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Combined vanilla hairs for the Beast race to give the best fit overall; Included is a second modded version with them.
Different hairs for male and for female; for Khajiit and Argonian-
Male Khajiit facial hair includes merged vanilla beards (optional slider)
The mod is also a vanilla hair replacer (patches available)

Permissions and credits
  • French
Versions: Esp as main files, Esl on optionals. Replacers on optionals.
The recommended file - Esl replacer -  is the first file displayed. Contains everything - player character options/replacer - and its needed for the patches. There is a esp version of this.

Extended version - uses only vanilla assets.

Extended Plus version- a standalone - same as extended but with modded assets: Dwemer beard merge, and Saeri merge. Patched esps are for this version. The replacer uses a few of the variations available for the player character and only uses vanillla assets.


Replacer versions - On updates - Esl available

17 npc records changes. +-13 are unique npcs.
As a replacer this is not a big" mod. Vanilla game has few Khajiit and Argonian npcs - the hairs replaced used in vanilla are few (and a beard not at all ?). 
In general about 1/3 of the beast races npcs will be changed, and more or less the same ratio for any mods that add beastrace npcs.

There are two versions and these include same options for player character(main files)
Replacer Extended
Replacer Extended Plus (esl/esp patches are for this version only)
Any of the two versions will only use vanilla assets for the npcs
Pick one.

Load order does not matter and the files are meant to overwrite. 

Patches available for (last is latest update):

Hairs replaced before-after on image section.

Textures and other mods to complement in a beastly fashion

>Improved Vanilla hair long
>Textures for beast races 
>Better Khajiit female body Texture for UNP and CBBE body 
>FAR- Forgotten Argonian Roots 
>Fuzzy Felines Khajiit head retex for vanilla body
>Improved Eyes Se
>Argonian - Khajiit Fabulook Eyes SSE
>Male Dragonic Textures 
>Female Dragonic Textures
>Beastly Smiles
>Argonian Improvements - Horns 
>Beast Race Bodypaints SE - Khajiit and Argonian themed Bodypaints Facepaints Racemenu Overlays
>Vanilla Warpaints Absolution warpaints adapted to the BeastRaces
>Vanilla MAkeup HD - HD Racial Colors and Makeup for All Races and Genders 
>Argonian Weight Slider Affected Tails Port
>Muscular Khajiit Textures and Skeleton
and/or oldrim mods
>Superior Lore-Friendly Hair Hd Textures - Rough
>83Willows Whiter Teeth 4all - Orc Khajiit Argonian Werewolf
>SC - Khajiit Improvement
 oldrim,manual download the files, unzip, place them inside a new folder renamed "data". add to zip . add to SE mod manager
>Sabre Cat Gear Mod Pack Beast+beast
>Argonian Skintones
>Hott Argonians with Argonian Feather Hair 
>Argonians Enhanced
>Saeri Khajiit Hair. SE port here
>Darkwater Den - Argonian themed player home 
oldrim, manual download, extract bsa with bsa tool,run specific nif optmizer on specific meshes,resave esp in ck, zip again within data folder,add to modmanager
>Different shine to hair colors Realistic Hair Colors
>Horns show through hoods Horns Are Forever 
>UPF Khajiit Ears Show Patcher  xEdit
>Better Claws and Gauntlets SE and a CBBE patch
>Tail armors and a fix 
>Crown Helmets Redux supports Beastrace
>Moonpath to Elsweyr
>Khajiit Will follow Khajiit voiced followers and quest
>Khajiit´s Family House SE
>Inigo and a loading screen change
>Wreck of the Crown Petone - Northern Argonian Settlement SSE 
>Beast Skeletons 
>Khajiit Speak Overhaul I use this no matter what
>Khajiit Speak Extended Support for various mods

Credits and thanks to: 
Saerileth (be sure to check out her other mods) for letting me use the Saeri Khajiit Hair. SE port here 
Anuiel for Dwemer Beards 
Redshifta and user sorsakas For finding a Dwemer beard fix for SSE. (what I could find)
(don´t forget to go visit the pages, download them and endorse them)
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