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Dwarven Power Armor its an unique mechanichal engineered bulky heavy armor developed by the Dwemer and powered by crystals of Aetherium, forged ages ago by the ancient Dwemer race on the Aetherium Forge.

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Dwarven Power Armor its an unique mechanichal engineered bulky heavy armor developed by the Dwemer and powered by crystals of Aetherium, forged on the Aetherium Forge by the Dwemer race ages ago.

Untill the days of the events of TES 5, the Dwarven Power Armor was just a legend about a powerfull suit lost in time, but a group of Thalmor found the armor and are planning to use it against the College of Winterhold, as part of the plans from Ancano himself. You will find the thalmor general who found it, with his guards and justiciars, inside Mzulft, during the mage college's main quest line, and you need to defeat them in order to loot the power suit. 
The general using the suit also uses a powerfull Dwarven Aetherial Battlehammer and a Dwarven Aetherial Shield. 
(If you are already Arch Mage, you still can find these thalmor there)

The power suit is made to be used in dangerous fights againts very powerfull foes, and not to be used as regular armor. Since the power suit (and the hammer) is very heavy, you can not run while using it, and your walking is also slower, you can not lockpick properly, you will be easely detected due to the sounds your steps will make, and you can not regenerate stamina while using it too, but, the advantages make you have big resistance to damage and magic, waterbreathing, increased melee force, immunity to diseases and poisons, unarmed damage increased, and some resistance to falling. In resume, it is a tanker armor, but due to its characteristics, it also can be used by light armored chars or mages as a emergencial resource in hard trials. 
Is important to mention that the general has an Dwarven Aetherial Shield, so you no more need to choose between it and the crown and staff, the shield can now be obtained in an adittional way.

Dwarven Power Armor and the Battlehammer (and obviously the Aetherial Shield) can be improved and are under the categories that includes the Dwarven weapons and armors.

- 1 new set of fallout-inspired Power Armor, in Dwemer style,
with custom effects and sounds, and obviously attributes

- 1 new weapon- Dwarven Aetherial Battlehammer

- you need no more to choose between Aetherial Shield and the
other 2 items on the Aetherium Forge, you can loot the shield from
the body of the thalmor wearing the armor

This mod should be compatible with almost all other mods

The armor and weapon produce new dwarven mechanical sounds, but because engine limitations, a big part of the sounds are attached to the Dwarven Aetherial Battlehammer and not on the Dwarven Power Armor directly, so, if you only use the armor, you will have a little amount of dwarven mechanical sounds while moving (just the steps), and using the hammer you will hear all the new sounds.
The armor is unnisex and can be used by all playable races, and is an unique piece with stats correctly created to a full suit of power armor, but you still can equip rings and amulets bellow the power suit.


Mihail- armor model, effects, sounds, weapon model, game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

m150- for the metal tubes
cALAMIN- for the hd cubemaps