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About this mod

Adds a brand new hall to the Dragonborn Museum, featuring over 100 displays from Requiem. It also makes Requiem more compatibile by including balance changes and integrating Legacy content.

Permissions and credits

DISCLAIMER: This is UNOFFICIAL patch, so Legacy of the Dragonborn team will not provide any support for this!

Introduction and overview

Legacy of the Dragonborn never had a proper Requiem patch and I always thought it would be cool if it had one, so I decided to give it a shot. There's been a lot of struggle (especially when trying to create custom poses for NPC actors) at times, but finally I can release something that is playable - and hopefully - bug free. So, in short - what exactly will you find in this mod?

    - Custom made hall with over 60 weapon and armor displays, located in the Hall of Oddities;
    - Balance changes to fit Requiem more and inclusion of Legacy items into Requiem lists (paintings, cards, minerals etc.);
    - 9 trophy displays showing off NPCs unique to Requiem, with new custom item drops required;
    - Fully working Legacy features, such as Display Prep Station, creating replicas, navigating and teleporting into the Hall through Curator's Guide.


Obviously Legacy of the Dragonborn, also Requiem - Dragonborn Patch. Another mod that's not strictly required, but highly recommended - Legacy of the Dragonborn - The Curator's Companion.


DBM_Requiem_Patch (official patch) - NOT compatible and redundant.

Minor Arcana - only one record (of a single Giant Slaughterfish) - load this mod after MA, but it shouldn't be a problem if you don't.

3tweaks - not compatible.

AZTweaks - not compatible.

Various armor replacers - for now, armor displays use vanilla meshes (for chest pieces), so for custom armor replacer to work, you'd need to manually replace those meshes and possibly fix some alignment issues that will happen with gloves/feet. I have permission from NordwarUA to use his meshes, so I'll probably include a version for that (it won't require extra dependencies).

Note, that this mod alters some leveled lists of chests and enemies, so if your mod changes those, you'll have to decide between keeping your changes, but losing Legacy item drops (by loading your mod after my patch), or losing your changes but keeping Legacy items (by loading my patch after). When in doubt, check it with SSEEdit.

Load order

    Legacy of the Dragonborn
    Legacy of the Dragonborn - Curator's Companion (optional)
    Requiem - Legacy of the Dragonborn
    Requiem - Legacy of the Dragonborn - Curator's Companion (optional)

NOTE: Remember to re-run Reqtificator after you add new mods to your modlist! Also, starting new save is highly recommended.

Some notes before you jump in

Alternative Descriptions

For improved descriptions, grab Requiem - Alternative Descriptions (both main + Legacy of the Dragonborn optional file). Legacy introduces some items that have lots of effects (prime example - Ring of Omnipotence), which can be very messy in the UI. It's obviously optional, but highly recommended and I'll keep updating descriptions mod together together with this one.


As you can see in screenshots, it's next bigger room to the right side of Vigilant displays. I was told it belongs to More Interesting Loot patch, which is not yet completed. I actually plan on moving the whole thing to another location in the world, maybe adding some more rooms, storage and crafting room, that would be better I think.


I decided for displays to have priority on replicas over original items when you place them manually. That causes MCM menu to list some Requiem items as "<item> (replica)", but it's only visual and when you put the original, it will count as well. Second thing about replicas, recipe to craft them should be exactly the same as for the original item (just without the crafting perk requirement), and value of that replica should equal the value of the base item (for example, to craft replica of full Aetherium set, it will use the materials you'd normally use for crafting whole Dwarven set, and it will be worth the same). Also, when sorting using Display Prep Station, the system will always prefer originals over replicas, which is default Legacy behavior. If you want to prioritize replicas, simply favorite or equip original items.

Balance changes

There's not much, most of them I got from lilmoefow. It mostly contains leveled lists changes to include Legacy card sets and new books. He also changed the recipe for backpack to be more immersive, smelter to not give XP for smelting by default, some lists to include ingredients/food added by Requiem, so basically things he spotted while playing and adjusted accordingly. Also there's been some nerfs to archeological perks giving you carrying capacity. What I added myself are balance changes for several rings, which you can find early in the game and are stupidly strong (for Requiem standards). From looking at Legacy plugin, I haven't seen items too strong for Requiem except those rings. But of course, if you notice that something feels too strong, let me know and I'll take a look at it. Latest addition includes changes to the armors made by Xanza - Reqtificator doesn't do a great job with some Legacy specific armors, so he changed their armor rating to be consistent with Requiem, based on their material.

Updating and new content

Note that if I update the mod to include new displays, new game will be required. Even if you have Legacy installed already, I still recommend hitting new game (from the main menu, not from a "fresh save"). But, if I change stuff like meshes or textures, or fix bugs with existing displays, depending on the issue, new game shouldn't be needed then. About new content - I am open to suggestions and your ideas, so share if there's something you'd like to see. I've been thinking about including Requiem specific ingredients and maybe some books (most notably smithing ones), also about including Slighted display. It would be cool to have something to do with them, but I haven't decided yet how to approach it.

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll enjoy this patch :)

Special thanks

Folks at Icecreamassassin Mods discord, especially big thanks to SirJesto for taking the time to look at my plugin and actually fixing potentially huge problem with it, which I wasn't even aware of (life saver!). Also thanks to Icecreamassassin and Spheal for overall support and answering my noob questions about Legacy Developer Kit. I've been asking around in the Discord for a while, so apologies if I forgot about someone.

Thanks to lilmoefow for his tweaks to Legacy of the Dragonborn, which are the foundation this patch is based on.

Fornication firstly for reminding me that I should not drink when working (I mean modding :)). And secondly, for huge help with Alternative Descriptions, his ideas about the displays and life, and putting up with my ramblings :)

Also, thanks to Xanza and Esvs for taking interest in the mod, providing feedback and changes, and including it in his Serenity Requiem Wabbajack modlist.


Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul - Ogerboss with the team
Legacy of the Dragonborn - Icecreamassassin with the team
Blood textures - ModernWiz
Tapestries - RoboBirdie
convert-xml-hkx-kf - Theru
Main Menu - Requiem 4k - D3humaniz3d
Static Armour Stands - InsanitySorrow
Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation - lautasantenni