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Patch to make cookeh conditional and random animations - CCARA DAR and EVG Conditional Idles work with Survival Mode

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I really like the simplicity of AE's Survival Mode, but some of my favorite Dynamic Animation Replacer (DAR) mods (cookeh's conditional and random animations - CCARA DAR, and EVG Conditional Idles) didn't fully work with Survival Mode (SM), as some of the animations (hunger animations in particular) were programmed to work with iNeed and RND (Realistic Needs and Diseases) but had not been updated to work with SM.
This patch should correct that.
These are only edited DAR conditional files. No esp files or anything to add to your load order.
There are a few files available depending on what you want and which mods you use. You only need to download one file, not all three if all three apply, etc.
If you ONLY use CCARA (and not EVG Conditional Idles) with Survival Mode, then you only need the CCARA Survival Mode Patch.7z. This will add SM's highest hunger value to the trigger for the hunger animation.
If you use both CCARA and EVG Conditional Idles (as I do), you have two choices. SM reduces your total available stamina progressively the hungrier you get, and EVG's exhaustion animation was taking precedence over CCARA's hunger animation, meaning that the hunger animation would never play. I edited the files so that, if your character is exhausted and not hungry, the exhausted animation will play. If your character is starving (despite also being exhausted), the hunger animation will play.
I also found that with all of this going on, I couldn't get the EVG stretch idle to play, which I rather enjoy. If you don't care about the stretch idle but have EVG and CCARA, just download the CCARA Survival Mode Patch.7z file.
If you also want the stretch idle to play again download the EVG Conditional and CCARA Survival Mode Patch with EVG Conditional Idles Stetch.7z file. I also increased the likelihood of seeing the stretch because I enjoy it so much.