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Handmade animations that only play in specific conditions. Unintrusive, no gameplay changes.

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Special/Anniversary Edition | Legendary Edition

Handmade unisex animations that only play in specific conditions, applying to the player and humanoid npcs.
Designed to be unintrusive, they simply replace animations when in the appropriate context using Dynamic Animation Replacer.
There are zero gameplay changes. Any feature can be toggled off in the MCM.

SKSE, Dynamic Animation Replacer & Address Library for SKSE Plugins
Optional: SkyUI to toggle features in the MCM

Please use a mod manager.
For uninstalling, it is not recommended to remove plugins on an existing save file. See FAQ above.

FAQ, Requests, Compatibility, Troubleshooting, Known Issues:


Q: What are the folder numbers so I can easily edit your mod?

6002135: Injured
6002126: Fatigued Stage 2
6002125: Cold
6002121: Headache Alt
6002120: Headache
6002110: Shield Cover
6002108: Fatigued Stage 1
6002102: Modesty Female
6002101: Modesty Male
6002090: Stretch

6001935: Injured
6001926: Fatigued Stage 2
6001925: Cold
6001921: Headache Alt
6001920: Headache
6001910: Shield Cover
6001908: Fatigued Stage 1
6001902: Modesty Female
6001901: Modesty Male

You can just delete any of these folders if you don't want that animation, there won't be problems. This also improves DAR caching time.

Q: How does this mod work?
A: It's all because of DAR. It's a SKSE plugin that allows animations to be replaced based on basic conditions within a .txt file.
Go take a look at it if you're interested, it's very easy to use existing animations on the nexus for cool things.

Q: Script lag?
A: Nope. DAR might need a few seconds to cache once your game starts though- you might get t-posing.
You can see a bug report about the t-posing in DAR on the page there. I've also mentioned it in the "known issues" spoiler below.

Q: If there are "zero gameplay changes," why is there an .esp and a script?
A: The plugin adds a variable for each feature, a 0 or 1 value that DAR will look for.
The script is the MCM itself, and lets you toggle that variable between 0 and 1.

Q: Can I uninstall this mod?
A: It's not recommended to uninstall plugins mid-game, however the FormIDs added by the plugin aren't referenced by anything in-game- and the script, again, is only for the MCM. It should be fine. But uninstall at your own discretion and clean your saves.

Q: Can I merge your esp with something else?
A: Don't think so. The DAR conditions specifically point to EVGConditionalIdles.esp and the Form ID within.

Q: Can I remove some conditions that don't apply to my game to quicken the DAR caching process?
A: I've done a lot of testing, and the number of condition checks do not seem to affect DAR caching at all- rather it's the number of added animations. Do whatever you want though :>

Q: I use a mod that disables clothing at the beginning of the game, and Modesty messes with character creation.

Q: I have an idea for a simple idle and condition you could do!
A: ..maybe. leave a comment.


Here are some common requests I've gotten, and reasons why I can't do them atm

Vampire blocking out the sun
If we get North/East/South/West checks, sure. We already have weather and time checks so that's all that's left.

Dust storm eye cover
I might actually do that. Would have to do some research with goggle-type item compatibility.

Proximity checks, like near lava or fires
This requires other mods or scripted proximity checks outside of DAR.

Dialogue animations
I can replace existing dialogue animations, but I cannot make new ones trigger out of nowhere.

Anything event based, at a specific time ("after doing ___" or "when ____ happens" ex. cheering when a quest finishes)
Requires scripts

Wet animations after getting out of water
Requires other mods that signify the character is wet.

Running/walking in water animations
Testing integration with Wade In Water hasn't been successful.


ctrl+F is your best friend here

EVG Animation Variance: Yes. You can use both, they accomplish two different things.

True Directional Movement: Yes. Recommended. You can disable the turning animations in their MCM. (See MBO below.)

Combat Gameplay Overhaul (CGO): Yes. Procedural leaning compliments movement.

360 Movement Behaviour: Yes.

Nemesis/FNIS: Yes.

cookeh's conditional and random idles: 1.36 is fully compatible, 1.4 hasn't been tested. EVGCI will likely have priority in more situations.

Movement Behaviour Overhaul: Turning animations will interrupt my movement animations. ex. you'll drop the shield for a brief moment while turning.

will likely require some manual tuning..

Other DAR mods: Pray that the author didn't make the priority 6 billion. You can compare a DAR mod's priority by checking the folder numbers:
The higher the folder number, the more priority it has. Think of it like: if the conditions for 10 are not correct, it will check the conditions for 9, etc.
EVG Conditional Idles has fairly strict conditions, so chances for conflicting with more 'general' animations are low.

Anything that places the shield somewhere other than the hand - Simple Dual Sheath, ALLGUD, etc: Hand will float over head for shield rain.
You can move the shield from the back to the hand in rainy weather using Immersive Equipment Displays.
Here is a tutorial on how to customize this, and a preset to do it for you. (thank you ily)

This will likely prevent your DAR mod from working..

Nemesis/FNIS PCEA: Not Nemesis/FNIS, but specifically their version of PCEA. Any animation that is the same 'type,' meaning run, walk or idle will ALWAYS have priority over DAR mods.

