside themselves.

- 1 new creature: Dwarven Magetta,
with new behaviour, effects, attacks and sounds


Mihail- Dwarven Magetta model, animations, effects,
sound and game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

SRW0- for the dwemer metal high quality textures
M150- for some of the dwemer metal 
Dragonball owners and creators for the creature Magetta that
i used as inspiration to make this creature