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Add 50 new radiant-quest enabled + 15 extra dungeons in game

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Forgotten Dungeons adds 50 new radiant-quest enabled + 15 extra dungeons in game.

Thanks for the video: DonProtein

Forgotten Tomb                   Forgotten Cave
- Size: Medium                                                          - Size: Medium
- Location: Near Ranggveig’s Fast                              - Location: Near Twilight Sepulchel
- Enemies: Draugrs,Bandits                                        - Enemies: Bandits

Forgotten Crypt                   Forgotten Lair
- Size: Medium-large                                                 - Size: Medium
- Locaton: NearBruca’s Lean Redoubt                         - Location: Near Valthume
- Enemies: Draugrs                                                  - Enemies: Warlocks

Forgotten Barrow                Forgotten Tower
- Size: Large->Small                                                           - Size: Small
- Location: Near Fort Fellhammer                                - Location: Near Whiterun Stormcloaks Camp
- Enemies: Draugrs                                                    - Enemies: Bandits

Forgotten Station                Forgotten Hideout
- Size: Medium                                                          - Size: Medium
- Location: Near OldHroldan/ Soljund’s Sinkhole          - Location: Near Riverside Shack
- Enemies: Dwarwen Automations                               - Enemies: Vampire’s

Forgotten Den                     Forgotten Hollow
- Size: Very-Small                                                        - Size: Medium
- Location: Near Broken Oar Grotto                              - Location: Near Meeko’s Shack
- Enemies: Snow Bears                                                - Enemies: Bandits

Forgotten Forest                Forgotten Cavern
- Size: Small                                                            - Size: Medium
- Location: Near Steamcrag Camp                             - Location: Near Stendarr’s Beacon
- Enemies: Spriggans                                               - Enemies: Trolls

Forgotten Bastion               Forgotten Crevice
- Size: Large                                                            - Size: Medium
- Location: Near Bleakcost Cave/Winterhold              - Location: Near High Gate Ruins
- Enemies: Draugrs                                                   - Enemies: Falmers,Chaurus

Forgotten Redoubt             Forgotten Retreat
- Size: Medium                                                            - Size: Medium
- Location: Near Reach Imperial Camp                       - Location: Near Stendarr’s Beacon
- Enemies: Forsworns                                               - Enemies: Ghosts,Bandits

Forgotten Hole                   Forgotten Ruins
- Size: Medium                                                        - Size: Medium-Large
- Location: Near Hillgrund’s Tomb                             - Location: Near Pinewatch
- Enemies: Draugrs                                                  - Enemies: Draugs

Forgotten Darkhole            Forgotten Hagnest
- Size: Medium                                                           - Size: Small-Medium
- Location: Near Cragwallow Slope                             - Location: Near Northwatch Keep
- Enemies: Draugrs                                                   - Enemies: Hagravens

Forgottenzel                       Forgotten Temple
-Size: Medium                                                          - Large-Size: Medium-large
-Location: Near Fellglow Keep                                   - Location: Near Cradlecrush Rock
-Enemies: Dwarwen Automations                              - Enemies: Draugrs

Forgotten Sanctum              Forgotten Cairn
-Size: Medium-Large                                                            - Size: Medium-Large
- Location: Near Twilight Sepulchel                                    - Location: Near Ansilvund
- Enemies: Draugr                                                       - Enemies: Draugrs

Forgotten Rathole               Forgotten Rivertomb
- Size: Very Small                                                       - Size: Small
- Location: Near Ansilvund                                          - Location: Near Treva’s Watch
- Enemies: Skeevers                                                   - Enemies: Draugrs
                                                                                   Dungeon will contain 12 separate Extra-dungeons

Secret Factory                    Secret Sanctuary
- Size: Medium                                                       - Size: Medium
- Location: Near Fellglow Keep/Forgottenzel             - Location: Near Drela's Cottage
- Enemies: Dwarwen Automations                            - Enemies: Draugrs

Secret Hideout                   Secret Nest
- Size: Medium                                                             - Size: Small
- Location: Near Deep Folk Crossing                            - Location: Near Dragons Bridge
- Enemies: Bandits                                                     - Enemies: Spiders

Tripleway                           Dwemerland                 
- Size: Medium                                                            - Size: Large
- Location: Near Dragons Bridge                                - Location: Near Reach Imperial Camp
- Enemies: Draugrs                                                   - Enemies: Dwarwen Automations

Bearland                             BloodSucker Den
- Size: Small                                                                      - Size: Medium-Large
- Location: Near Reach Imperial Camp                        - Location: Near Cradlecrush Rock (Forgotten Temple)
- Enemies: Bears                                                              - Enemies: Vampires, Death hounds, Cargoyles

Necro Sanctuary                Wolf Valley
- Size: Small                                                         - Size: Very small
- Location: Near Ustengrav                                - Location: Near Chillwind Depts
- Enemies: Necromancers                                 - Enemies: Wolfs, Werewolfs

Three Connives                    Deadman Place
- Size: Large                                                           Size: Medium
- Location: Near Bthardamz                                   Location: Near Ranggveig’s Fast
- Enemies: Draugrs                                               Enemies: Draugrs

