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Allows the player to meditate with Paarthurnax on every shout, providing new unique powers and adding immersive feeling.

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  • "Rotmulaag: Immersive Meditations on the Words of Power" is an adaptation of series of lore-friendly texts under the same name, published on subreddit /r/teslore by user ddaybones.

    With this mod The Last Dragonborn can meditate with Paarthurnax on 27 words (instead of vanilla 3: Fus, Feim and Yol), each meditation giving a unique power directly boosting either a given shout or other statistics.
    (Some powers have options managed by MCMenu, to accommodate to different playthroughs and mods).

    The mod allows you to meditate only on shouts you know (which fixes a minor plothole - one does not have to activate any of the word walls of "Become Ethereal" shout, and still be able to meditate on "Feim")

    Meditating on the words of power now features also... meditation! While listening to Paarthurnax's voice, your character assumes one of the Greybeards meditation poses, screen fades to black and after meditation is over, your character gains a new piece of knowledge from the Way of the Voice. 

    (The meditation scene and its duration is configurable via MCM. Fair warning for Chesko's Frostfall users: sitting on the top of the icy mountain for extended period of time is perhaps not the best idea).

    Your character will also start an in-game journal, preserving the knowledge of the Greybeards. After hearing each meditations, the text of it appears in it, in the order you've heard them, making it a unique item from the role-playing point of view!
    Once it is completed, the player will be able to choose and swap powers as they will, without the need to return to Paarthurnax.
    (One can also choose option in the MCM to be able to do that after learning all three words of a given shout.)

    Current Version: 1.4

    • I am slowly coming back to modding, porting my mods to SE version. This version is a direct file of LE, properly ported to SE, open for translation, currently with Polish and English strings. My most sincere thanks to mcguffin, author of xTranslate, and Dreifels for helping me solve a puzzling conundrum with Polish diacriticals not showing properly, and further proving to me what a horrible port Skyrim Special Edition is. If you'd like to check my adventures into WAT.jpg, click here and read from the bottom.
    • I have spent waaaaaaay too much time on this one mod, and as of now, I consider to be finished, unless something in it will twist your PCs, and will need a bugfix. I will see what mods that have SE version need patches, and that will be all for Rotmulaag. Finally!

    Changes in Version 1.3:

    • 1.3 is the first version for Skyrim Special Edition (SSE). It can be downloaded from Bethesda net (PC) (Xbox1)
    • Rewards have been changed: now, powers can be acquired any time, as long as you have listened to the meditiation; listening to all of them gives you +20% shout recovery bonus.
    • 1.3a is up, with fixed audio, thanks to observations by superspaceface at Nexus and arashiikageshini at It turns out that the oh-so-amazing BSA packer build into Creation Kit skips audio files when packing BSA. It forgets about String files as well, but that I have noticed. What a horrible piece of... software.  
    • Icebreaker now works with the Dragonborn Frost power
    • MCM is obviously not working; all the options are launched from the book, Paarthurnax's Teachings. Open the book, close it, and a menu will appear.  
    • The mod is now open to translation: it contains strings for English and Polish. If you'd like to translate it, contact me so I can include your translation.

    Changes in Version 1.2:
    • Added one more keyword to make some patches easier to make,
    • Added patch for Konahriik's Priviledge and fixed one for Improved Dragon Shouts
    • (2015-04-10) Fixed patch for Skyrim Redone, now it correctly boosts the slow time potion and affects Sneak perk "Ambush"
    • (2015-04-19) Added patch for ERSO-03 module of Enhanced Mighty Dragons
    • (2015-05-6) Better vampires Update 6.7 gets rid of the ML version, and as a result the ML patch is obsolete. Use the regular patch.

    Changes in Version 1.1:
    • Changed the bonus for "Wings Spread Far" from 25% to 15%, per request
    • Fixed all the patches, thanks to very insightful observation by DrMonops
    • The patches have also been cleaned for ITM records


    • Skyrim SSE

    Mod Configuration Menu (MCM, 1.4 onward with SKSE and SkyUI) features:

    • Status-tracking of the mod and its quest,
    • Options regarding the meditations scene, which can be turned off or tweaked, if necessary,
    • Options changing certain powers to suit known gameplay overhauls,
    • Debug mode.

    Compatibility & known issues:

    Fully compatible with:

    Patches (will be re-added once I see which mods are ready for SSE):

    (without them both mods will work, but mine won't fully execute its power - see article Patches for more info)

    Unconfirmed/Unknown/In testing:

    • Requiem - initial tests seems it's safe to use, might need patch to make some of the powers fully useful; I've never played this overhaul, would appreciate if someone experienced with it checked if there are anything that might slip my eyes while skimming over the records

    See Article Patches and comments to read more and check if the mod is being patched/tested.
    Please note that the patches are a work in progress as well, especially with game overhauls like SkyRe or Perma.
    If you find any incompatibilities, please notify me.

