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Handmade animations that only play in specific conditions. Unintrusive, no gameplay changes.

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Everglaid's Conditional Idles
Animations for Dynamic Animation Replacer

Special Edition | Legendary Edition

Handmade unisex animations that only play in specific conditions, applying to the player and humanoid npcs.
Designed to be unintrusive, they simply replace animations when in the appropriate context using Dynamic Animation Replacer.
There are zero gameplay changes.

SKSE, Dynamic Animation Replacer & Address Library for SKSE Plugins
Optional: SkyUI to toggle features in the MCM

Please use a mod manager.
For uninstalling, it is not recommended to remove plugins on an existing save file. See FAQ above.

FAQ, Requests, Compatibility, Troubleshooting, Known Issues:





Movement animations include walk and run in all 8 directions when weapons are sheathed, always facing forward like in vanilla.
If you don't like strafing, 360 Movement Behaviour is compatible.

Triggers when:
Weather Dependant: An actor is outdoors in a blizzard. (See compatibility for weather support.)
Frostfall: If the temperature value is below the "global value" 0
Frostbite, Survival Mode & Frozen North: If you're affected by any cold debuff outdoors
RESTRICTIONS: Vampires, Non-follower Nord NPCs and children are ommitted to prevent seeing the animation set too much. The actor cannot be holding a shield.

Triggers when:
An actor is below 50% health
Survival Mode & RND: If you have the "Starving" status effect
NPC Injured is disabled by default in the MCM due to a health bug in the vanilla game.

Shield Cover:
Triggers when:
A non-guard actor has a shield equipped in rainy weather.
(See compatibility for weather support, as well as for shield positioning (on back) mods.)

Triggers when:
An actor is not wearing clothing, unless in a vanilla player home.
Different animations for male/female. You can swap the anims in the folders if you'd like, the files are unisex.


Fatigued, 2 Stages:
An actor is below 50% stamina, stage 2 below 25% stamina
Survival Mode & RND: If you have an extreme tiredness debuff (Stage 2 animation)
RECTRICTIONS: Stage 2 will not trigger if the actor is holding a shield. (Prevents clipping)
NPC Stage 2 Fatigued is disabled by default in the MCM due to NPC head tracking causing clipping.

Triggers when:
An actor is below 30% magicka,
or has Survival Mode's severe Bone Break Fever, Brain Rot, Rattles or Witbane.

Triggers with:
A 2% chance if the player has the rested, well rested or lovers' comfort bonus
(2% because watching it play every time you stop moving considering how long the buff lasts would not be fun)

Future Plans:

Out of combat idles when weapons are unsheathed See this. (Might still do my own.)
Covering eyes in dust storms or as a vampire when out of shadows.
Out of combat staff cane walking
Integration with Loki's Wade In Water & Sink or Swim, more effort when walking in water
Idle variety (adding 2-3 versions of headache & injured to the 'random pool')
oversight fixes !

A thank you list of users that directly contributed/gave ideas that are currently implemented (ILY)