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NPC Overhaul of most of the major NPCs from Legacy of the Dragonborn mod.

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The mod is unhidden and a patch has been provided by sirjesto. I apologize for hiding the mod, but I am no longer able to continue modding skyrim and I did not want to be responsible for anyone breaking their game. I did not know how bad the new conflicts were, etc. Going to try and find someone to take over for me. 


LotD is a great mod, but if you are like me and use lots of NPC overhauls, the modded NPCs start standing out pretty badly. I made this primarily for personal use to rectify that, but figured i would release it too. 

My goal was to make them look more realistic but also try not to deviate from the original look too much. 

I covered most main NPCs, but not Khajiits, Argonians and a few others which i think look fine with my textures/enb. NPCs covered are; Auryen, Argus, Avram, Eriana, Eringoth, Egriss, Ertzebet, Erza, Gunther, Hagar, Jelal, Jerrin, Kyre, Lorna, Marassi, Siegmund, Sieglinde and Yolanda.

Its possible i will do others in the future and i'm not happy with Kyre and Ertzebet so i might re-do them, but i am working on a new overhaul for now. 

The male npcs use an enhanced vanilla mesh and female npcs use UNP. All textures are 2k i believe, including the facetints. 


My mod on left, original on right. Hopefully this is obvious :D


Apart from Legacy of the Dragonborn (V5+),  There shouldn't be any. I checked on a completely vanilla game and they appeared fine. 

As allowed by permissions of the mods, i have included the textures needed. All included textures are 2K including the facetints i have generated. See credits for list of mods i have used, thanks to those authors. 


Dark Face Bug: Try moving this mod lower in load order
Neck Gap: Try disable , enable on them. I don't think i changed any weights but let me know if you have problems
Missing/bugged texture: Let me know and we can figure if it is a problem with mod, or a conflict. 


Legacy of the Dragonborn - I have had hundreds of hours of fun from this mod

UNP Body Mesh + SG Eyebrows
Bijin Skin 
DB Textures Vanilla - Amazing male skin, i use this as my default! 
Mild Complexions 
Improved Eyes 
Eyes of Beauty 
KS Hairdos  
Salt and Wind for KS Hairdos
Hverg Beards
Hverg Brows
Northborn Scars
Fair Skin I use the teeth from here

Silent Horizons ENB - I use this enb
NordWarUA Armors - Some of his beautiful armours feature in screenshots. (not included in file)

Thanks to all the above authors for making your mods and allowing them to be used.