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Makes the dunmer town of Raven Rock a more lively place to be at by adding several new buildings with interiors and structures, a many new clutters, a bunch of new npcs with their own things to do and a new set of armor in a completely lore-friendly way. A merged and reworked version of my mods: 'Jewel of Solstheim' & 'Good-folks of Raven Rock'

Permissions and credits
Below are the things 3R adds into the game:

Open the images in new tab for expanded view.

Install through your favorite mod manager or drop the files in 'Data' directory manually.
Go to an vanilla interior and make a clean save before updating to v1a.
It contains no script, so can be installed/removed at any time without any issue. 

JoS is not compatible with any mod that modifies Raven Rock. Below are some of such mods:
Quaint Raven Rock
Simple Raven Rock Expansion
Raven Rock Enhanced.

Mods below are merged within 3R:
Solstheim Lighthouse
Solstheim - Skaal Fishing Camp
Nordic Fur Armor
Jewel Of Solstheim
Good-folks of Raven Rock.
So if you're having any of these mods in your LO, then please remove them if you do not wish to have any duplicate entries.

Possible Future Updates
Enable new buildings/npcs from JoS & GFoRR after re-opening of the mine. (HELP NEEDED)
Add windows to the buildings. (HELP NEEDED)
Retching Netch Banner(PERMISSION NEEDED)

NordwarUA for Nordic Fur Armor. (Permission)
fadingsignal for Solstheim Lighthouse. (Permission) 
fadingsignal for Solstheim - Skaal Fishing Camp. (Permission)
maydragon75 for Nyan the Telvanni Mage- a follower. (Permission)
maydragon75 for Rayne - a standalone follower mod. (Permission)
flintone for Riften Fish Market. (Resources)
Oaristys for Modder's Resource Pack. (Resources)
lolikyonyu for Lolicept Resources. (Resources)
Mathy for Mathy's Repository. (Resources)
Tamira for Assorted Resources for Skyrim SE. (Resources)
Incaendo for Incaendo's Banner Resource SSE. (Resources)
YsCordelan for Simple Raven Rock Expansion. (Inspiration)
uglydemon for Raven Rock Expanded. (Inspiration)
ImmotalIce for Raven Rock Enhanced. (Inspiration)
Undriel for Quaint Raven Rock. (Inspiration)

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