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A set of 16 unique RaceMenu presets for humanoid female characters.

Permissions and credits
This preset pack contains 16 unique RaceMenu presets for female humanoid characters, with at least one preset for each non-beast race. I made sure to keep everything sliders-based, so that you don't have to mess around with sculpt files. The recommended mod list is hopefully light enough to add easily, but only a few of the mods used are hard requirements.


Required Mods:
RaceMenu - expired6978
Expressive Facegen Morphs - Niroku
Any Skin Replacer (My favorite, and the one used in the screenshots, is Shiva182's Bijin Skin)

Recommended Mods (Mods used in the screenshots):
High Poly Head - KouLeifoh (Highly recommended, produces the very best results)
The Eyes Of Beauty - docteure
KS Hairdos - Kalilies
Kyoe's Bang'n Brows [Standalone & Alternative] - Kyoe
Brows - Hvergelmir
Skin Feature Overlays - DomainWolf

The ENB used in the screenshots is LonelyKitsune's Silent Horizons for Cathedral Weathers

How to Use

For the main file, with the required mods installed:
Just install the main file with a mod organizer, and the presets should show up in RaceMenu! Just click on the presets tab and press f9 to choose and apply whichever preset you'd like.

(If you're not using a mod organizer, unzip the archive and place the included .jslot files into SkyrimSpecialEdition/Data/SKSE/Plugins/CharGen/Presets)

For the export files:
Install the correct file for whichever head mesh you're using, along with the main file. Once you've chosen and applied a preset in RaceMenu, go to the sculpt tab and import the corresponding .nif file by pressing f9. EFM isn't required for this method, though editing or tweaking the preset after this might produce some unwanted results.

(The .nif files included in the export files go in SkyrimSpecialEdition/Data/SKSE/Plugins/CharGen)


v1.1 - Added 6 new presets! 
  • Dark Elf 2
  • High Elf 2
  • Imperial 2
  • Orc 1
  • Orc 2
  • Redguard 2


This is my first ever upload! Please don't hesitate to give feedback, suggestions, and requests. I do plan on adding more to this pack, depending on how well it's received, and once I get a hang of it, I'll try to release a male pack of similar quality :)