Character "Wellbeing" Support:
No conflicts.
Frostfall, Frostbite, Survival Mode, The Frozen North and Sunhelm Survival are supported.
You do not need a patch if you have any combination/none of these mods. See conditions in the features section below.

Tested Weather Support:
Vanilla, Cathedral Weathers, Azurite, Obsidian Weathers, Climates of Tamriel, Picturesque, Vivid Weathers, Haze, Mythical Ages and True Storms are also confirmed for weather triggers. Many weather mods only edit existing vanilla records, making them compatible.
Note: Vivid & Haze have a TON of new weather codes that I had to check for the snow/rain flag (100+ combined?) and I may have missed some.
(ex. some weathers would have "snow" in the name but not have a snow flag or any precipitation added)


Q: Nothing is working!
A: Have you installed the latest version of the requirements? All this needs to work is correct SKSE version with your game > Address Library > DAR.
Please make sure everything is the correct version.

Q: Do you have an easy way to check if things are working?
A: Headache (low magicka) is probably the easiest, but
console > "fw c8221" and "fw 10a231" trigger blizzard & rain weather respectively in the vanilla game for a short time.

Q: Everything is working except for _____!
A: If cold or shield cover, please see the weather compatibility section in the spoiler above. It's at the bottom. This mod supports quite a few weather mods, but not all.

Q: It's not working for me, but it is working for NPCs.
A: Are you using anything related to PCEA? Are you using other DAR related mods with a higher priority? See compatibility section above.

Q: I'm going to post a comment because I really cannot get this to work.
A: if you just type "it doesn't work for me" and list nothing about your mod setup i am going to come to your house and pet your dog if you have one

Q: Torch is clipping through my body.
A: You did not check 'arm fix' when generating FNIS behaviour. I would recommend switching to Nemesis regardless.

Q: Random NPCs (specifically, innkeepers) doing injured animations?
A: Are you using this?

Q: I use a mod that disables clothing at the beginning of the game, and Modesty messes with character creation.

Q: Everything works, but the MCM isn't enabling/disabling animations!
A: Likely a conflict, (a mod replacing the condition file for a module) - if you find a direct conflict, do let me know.
Otherwise, you can manually check and set the on/off state in the console, with

help EVGCI
This'll show each 'value state' and name for all the modules, 0 being off and 1 being on

set EVGCI14_insertnamehere to 0
Will force it to turn off. This might make the boxes in the MCM not match whether it's on/off.

Known Issues


Dynamic Animation Replacer needs time to cache all conditions at the start of a game. Therefore, a large amount of DAR animations can cause T-posing for 1-30+ seconds at game initiation if the conditions are correct. While affected by my large number of animations, this is not a bug with EVGCI itself. Optimization is possible by deleting animations, but ultimately it's an issue with DAR. I've tried condensing the condition lists, but it seems to have no effect on caching.

If a certain animation is consistently t-posing, and others are working, let me know. That would be due to it not being converted to SE. (That would be impossible though, since I batch convert the full folder before release. but anyway)

Health/Fatigue/Headache triggering early

An odd problem with DAR not recognizing certain methods of reducing the characters' maximum values. Example, you're in Survival Mode (CC) and your maximum value is reduced to below 50, yet you still technically have 100%, and it triggers. The conditions I wrote look for percentage. I have no idea how to fix this, and I assume it's a problem with DAR. This issue is inconsistent with people's setups.



Movement animations include walk and run in all 8 directions when weapons are sheathed, always facing forward like in vanilla.
If you don't like strafing, True Directional Movement or 360 Movement Behaviour is compatible.

Triggers when:
Weather Dependant: An actor is outdoors in a blizzard. (See compatibility for weather support.)
Frostfall: If the temperature value is below the "global value" 0
Frostbite, Survival Mode & Frozen North: If you're affected by any cold debuff outdoors

Vampires, Non-follower Nord NPCs and children are omitted to prevent seeing the animation set too much.
The actor cannot be holding a shield.

Triggers when:
An actor is below 50% health.
NPC Injured is disabled by default in the MCM due to a health bug in the vanilla game.

Shield Cover:
Triggers when:
A non-guard actor has a shield equipped in rainy weather.
(See compatibility for weather support, as well as for shield positioning (on back) mods.)
If using Simple Dual Sheath & IED, you can use this preset to move the shield.

Triggers when:
An actor is not wearing clothing, unless in a vanilla player home.
Different animations for male/female. You can swap the anims in the folders if you'd like, the files are unisex.

Resurrected Undead are exempt from most animations.


Fatigued, 2 Stages:
An actor is below 50% stamina, stage 2 below 25% stamina
RECTRICTIONS: Stage 2 will not trigger if the actor is holding a shield. (Prevents clipping)
NPC Stage 2 Fatigued is disabled by default in the MCM due to NPC head tracking causing clipping.

Triggers when:
An actor is below 30% magicka.
2 possible animations, 50% chance each.

Triggers with:
A 2% chance if the player has the rested, well rested or lovers' comfort bonus
(2% because watching it play every time you stop moving considering how long the buff lasts would not be fun)

A thank you list of users that directly contributed/gave ideas that are currently implemented (ILY)