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A few basic hand animated idles that are roughly 9-13 seconds long, that only play in specific conditions.

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Everglaid's Conditional Idles
Idles for Dynamic Animation Replacer

Special Edition | Legendary Edition

A few basic hand animated idles that are roughly 9-13 seconds long, that only play in specific conditions.
Applies to players and humanoid npcs. Designed to be unintrusive, most conditions are difficult to trigger unless you're trying to.
Easier ones to activate have percent chances.


Dynamic Animation Replacer
(And it's requirements.)
Please endorse these mods, this wouldn't have been possible without them.


Triggers with:
A 50% chance in outdoors blizzard weather, unless the actor is a vampire.
 Frostfall: If the temperature value is below the "global value" 0
Frostbite, Survival Mode & Frozen North: If you're affected by any cold debuff outdoors

Cold has a 50% chance just because it's potentialy an easier one to trigger for several npcs at a time.
And as requested, an alternate lowered arm variant in the modular section of the installer for voluptuous females.

Triggers when:
An actor is below 30% stamina
Survival Mode & RND: If you have an extreme tiredness debuff

Triggers when:
The player is below 50% health
Survival Mode & RND: If you have the "Starving" status effect
NPCs are not included because during testing random guards would be using this animation.

Added in v1.2:

Triggers when:
An actor is below 30% magicka,
is poisoned,
or has Survival Mode's severe Bone Break Fever, Brain Rot, Rattles or Witbane.

Triggers with:
A 4% chance if the player has the rested, well rested or lovers' comfort bonus
(4% because watching it play every time you stop moving considering how long the buff lasts would not be fun)

Shield Cover:
Triggers with:
A 70% chance in rainy weather, must be a non-guard actor with a shield equipped

Triggers when:
The player character is not wearing clothing
Different animations for male/female. You can swap the anims in the folders if you'd like, the files are unisex.

Future Plans:

Movement animations for Cold/Shield/Modesty/Injured
'Stages' for Fatigued at different stamina thresholds (<10%, <35%, <60%)
Out of combat idles for unsheathed weapons
Out of combat staff cane walking
Integration with TDG's Wade In Water
Female modesty redone
Fixing up animations that don't utilize skirt bones and cause clipping


A thank you list of users that directly contributed/gave ideas that are currently implemented (ILY)