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Reproduce cold visual effect (cold breath, cold clothing, frozen effect, etc.) of “Wet and Cold” in a lighter scripts and higher compatibility way as well as adding some new features, In order to bring a more immersion and fluency experience.

Permissions and credits
  • German
Attention! This mod is only support for Skyrim SE 1.5.97 and SKSE 2.0.17 during the beta testing stage.
I will build support for Address Library  to 
make it version independence before the final version released.

Version Independence DLL Plugin is now available, support Skyrim SE 1.5.39  and newer.

Mod Features Description:

  This mod is an improvement base on “Wet and Cold” ‘s cold region visual effect features that applied to player and NPC (cold breath, NPC wear cold clothing, etc.).

 Compare to “Wet and Cold”, CRB has a more precise and higher compatibility way to detect cold region (by detect the snowy chance of this area), which can fully compatible with any new lands expansion mod (beyond skyrim, beyond reach, etc.) ‘s exterior areas.

  The whole mod functions are creating under the frameworks of “Spell Perk Item Distributor”. As a result, the mod has lighter scripts, faster operating speed and less performance burden.

 1. Main features:

  a) Cold Breath:

  All mortal characters (humanoid character but exclude vampire, Daedra ,undead and ghost) will have cold breathing visual effect in cold

  •   They will have indistinct breathing effect squirt out from their nose during all the time.

  •   indistinct breathing effect will squirt out from mouth when character doing action (talking, running, fighting, etc.)

  •   Obvious strong breathing effect will squirt out from mouth during cold time (snowing or after 8.30 pm).

  14 type of Creatures below will have unique cold breath effect playing on them: 

  Horse, Canine, Giant, Bear, SabreCat, Falmer, WereBeast, Troll, Dragon, Cow, Hagraven, Boar, Riek, lurker.

 b) Cold Clothing:

  Non-player Mortal characters but exclude beggars or prisoners will equip cold clothing (hood, gloves, cloak, mask) automatically when
  they are in cold region. The amount of the cold clothing NPC would wear depends on his race (Is he Nord?) and coldness of current

  Player can purchase cold clothing in store. All cold clothing added in this mod is fully compatible with FrostFall.

  Different with "Wet and Cold", all NPC will now have a fixed set of cold clothing to wear, you won't meet the issue that character wear a
  hood in different color every time you reload the cell.

  c) Frozen Effect (visual effect only):

  All mortal characters will have their body freezing after swimming in cold region.

  d) Shiver Animation (required DAR):

  All mortal characters will play shiver idle animation because of cold after swimming in cold region.

  Beggars and Prisoners characters will shiver at night (after 8:30 PM) or during snowy weather. (This feature requires supporting from DAR)

  All features above are only visual effect features, they have nothing to do with the gameplay!

All features above can be toggled on / off in MCM page.

  You can also watch this showcase video below:

. Extra features:

  a) Light Scripts and Little Performance Burden:

  The whole mod functions are building under the frameworks of “Spell Perk Item Distributor”.

  S.P.I.D allow we attach the cold effect spell to every NPC at the beginning of the game.  

  Therefore, we don't need to use a cloak spell to continuously scan every NPC in the area and attach cold effect spell to them one by one
  (which has cost a lot of performance).   

  As a result, CRB has lighter scripts, faster operating speed and less performance burden compare to the old method "wet and cold" is used.

  b) High Compatibility with Other Mods:

  • Fully compatible with any new lands expansion mods exterior area(without any patch requried!).

  • Highly compatible with weather and climate overhaul mods. 

  • Highly compatible with mods that have similar features( R.A.S.S, Wet and Cold, Frostfall).  

  c) Extreme Easy to Create Compatibility Patch for CRB

  CRB has include a compatibility patch framework which working like Spell Perk Item Distributor and DAR’s way: You can build a compatibility patch for CRB by just writing somethings in a TXT file.

 3. Advantages Compare to Wet and Cold:

How To Install:

 1. Install SKSE 2.0.17 for Skyrim SE 1.5.97.
     Install SKYUI.

 2. Install dependency mod Spell Perk Item Distributor ( Necessary, using the newest version ).

 3. Install dependency mod Dynamic Animation Replacer ( Optional ).

 4. Download and Intall Cold Region Behavior with Mod Manager.

 5.  Enter the Game and Check if Everthings Set Up Corretly:
  •   Firstly, open the game with skse, enter the game's main menu.

  •   Next, go to C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\SKSE, 
           find and open file "po3_SpellPerkItemDistributor.log".

  •  Check if you find something likes : CRB_NormalNpcSpell (0x20000D65) added to 6453/11169 NPCs
         As the picture shown below:

 6. To use together with "Wet and Cold":


 7. Enable the mod features in MCM:
 As the picture shown below:

8. To Uninstall:

 Disable the mod features in MCM, then delete all the files.

Compatibility Issues:

 1. Current Available Compatibility Patch Files are here:

 2. Fully Compatible with mod that has features below:

  • Fully compatible with any exterior areas added in lands expansion mods.

  • Fully compatible with weather overahul mods that not add fake snow weather.
        Must Load CRB esp plugin after any weather overhaul mod. 

  •  Fully compatible with climate overhaul mods ( even Winter Overhaul !)
         Must Load CRB esp plugin before any climate overhaul mod. 

  •  Fully compatible with Frostfall as well as other mod with similar features (R.A.S.S, wet and cold, Frsotbite, survival mode etc.)
        Just remember to disable the redundant features before enable CRB.

 3. Require Compatibility Patch when using together with mods below:

  • Weather overahul mods that add fake snow weather.

  • Creature mods that add creature with custom race.

  • Clothing mods that add new cold gear.

  • New lands expansion mods that added new cold interior cell.

4.  Compatibility Patch Creating Tutorial:

Recommond Mods Using together:

  •  R.A.S.S (snowy shader effect during snowing weather)

6.  A Fix Patch for Cathedral Weathers:
(You only need that if you are using cathedral weathers, that patch won't cause any CTD)

Known Issues:

  • The cold region identification of current area will be broken and all cold effect will disable if you change the weather with console command, you need to reload a cell to fix it.

  • If you change a player character during a game session, that may cause the cold effect spell fail to assign to some NPCS, that may be bug of “Spell Perk Item Distributor”. You can fix that by quit to desktop and open the game again.


 Q1: Mod features doesn't work at all!

  • Do you have  Spell Perk Item Distributor (the newset version) installed propertly?
  • Do you toggle on the mod features in MCM page?  
  • Quit to desktop and enter the game again to see if the issue fixed.         

 Q2: Cold effect not applied in exterior cold areas/ cold effect applied in not cold areas.

  • If that area is a vanilan game loaction: 
         a) Check if your coldregionbehavior.esp plugin is load after any weather overhaul mod.
         b) Check if your have install mods that add fake snow type weather to the game.
  • If that area is loaction added by mod: 
        Ask the mod's athuor to check the region weather setting of this area, that probaly a mistake cause by that lands expansion mod itself.

Q3: Game CTD When Start!

  Please go here to report the issue:


  • Michrim for doing showcase video and images.
  • Lia for provide original shivering animation hkx file.
  • Michrim and NickNak for modfity and improve the shivering animation hkx file.
  • WillamWang for create artwork picture and MCM page pictures for the mod.
  • Isoku for W&C.
  • TechAngel85 for W&C.
  • volvaga0 for his cloaks, fur cloaks and hoods.
  • lorelai2009 for her fur cloaks.
  • powerofthree for S.P.I.D
  • Felisky384 for DAR.
  • NSGM for German MCM Translations and survivial mode patch creating.