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Legacy of The Dragonborn adds a new gallery to the city of Solitude, built to store and defend the most dangerous artifacts on Nirn. It is conveniently hidden behind the large and heavily guarded Blue Palace. With Drengin's Blue Palace Terrace, it became more exposed - maybe a "renovation" is asked for, to better pair with its "royal" neighbour?

Permissions and credits
Yarl Elisif the Fair decided to do some home-building and added a new, spectacular terrace to her palace, fit to her goals of achieving peace and unity in Skyrim by cunning diplomacy, grand parades and awe inspiring public works. Enter the Blue Palace Terrace (download here).


Enter Legacy of The Dragonborn.

Modding is tricky business. Different mods compete for the same space and, while we secretly want to "add them all", it's often impossible for a good number of reasons. Other times, it's possible to make them work together, but they're still mods made with different criteria, sound and logical within the mod itself, but may not yield the best result when put together and seen as a whole. I feel like architectural mods are particularly sensitive to this, when pasted together.

That's how I feel about these two great mods. The Legacy museum has a structural logic that befits its history and function. Few windows, sturdy walls that make it a secure location for priceless and dangerous artifacts, and a hard worked correspondence between interior and exterior volumes. Auryen, coming into possession of the building, managed and expanded where needed: a planetarium here, a fossil gallery there, safe from the necessity of adding wasteful architectural details because his complex was shielded from view off the city's streets.

But not anymore! With the expansion of the Blue Palace, Lady Elisif and her court would be looking at the rear of the museum every day! The security concerns that presided to the museum's construction were now making it extremely conspicuous - something that neither Auryen nor the courtesans desired.

So, the Elf decided it was time to do some renovations, adhere to the city's architectural standards and hide his museum behind a new façade, a fitting match to Elisif's halls. Supplied by the Dragonborn's peculiar ability to amass wealth, this was no problem at all!

Worry not that the many new windows might let would-be bandits in, in the dead of night! It's an illusion, a façade, a show to divert attention from the sensitive gallery and let the court enjoy their new terrace, oblivious, most of them, of the dangerous relics that lie so close.

This mod adds static architecture to a few exterior cells. Its impact on performance shouldn't be great and on gameplay, none whatsoever. The contours of the original building were respected as much as possible and nothing was removed from the original museum - just an outer layer built over and around it. Navmesh was not touched. The quest Night in The Museum from LOTD shouldn't be affected by this mod. It's a light (esl flagged) plugin that doesn't count towards the regular active files limit.

It's meant to be looked at, not walked through. You can jump onto the rocks around the buildings and reach the façade; even there you shouldn't notice anything stranger than one or two rocks clipping through the building. Frankly, I didn't care about hiding it - I meant this to be as simple as possible, not touch the original mods - and certainly not touch the large mountain and cliff meshes that make up that rocky ground. It's a simple overlay to look good from the palace. But I did try to add things in a logical and careful manner, and slightly offset any overlaying static so that you don't get flickering from textures being rendered on the same plane.

Drengin's Blue Palace Terrace and LOTD are not compatible out of the box. You need to patch them or use one of the patches available on this site. THIS MOD DOES NOT PATCH THEM, I use the patch from here.

Load order is unimportant. Use loot to sort after masters, otherwise you should load this mod towards the top of your load order, letting other mods win conflitcs. 

Run DynDOLOD if you want consistent LODs.

Optional file: I decided to include a patch for LOTD and Blue Palace Terrace and my other mod, Solitude Backdoor, as an optional download here, because it does address a conflict between SB and the same two mods. It does not require this mod, but both can be used together.

Enjoy the view!