    Potentially incompatible

    • Any mod that changes Paarthurnax's meditations dialogues (see Article Modified Files to read more)
    • If you find any problems, please refer first to the walkthrough, and if you think it is my mod's fault, please contact me.


    • ddaybones - author of texts and an inexhaustible source of inspiration,
    • piotrmil - creator of mod, who would wish to thank all other co-authors for superb work and congratulate them on surviving a constant stream of my mails and messages nagging them to work faster,

    Voice actors:


    • Polish: Przetłumaczone MCMenu, dialogi przetłumaczone. Ktoś chętny do poudawania Pana Kleksa?  

    (feel free to contact me if you'd like to translate this mod into your language. Ddaybones has given me permission to translate his texts)

    Recommended mods and programs:

    • Mod Organizer is highly recommended as a mod managing program, especially for compatibility-testing purposes,
    • Chesko's Lore-Based Loading Screens - another Reddit-born mod, adding loading screens with pieces of knowledge from TES lore
    • Improved Dragon Shouts 
    • Deadly Dragons
    • Interesting NPCs - in my humble opinion one of the best mods out there, making Skyrim feel fresh and new every single time. "Rotmulaag..."  follows the same philosophy as INPCs: adding new dialogues and making the game feel more rich, interesting, and inviting to immerse into.
    • Unfuzer - program to convert .wav and .lip file into Skyrim-native .fuz audio files
    • TESVTranslator - program to convert text strings  during translation
    • STATUS - excellent mod for any tester and for people who like to see what's happening under the game's "curtains". Displays all your stats and other important variables.
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • Can I install it on a existing save?
    • Yes, I found no problems installing it on both clean saves and heavily-modded characters.
    • How to uninstall the mod?
    • Go to the MCMenu debug options, and click Remove all powers under the Debug options. That will safely remove any powers added. 
    • I cannot meditate on Summon Durnehviir, Soul Tear, Call Dragon, Dragonrend or Call of Valor
    • That is because these shouts' meanings are unknown to Paarthurnax. You will have to find their creators. Ask Paarthurnax once about them, and go find them! (or look up the walkthrough section).
    • I cannot see the power in my "Active powers" list
    • Not all powers are constant. Some of them, like Eternal Spirit, works only when certain shout effect is in place, or you are holding a certain weapon, like with Weapon Guard.
    • My characters is writing an invisible book!
    • It sometimes happens, I blame Bethesda for buggy idle animations. It usually happens when the game has to force you from the first to third person perspective. Starting the meditation in TPP works.

    List of powers:
    Unrelenting Force - Force Without Effort
    You stagger 25% less and foes stagger 25% more. (unchanged)

    Whirlwind Sprint - Escape Velocity
    Running away from a battle while having low Health results in opponents being flung into the air by Whirlwind Cloak.

    Kyne's Peace - Soothing Voice
    All Calm spells and your Kyne's Peace last 25% longer OR spell affect opponents 15 levels higher, Kyne's Peace shout is twice as effective.

    Marked for Death - Last Breath
    You deal 25% more critical damage against opponent that are bleeding out.

    Become Ethereal - Eternal Spirit
    While Ethereal, you recover health 25% faster. (unchanged)

    Clear Skies - Wings Spread Far
    You learn all skills 15% faster and run 15% faster when the skies are clear.

    Fire Breath - The Fire Within
    Fire Breath shout deals 25% more damage. (unchanged)

    Frost Breath - The Ice Within
    Frost Breath shout deals 25% more damage.

    Ice Form - Icebreaker

    Opponents trapped in ice by your Ice Form shout are more vulnerable to physical damage (weapons go through 25% armor, since Ice Form gives opponents trapped in ice +500 armor). On top of that, Battleaxes and Warhammers deal 25% more damage to them.

    Storm Call - Storm Tuned

    Shock attacks deal 25% more damage in rain.

    Dismay - Formidable Voice

    All Fear spells and your Dismay shout last 25% longer OR spell affect opponents 15 levels higher, Dismay shout is twice as effective.

    Drain Vitality - Till the Last Drop

    Your Drain Vitality shout as well as absorption spells and enchantments are 25% stronger.

    Aura Whisper - Echoing Whispers

    Your Aura Whisper shout lasts three times longer when used in interiors.

    Animal Allegiance - The Beast Within

    Animals deal 25% less damage, and you deal 25% more damage to them.

    Elemental Fury - Dancing with the Wind

    Your Stamina regenerates 25% faster when using Elemental Fury shout.

    Slow Time - Timed Peace

    While time is slowed down you recover Magicka 25% faster.

    Throw Voice - Vanishing Voice

    Invisibility spells and potions last 25% longer.

    Summon Durnehviir - Loyal to the Grave

    Your summoned undead fight for you twice as long.

