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This mod adds small hand animated, player character exclusive random and/or conditional Idles to your game like stroking your hair after taking a bath or holding your hand out for snowflakes.

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Animations for Dynamic Animation Replacer
by cookeh

Handanimated idles to make your Skyrim experience more immersive. The animations are somewhere between 3 to 12 seconds in length. Some are random, some trigger when certain conditions are met.
These idles are fully compatible with EVG Conditional Idles out of the box.

Requirements:Dynamic Animation Replacer (and it's requirements: Address Library for SKSE Plugins, SKSE64)

Legendary Edition:
I have uploaded LE Version in Optional files, please read file description!

  • At the moment I have one animations which requires iWant RND for CACO (glutted/very hungry) or iNeed
  • the FOMOD Installer will check if you have the required plugins installed, if not it will just not install the dependent animations.
  • The weather condition animations should work with vanilla, Cathedral Weathers, Obsidian Weathers, Dolomite Weathers, Haze, Kyne's, Vivid Weathers & NAT.
  • Inside the mod folder you will find a text file telling you which folder is for which animation so you can easily edit it into your own DAR animation list as to not mess up the priorities. - SIDENOTE: PCEA like FNIS or Nemesis PCEA will take priority over the idles if you have set up mt_idle.hkx with those. -

  • New default idle, I tried to make it seem more lifelike
  • Looking around idle, has the default idle as base, trigger with a chance of 25%
  • Pumping your fist, has the default idle as base, trigger with a chance of 7%
  • Crouching, to be fair who goes out adventuring all days and never ever crouches down, triggers outside when Stamina is lower than 70% with a chance of 15%
  • Block the sun with your hand, triggers in good weather with a chance of 20% not while shield is equipped, because left hand.
  • Hold out a hand for the snow, triggers when snow falls with a chance of 20% not while shield is equipped, because left hand.
  • Hold your stomach when you have eaten too much or are starving, requires iWant RND for CACO - OR - iNeed (animation only when starving since you can't eat too much in iNeed - i tried), chance 50% because your stomach hurts! not while shield is equipped, because left hand.
  • stroke your hair after having a nice bath, needs Keep it Clean's Well Relaxed Buff or having Well Rested/Lover's Comfort buff, chance 9%

To do:
  • refine the current animations (especially male) and add new ones as I have ideas for new ones. make right handed versions for shield users.
  • maybe tweak the trigger conditions.
  • finish my magic casting animations.
  • actually play some skyrim.

Thanks and praise:
  • Talos
  • Felisky384 for Dynamic Animation Replacer
  • Distar66 for his blender tutorial
  • Everglaid for EVG Conditional Idles, as they inspired me to do this
  • Lexy's LOTD Dev Team, Discord and the dark lady herself, for keeping up with my many questions as I am new to modding.
  • tktk for Animation Tools