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Watch your step! Traps dispersed around the world of Skyrim will now deal much more damage, alert nearby enemies and can also stagger you! In addition to all of this, traps are unleveled, carefully balanced and are much more effective against enemies.

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Watch your step!

The traps in Skyrim were always a mystery to me. Never powerful enough to actually pose a threat, annoying because enemies would always shrug them off and quite weird since nobody seemed to hear them despite the noise. To be quite honest, whenever I could simply ignore spike beds, flammable gas, dwemer slicers or even lava, traps and natural danger that should be quite dangerous, I felt quite disappointed. Here's my remedy:

  • Affects traps all around Skyrim, the Dawnguard expansion and Solstheim.
  • Traps deal much more damage, but are balanced enough to not instantly kill you at higher levels.
  • Sound events will alert nearby enemies when a trap is activated.
  • Traps are unleveled, much like how MorrowLoot handles things.
  • Diseases will infect you more often.
  • Your character and enemy NPCs will get staggered when hit by specific traps. Some can even make you fly for a bit.
  • Traps are much more effective against enemies, permitting a tactical usage of them to defeat powerful foes.
  • NEW: Trip wires and Nordic pressure plates are slightly concealed.
  • NEW: Smilodon - Combat of Skyrim version is available within the installation wizard. This new version also works with Wildcat.
  • NEW: You can now swap objects on pedestal traps as seen in the famous Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark scene with the golden idol and sand bag. Giant boulder chase scenes are not included.

Lethal Traps has been tested quite a lot and shouldn't crash your game. It can be slightly unbalanced in places though.
This is why your feedback is precious. Please, use the comment section to inform me of your ideas.
Furthermore, when using this mod, I would highly recommend you use the Adept difficulty, to avoid unbalancing gameplay and, most of all, the traps. Don't forget to use the "Smilodon - Combat of Skyrim" option when installing, if you use that mod. (you can also select the Smilodon option if you use Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim)

If you wish to inspect the details of this mod, please visit this link:

Next Version Plans:
  • More rebalancing of traps. Don't hesitate to post your feedback in the comments!

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Why these two? MorrowLoot makes the game unleveled, and Lethal Traps too, so you should use them together.
Follower Trap Safety avoids having your follower/summoned creature kill you accidentally with traps you can't survive at lower levels.

Don't forget to endorse if you like my work, it both encourages me to continue making mods such as this and makes it more visible to other people on the Nexus!

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