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Your character will accumulate dirt and blood dynamically, which you can clean by swimming, standing in the rain or taking a bath. The effects are mostly visual only and do not affect gameplay. NPCs will also get bloody as a result of battles. Mod is designed to be simple and lightweight.

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Dirt and Blood


Subtle and slow effect that keeps adding up as you play

  • TWEAK IT: Almost everything is configurable to your liking in the MCM. Don't like a feature? Disable it! Don't agree with the frequency of the stages? Tweak them!

  • PLAYER GETS DIRTY/BLOODY: There are 4 stages of Dirt (and 4 equivalent stages of "dirt + blood"). Your character will become dirtier every about 2 days, probably faster if you get into combat often. Getting hurt in combat has a small chance to make you advance a stage.

  • MOSTLY VISUAL, DOESN'T AFFECT GAMEPLAY: My mod is designed NOT to affect gameplay. There are only 2 exceptions: If you've reached stages 3 or 4 of the dirt/bloody level, you will get small buffs/debuffs to your speech related abilities (prices, persuasion, intimidation) as well as disease resistance. These changes are so small that they mostly only exist as an intrinsic reminder that you might want to get cleaned, but they can be easily ignored and won't have any meaningful impact in your game. Equally, if you've taken the extra steps to be extremely clean (by a thorough washing), you will get a 5% price discount when buying from merchants. By default, it can take up to 12 days going from clean to this "extreme" dirt stage where merchants dislike you. (Let's say the Medieval-based world of Skyrim does not have today's standards of cleanliness). In practise, you will get dirtier quicker as you hack and slash your enemies and get hurt in battles. However, most likely you will get rid of the dirt without even realising. See next point :)

  • GET CLEAN WITHOUT EVEN TRYING AS YOU PLAY: By default, taking a swim will wash most of the dirt and blood away. Standing in the rain also gets you clean, but it's not as effective as swimming. Lastly, if you wish to, you can use a "washing" ability, which will perform an animation and leave you very clean. By default, no soap or standing near water is needed to use this ability as I didn't want to add more elements into the game, but you can add a soap requirement via the MCM. Not adding a "stand in water" requirement as I want it to be compatible with custom showers and baths. Use the washing ability when you think it makes sense for your character.

  • BLOOD ON NPCS: NPCs that get attacked either by the player or other NPCs also have a chance to get bloody. Completely compatible with Enhanced Blood Textures, which is actually recommended but not mandatory. The amount of blood depends on how low the health of the NPC is.

  • DIRT ON NPCS: Bandits and certain NPCs (Miners, beggars, blacksmiths, hunters...) have a chance to show different levels of dirt in their skin/clothes. If it's raining, this chance decreases drastically. You can mark NPCs that you want to be exempted from this rule via the MCM, or deactivate the feature completely.

  • BLOOD ON ANIMALS AND CREATURES: Creatures like animals, werewolves, falmer and dragons can now also get the blood effects at no performance cost thanks to Spell Perk Item Distributor.

  • NPC REACTIONS: Added in version 2.30. Some NPCs (especially children) might comment on your stench briefly when you talk to them, suggesting you take a bath. This is taken from vanilla voice lines, so it sounds 100% perfect. The lines only trigger for stages 3 and 4 of dirt and it doesn't affect anything, it's just there for fun.

  • HAIR/BEARD GROW REMINDERS: As a bonus, there's an option to give you reminders to update your character's beard/hair to reflect how it's growing. This is not dynamic, as you will need to change the hair/beard yourself, but it's nice for roleplaying. A menu will pop up after 5-10 days reminding you about it and letting you jump into the configuration right away (no need to use the console!). If you're currently busy, you will instead get a couple of "token scissors" in your inventory that you can activate to get the same result. This whole "hair growth reminder" feature can be disabled in the MCM. Before anyone asks... the message is customized by your character's sex, so no, no reminders about your female dragonborn's beard... sorry :D 

  • VERY PERFORMLY FRIENDLY: See more on the next section.

Chance of blood appearing on enemies as they get hurt

Performance & Behind the Scenes

  • Designed to be extremely lightweight. The mod should have little to no effect on performance. The main feature (Dirt and blood on the player's character) is a very simple script that removes the old effect and replaces it with a new one every 3 or 4 in-game days and that's the only time it runs. Blood gets applied via conditionals (blocking/not blocking, power-attack, etc.) 

  • The NPC blood application effect is NOT activated by a cloak script and it does NOT use any scripts as of 2.0. It's just a spell with a condition checking actor health. It doesn't get more performance friendly than this! :) 

  • The "bloody" effect on the NPCs is applied via an effect shader, this is comparable to vanilla effect shaders like for example the visual effect on a character when they use the Iron Flesh spell.  Similar to an NPC drinking a health potion - when the effect disappears, it disappears. 


  • Compatible with mostly everything, this mod is very light weight and doesn't touch any existent elements. However it is NOT compatible with mods that attempt to do the same in terms of dirt, as they will be redundant. (Bathing in Skyrim, Keep It Clean, etc.) Glow Be Gone apparently also disables the effects, so not compatible, I haven't tested it myself yet though.

  • Enhanced Blood Textures is compatible (and recommended). My mod affects the clothes, hair and skin of the NPCs (via applying a shader overlay on top), whereas EBT will make the floor bloody and more. They complement each other very well. My mod should ALSO be compatible with Bloody Facials (originally the inspiration for my mod), but I think it would be too overkill to use that together with DnB. If you insist in using it, I recommend deactivating all the NPC blood features from my mod and letting bloody facials take over.

  • ENBs do affect how the textures look significantly, but hopefully they look okay in your ENB of choice. 

  • If a different mod applies another effect shader on top of the character (or if you use a spell with a visual effect on your character, like "Become Ethereal") my mod will let the other mod/spell take precedence. Once their effects end, you will continue seeing the dirt/blood as before.

  • If using "Inn Soaps", there's a compatibility patch available over at that page. If there are more soap mods you're interested in, I can walk you through how to make compatibility patches for them.

  • The mod starts you at Stage 1: "Slightly Dirty". This is not a bug. This is intended. If you use the "Reset" functionality of the MCM, you will get taken back to the "slightly dirty" stage. If you want to disable dirt completely, use "wash and rinse" and then disable the dirt functionality via the MCM.

Workers and Bandits can have dirt on them, applied dynamically

Credits & Similar mods

  • This mod would not be possible without the idea and assets of mz1n and their amazing mod Supler Simple Bathing. The reason I felt I had to expand SSB is that I didn't like going from completely clean to completely dirty in one stage, I didn't like not being able to get clean from rain or swimming, and I hated having to seek SOAP as if it was the One Ring. I ended up adding other features into the mix like the blood on the player, NPCs and hair reminders. However, I recommend checking the original mod out as well, it gave me a lot of fun hours (and a showering disorder after it insisted in calling me FILTHY all the time)

  • I also took the Soap texture and model from Tathrin's Super Simple Bathing ''Extra Clean'' Patch, as the one in the original mod wasn't working. Thank you for the great asset! Credit also to InsanitySorrow who created the original soap <3. - Better than IRL soap.

  • The idea for this mod also came partly from Bloody Facials, a Legendary Edition true gem that served me well for years.

Feedback? Want MOAR?
I'm quite active in the comments, feel free to drop by and leave your feedback! 


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