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Forgotten spawns for forgotten dungeons.

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This is a overhaul of Forgotten Dungeons, featuring more enemies, harder enemies, new ambushes and traps.
Forgotten Dungeons is a great mod, but unfortunately, its too easy and can be boring sometimes. This mod aims to fix this issue.
The spawns are all hand-placed, there is no scripting involved.
In places where extra spawns were not possible, the difficulty was increased.

This is a work in progress. The following dungeons were covered:
Bearland (Harek’s Hideout)
Forgotten Barrow (Hvitserk’s Tomb)
Forgotten Bastion (Vargsund)
Forgotten Cairn (Helgi’s Cairn)
Forgotten Cave (Sigurd’s Rest)
Forgotten Crevice (Nightstalkers Den)
Forgotten Crypt
Forgotten Darkhole (Lair of the White Worm)
Forgotten Den (Zellinger’s Cave)
Forgotten Hagnest (Bloody Hagnest)
Forgotten Hideout (Vampire Hideout)
Forgotten Hole (Bolverk’s Tomb)
Forgotten Hollow (Old Buried Fort)
Forgotten Lair (Hexenheim)
Forgotten Pit (Tomb of the Fallen)
Forgotten Redoubt (Red Skulls Redoubt)
Forgotten Retreat (Skjold’s Retreat)
Forgotten Rivertomb (Tomb of the River Kings)
Forgotten Ruins (Eisenheim Ruins)
Forgotten Sanctum (Black Sanctum)
Forgotten Station (Borgthanz)
Forgotten Temple (Kormak’s Tomb)
Forgotten Tomb
Forgotten Tower (Valgard Tower)

I played only some of them, so I dont know if they are proper balanced.
More traps were added in version 0.7. Some places now have poison gas, but you can deactivate it using levers.

Version 0.7.1 fix the storm golem and introduces verminous fabricants.
After the Wrye Bash update, mihailmonsters.esp is no longer required, as Mihail’s esps are flagged as esls.

Load this mod after Immersive Creatures and Immersive Wenches.
Wait 24 hours before going in, or the ambushes might not work.
If you are using the Combat Surrender mod, some ambushes might no work as well (enemy capitulated before contact).

This mod requires Forgotten Dungeons 9.03. If you dont have this version, download it in this link.