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Lore friendly Humanoid Dragon Race. In ages past, a branch of the Dragon Race escaped from the pursuit of the Dragon slayers during the Dragon Wars by hiding among the Argonians. Taking up a humanoid form, they hid. And they survived. Until now, for Alduin has called out to all Dragonkin.

Permissions and credits
This is my first custom race mod. So please let me know in the comments section of any Bugs or CTDs. 
*Hint* Maybe even a couple of Suggestions. *hint*

"One who Forgot, 
The Dragons of Old.
 The Roar of Alduin,
shall awaken.

Lost and weary,
 The One who Forgot.
A Fiery Helgen.
Fallen glory.

Find them. Seek them.
Dragon's Shall Return"


The Vonun Dov (Hidden Dragons), are among the last surviving Dragons on Tamriel. When the Ancient Dragon War was lost and Alduin was banished, A small Tribe of Dragons utilized unknown magicks to transform themselves into a humanoid form. Whereupon they hid among the Argonians they now resembled. 

Some among them lost track of who and what they once were while Others established a sanctuary hidden far from civilization to the north of Skyrim in a place of safety. It was a place to remember the Dragon wars and their Identity as members of the Dragon Race. Alas, when the Ones who built the Sanctuary returned to Tamriel they found none who could still Remember their Origins as Dragons.

Many years later, one of the 'Ones Who Forgot' encountered an accident when training in Magic. His Blood boiled and seethed while his Mind felt like it was going to shatter. And then he remembered. He remembered his past, the sanctuary, and his brethren who did all they could to make him and so many others remember. and Fail.

Time passed and he found another 'Who had Forgotten'. Thus he established a research base in the Sanctuary where he researched and experimented on the one 'Who had Forgotten'. Eventually he found the way to make the 'Ones Who Forgot' remember. 

  • Uses whatever Body you choose. For example, if you installed CBBE it will use that body. 

  • Racial Quest (Coming soon. Still a WIP): Bloodline awakening Ceremony. Awaken one of three Bloodlines:
* Dovah Yol (Fire Dragon) Bloodline 
* Dovah Fo (Frost Dragon) Bloodline 
* Dovah Qo (Lightning Dragon) Bloodline 

  • The Underwater Cave is located north of Winterhold, deep underwater. I placed the Cave entrance well past the vanilla borders in order for it to be undiscovered until now. 

Required Mods

Animated Dragon Wings By Anton SE
Flying Mod Beta
Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE - FNIS SE

Skyrim Borders Disabled
Nordic Dungeons Expansion Kit
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Skyrim 3D Landscapes 

Recommended Mods

SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin)
 - In my opinion this is a must have.


Skyrim HD by Luxor - I tried the various other retextures and this one looked the best with my mod, In my opinion.
Ruins Clutter Improved
 - cause we all know the vanilla textures are outdated/too low quality.


Combat Fixes For Flying Mod Beta - As the name says...
Imperious - Races of Skyrim - originally based the Vonundov stats off of this. 
Schlongs of Skyrim SE 


  • Any non vanilla armor will need a patch in order for them to show.
  • Any Schlong mod will need a patch.

1. Download and Install main file and any Updates\Hotfixes that are available
2. Don't forget the requirements
3. If you are using a Custom CBBE Body make sure you run bodyslide to generate the bodies. 
4. Make sure Vortex and Loot assign the plugins to the Races & Classes group.

manual Install:
  1. Open [00 Wings] Folder and then open the [Alduin] folder.
  2. Copy and Paste the contents of the [150%] Folder into the Data directory.
  3. Open the [01 Patches] folder and choose the patch that you need and copy to data directory.
  4. IMPORTANT: Any Patch esp that starts with AS_VonunDovRace_ is mandatory.
  • Open the [02 ESP] Folder choose an ESP version and copy to data directory. The BSA can be found here.. 
  • Remember: ACE is Armor and Clothing expansion, WACCF is Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter fixes. SOS is Schlongs of Skyrim
  • For loose Files... Extract the contents of the folder [03 loose] into the Data directory
  • Make sure to assign the Esps the 'Races and Classes' Group tag in Loot or Vortex 

  • QUEST:
    1. Make sure you have Skyrim Borders Disabled Installed.

    Osinius for Bodyslide
    Nivea for his lHD textures in "Argonian Improvements SSE - Horns
    Drachis and his "Drachis Argonian Eyes" textures. 
    ChaserTen for his Textures from "Male Dragonic Argonian Textures" and "Female Dragonic Argonian Textures"
    Anton and His "Animated Dragon Wings"
    DimitriyKostov and his Port of the Flying Mod
    EnaiSiaion and his mod "Imperious - Races of Skyrim" that I used as the Basis for my Vonundov Race Racial Stats and abilities.
    galgaroth and Anyone who contributed to "SCHLONGS OF SKYRIM"

    My Other Mods:

    Nordic Dungeon Expansion Kit
    Armor Records Modder's Resource
    Argonian Dragon Horns
    Repositional TDN Equipable Horns SE BodySlide
    TDN Horns Weightless Patch