    Soul Tear - Essence of Death

    Soul Tear shout deals 25% more damage. Zombies reanimated by it have 25% extra resistance to elemental damage.

    Disarm - Weapon Guard

    Blocking with weapons is 25% more effective.

    Battle Fury - Bonds of the Ancients

    Your Courage spells and your Battle Fury shout affect your companions 25% longer OR are 25% more powerful.

    Cyclone - Unstoppable Vortex

    Your Cyclone shout deals 25% more damage against creatures on the ground and double damage to dragons mid-air.

    Dragon Aspect - Strength of the Ancients

    Under the effect of Dragon Aspect, spells cost 25% less Magicka to cast, power attacks consume 25% less Stamina, sneak attacks deal 25% more damage, and your crafted items are 25% better if you have mastered (>=level 100) one of the appropriate class (Mage, Warrior and Thief) skill.

    Bend Will - To Move Lok and Gol

    Buying prices are 25% better. Your Illusion spells cost 25% less Magicka. Dragons stay under your command for a longer period of time.

    Dragonrend - Double-edged Voice

    Your weapons and spells deal 25% more damage against dragons, but their claws and shouts deal equally more damage to you.

    Call Dragon (Odahviing) - White Death

    Attacks with ranged weaponry are 25% more effective. Equipping them during snowstorms show nearby life sources for 15 seconds.

    Call of Valor - Champion's Shield

    Your Heavy, Light or Magical armour rating is increased by 25% if Gormlaith Golden Hilt, Hakon One-Eye or Felldir the Old fight along your side.
    Walkthrough/Troubleshooting  (spoilers!)
    You start the quest as soon as you speak with Paarthurnax about meditations (available right after you meet him for the first time). If that conversation is done, it will start when you speak to him again ("I wish to meditate on the words of power").

    From this point onwards, you can meditate and gain new powers.

    After the initial dialogue, a new quest (RotmulaagMeditationsQuest) will start and new objective will pop-up, asking you to start a journal by finding an empty book (stage 10). Any ruined or burned book will do. (having it in your inventory after speaking with Paarthurnax will automatically move the quest to stage 20. I've placed one near the Notched Pickaxe for your convenience). You'll be granted a book "Paarthurnax's Teachings".

    Paarthurnax's Teachings is not a quest item, you can drop it, though the mod will detect that and the meditation writing scripts won't work until you place it in your inventory. 

    Important: the objectives for the quest are always updated (new are added, fulfilled are marked as complete) after speaking with Paarthurnax. If you have just learned a word of a new shout, and you don't get message "Meditate on X" - it's not a bug, it's a feature. 

    At that moment, you will most likely get a notification spam asking you to meditate on all your known shouts... well, except a few. 
    While Paarthurnax certainly knows all the words of his language, he doesn't know the meaning of all shouts. Particularly, the dragon names' and man-or dragon-made shouts' meanings are unknown to him. 
    As soon as you ask him about: Dur, Rii, Od, Joor or Hun, he will tell you that he doesn't know the meaning of all words (stage 21).

    From that moment onwards, certain events will take place:
    • Durnehviir, after being summoned will force greet you and you will be able to ask him about Dur and Rii. After asking him in his summoned form about both of them, this option will become unavailable, and you will have to revisit him in the Purple Place of Everlasting Purpleness Soul Cairn, to meditate again. This only activates after his questline has been started (player has exited Soul Cairn after defeating Durnehviir - DLC1VQDragon stage 35); his dialogues about teaching you Soul Tear takes priority. 
    • Odahviing, who is usually orbiting the Throat of The World without ever landing somehow will land on his perch and will be able to teach you the meaning of "Od". This only happens after the finale of the main quest, (MQ306 stage 60), takes place. After hearing the meditation, he will start circling the skies again; if you are close to The throat of the world location (around High Hrothgar even), he will land again, ready to re-teach you the mediation.
    • If you haven't visited the Sovngarde yet, you will be able to talk to the heroes after battle with Alduin about the man-made shouts. Regardless of whether you have completed that part of the Main quest, you will receive a letter from Esbern via courier, who has found the memoirs of Felldir the Old. Reading them will initially give you the power associated with Dragonrend and if you already know Call of Valor, then the next reading will give you an option to learn this as well. First reading will also fill the meditations in your journal. The memoirs can be found at the table in Sky Haven Temple. This will only happen after first battle with Alduin, after learning Dragonrend (MQ206 200).
    After you have listened to all the meditations, speak once more with Paarthurnax. This will quickly move the quest to dummy stage 299, and unlock his final words. Then the quest will be completed (300) and Paarthurnax's Teachings, upon reading will display a menu, allowing you to choose and swap the powers at will.

    If you decide to kill Paarthurnax, then first of all - how dare you, and secondly, it will fail the quest (400).
    Odahviing and Durnehviir will be able to teach you his shouts again, and so will reading the memoirs.