Ghostdream                         Bandit Cave
- Size: Medium                                                      -Size: Medium
- Location: Near Orotheim                                   - Location: Near Orotheim
- Enemies: Draugrs                                               - Enemies: Bandits

Three Guard Barrow
- Size: Large
- Location: Near Treva’s Watch
- Enemies: Draugrs, Spiders

------------------------- Solstheim Dungeons --------------------------

Forgotten Cavity                               Forgotten Triplethreat
- Size: Small                                                                                         - Size: Large
- Location: Near Tel Mithryn (Solstheim)                                         - Location: Near Glacial Cave/Solstheim
- Enemies: Ash Spawns                                                                     - Enemies: Reavers,Draugs, Spiders, Dwarwen Automations

Forgotten Hopperland                       Forgotten Beastden
- Size: Small                                                                                         - Size: Small
- Location: Near NcHardak/Solstheim                                             - Location: Near Frossel/Solstheim
- Enemies: Ash Hoppers                                                                    - Enemies: Werebears

Forgotten Pit                                       BlueSkin Hideout
- Size: Meium-Large                                                                                  -Size: Medium
- Location: Near Raven Rock-Bloodskal barrow /Solstheim                - Location: Near Glacial Cave/Solstheim
- Enemies: Draugrs                                                                                      - Enemies: Rieklins

Reaver Mine                                                                               AshSpawn Land
- Size: Medium                                                                                           - Size: Medium
- Location: Near Bujond's Retreat                                                            - Location: Near Haknir's Shoal
- Enemies: Reavers                                                                                   - Enemies: Ash Spawns

Rieklins Nest
- Size: Medium
- Location: Near Broken Tusk Mine
- Enemies: Rieklins

------------------------- Extra Dungeons --------------------------
  (not radiat-quest enabled)
Underneath Barrow                                     Skeletons Sanctuary
- Size: Medium                                                                                                         - Size: Medium
- Location: Forgotten Rivertomb (inside)                                                                   - Location: Forgotten Rivertomb (inside)
- Enemies: Draugrs,Mistmans, Wrathmans, Bonemans                                                - Enemies:Skeletons, Mistmans, Bonemans, Shades
Requires a Key to entry, The key can be found from ”Deadland”                             Requires a Key to entry, The key can be found from ”Deadland”

Darkside Cave                                              Undead Paradise
- Size: Medium-Large                                                                                                - Size: Large
- Location: Forgotten Rivertomb (inside)                                                                    - Location:Forgotten Rivertomb (inside)
- Enemies: Falmers,Chaurus,Spiders                                                                          - Enemies: Draurgs,Vampires, Cargoyles, Death Hounds,
Requires a Key to entry, The key can be found from ”Deadland”                                                    Skeletons, Ash Spawns
                                                                                                                           Requires a Key to entry, The key can be found from ”Deadland”

 DeadLand                                                     Jumble Dungeon
  - Size: Very Small                                                                                          - Size: Large
  - Location:Forgotten Rivertomb (inside)                                                    - Location:Forgotten Rivertomb (inside)
  - Enemies: Draugrs                                                                                       - Enemies: Draugrs,  Dwarwen Automations
   Includes keys Underneath Barrow, Skeletons Sanctuary,                         Note: Made by combining other dungeons. Some are new.
    Darkside Cave, Undead Paradise Dungeons

TrapLand                                                       Darkside Barrow
- Size: Small                                                                                                        - Size: Small
- Location:Forgotten Rivertomb (inside)                                                         - Location:Forgotten Rivertomb (inside)
- Enemies: No enemies   (Traps)                                                                      - Enemies: Draugrs

Boneland                                                       Unknown Mine
 - Size: Medium                                                                                                 - Size: Medium
 - Location:Forgotten Rivertomb (inside)                                                       - Location:Forgotten Rivertomb (inside)
- Enemies: Skeletons, Mistmans, Bonemans, Wrathmans                           - Enemies: Dremoras

West Side Dungeon                                      Unknown Place
 - Size: Medium                                                                                                   - Size: Medium
 - Location:Forgotten Rivertomb (inside)                                                         - Location: Blackreach
 - Enemies: Dwarwen Automations                                                                  - Enemies: Falmers, Dwarwen Automations

White Skin Cave                                           Big White Nest
  Size: Medium                                                                                                - Size: Small
- Location: Forgotten Vale                                                                             - Location: Forgotten Vale
- Enemies: Falmers                                                                                        - Enemies: Frost Giants


Forgotten Dungeons in ( XB1

Forgotten Dungeons in ( PS4

- Use NMM  
- Extract the file to a temporary location.
- Copy file to "Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim Special edition/Data" folder
- Open Skyrin Launcher and activate Forgotten DungeonsSSE.esp
   (Note! If any quest leads to the dungeon of this mod at the time of removal, run these before removing the mod.)
- Delete "Forgotten DungeonsSSE.esp" file from (Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim Special edition/Data) folder

Special thanks
  - DonProtein  - Video Preview

My English is not very good, so a description is translated directly from Google Translate.