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An expansion to Raven Rock, making it closer to town than settlement. Adding Well fitting Buildings and NPCs with unique AI, Morrowind style Banners, Ashlander camp, Travelers visiting etc.

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  • Polish

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If you downloaded any of the older versions Please update to latest version, which adds new features, fixed bugs and was cleaned by tes5edit to prevent any potential issues.


An expansion to Raven Rock, making it closer to town than settlement. Adding Well fitting Buildings and NPCs with unique schedules and AI, Morrowind style Banners, Ashlander camp, Travelers visiting etc.

Features and additions

New Store: Book Store, with many books to browse and buy, featuring the new books from the DLC, 7 new books from Morrowind (The book of dawn and dusk, Vivec and mephala, Silence, Redoran cooking secrets, Ashland Hymns, Smuggler's island, the four suitors of Benitah), and the large collectable series "36 lessons of Vivec" organized in a special bookcase.

New Open Store: a Clothier. Selling local and imported Attire.

New Open Store: Fishery.

New Store: Magic Shop. Selling high level staves, scrolls, spells and robes.

New western Guard ramp in the town's western entrance. Didn't look right to have a huge wall to one side and the other open.

New unique Morrowind style banners for the 3 new shops and the Retching Netch. As seen in the screenshots.

New Unique clutter and statics from modder resources mentioned in credits.

New idle markers added in interiors and exteriors, example: the temple now is visited by 2 people and the visiting Ashlanders, it has prayer markers that any sandboxing NPC will use, The Elder and temple visitors will use them.

New patrol Guard and increased patrol distance to accommodate the new areas.

All new and edited Areas Fully navmeshed and tested error and crash free.

New Area:
- Ashlander Camp Near Tel Mithryn. Inhabited by 5 Ashlanders.They sell the rare native ingredients and 3 of the Ashlanders will visit Raven Rock occasionally. They also possess a rare amulet with a useful enchantment.

- Ashlanders visit town on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to trade, pray at temple, stay at the cornerclub.
- Two Skaal hunters, Old man and daughter will visit town on Saturday and Sunday. Daughter is also marriable.

New NPCs:
Rayna, A Wench/Server at the corner club. If you sit on a chair/stool Geldis will yell at her to come serve drinks! This feature also unlocks a greeting to the player by Geldis when entering the inn.

Ildos, Woodcutter, general worker, also a regular temple visitor.

Saveri Dreloth, owner of the book store.

Relosa Serano, runs the clothier.

Nurisea Serano, Relosa's sister, runs the magic shop.

Sarvil, Fisherman/Hunter, and owner of the fishery.

All new NPCs have unique AI Packages and schedules.

Future Plans:

I hope to add some edited voice clips using each of the new NPC's voice type to make them more unique .. and maybe a few simple misc quests.

If someone more experienced in making quests and dialogue wants to join and expand the mod, pm me. I welcome collaboration.

Change Log:

---Version V2.6.9
- Fixed occasional occurrence where Clothier and Book merchant won't sell
- Fixed some stupid spelling errors.

---Version V2.6.8
- Added missing Book texture.
- AI package tweaks for a couple of npcs.
- Fixed Some Navmesh errors.

---Version V2.6.7
- Fixed a few navmesh errors around Raven Rock and Ashlander Camp
- the 36 lessons of Vivec have been given a unique cover.
- included a couple missing outfits from the clothier's inventory
- General texture optimizations to reduce size

probably the last update for a while.

---Version V2.6.6
- Added 7 New Morrowind books to the Bookshop. look for them in the second room or buy them.
(The book of dawn and dusk, Vivec and mephala, Silence, Redoran cooking secrets, Ashland Hymns, Smuggler's island, the four suitors of Benitah)
- Removed the scarves. They were unnecessary and caused clothing glitches.
- the 36 lessons of vivec books are organized in numerical order on the bookshelf for those who'd like to read it there

---Version V2.6.5
- New: Clothier now sells unenchanted Dunmer outfits with separated hoods. useful for mages (see pic).
- Fix: Navmesh fix around guard ramp and fishery.
- Some ai package tweaks to guards and the new npc's

There is an optional esp without the scarves for those who don'y like it. install over the main mod and replace.

---Version V2.6
- Magic shop sells unenchanted staves. You still need to enchant them at Tel Mithryn though cause I didn't want to affect it's importance.
- New banner textures, better quality and more fitting to the town's appearance.
- Ashlanders Now wear new robes and scarves (see credits for scarves). They are Also buyable from the clothing shop.
- Ashlander Wisewoman dialogue lines fixed, and her inventory expanded a little.
- Ashlander wisewoman wears "Teeth of The Urshilanku", an amulet with a highly useful enchantment...if you can take it from her and live!
- Some AI tweaks to Ashlander camp.
- Given map marker to Ashlander camp.
- Added collision bounds to the clothes in the clothes shop so they won't be flung around on load up by Skyrim's lolphysics.
- Additional AI Package activities and improvements around town, specially the cornerclub.

---Version V2.5.2
- Book shop owner will no longer shoo the player.

---Version V2.5.1 fix
- Cloth vendor was mistakenly given male voice
- Fixed some AI package errors for the Town visitors

---Version V2.5
- New: Ashlander camp near Tel Mythryn, they have unique looking ash-covered tents, herd netches and sell rare Ash ingredients.
- New: Two Skaal hunters, a father and daughter will visit Raven Rock at Saturdays and sundays to trade and rest at the cornerclub.
- Fisherman will sandbox around the stall rather than sit on it for 12 hours.
- Expanded the bar in the Cornerclub, added a stool, and a new room to accomodate the new visitors.
- Fix: Magic shop owner will now open and close business properly. for real this time!
- Fix: All seams and gaps in the magic shop are now fixed.
- Fix: Fixed the tower guards floating.
- Change: Cornerclub bard have been turned into a serving wench to get rid of the annoying singing. Also given a couple new flirty lines.
- New: Cornerclub wench (And Drovas) have both been given retextured tavern clothes.
- New: 3 of the Ashlanders will visit Raven Rock on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to trade, pray at temple, and rest at the cornerclub.
- Added another prayer marker at the shrine of Azura in the temple. When visiting at about 6pm to 8 pm it's possible to find 2-3 people praying.

- Cleaned with tes5edit
- Temple workers and visitors will sandbox around and should the new prayer activities

- Magic shop opening hours is now fixed, owner will no longer shoo the player.
- Fishery now has more inventory and more gold to make him more useful to buy your stuff.

- A large ramp stationed with two guards by the western enterance of the town. Didn't look right to have a giant wall to one side of town while the other is completely unguarded (see pics)
- New Patrolling Guard and increased patrol distance to cover new areas
- Some new clutter and decoration (See credits)
- A lot of navmesh tweaks and improvements.
- Cornerclub Bard no longer wanders town during day cause she would insists on playing instrumens in town. So she's been grounded for misbehaving!
- Shops now close at night.
- Misbehaving AI packages of new npcs now fixed and vastly improved
- Magic shop size reduced by about 20% inside and out. Also has been re-aligned to bettersuit it's surroundings
- The Magic shop can now be a radiant Thieves guild target
- New Prayer Idle markers in the temple usable by any sandboxing npc
- New Lumberjack and general worker, Ildos. Also visits the temple daily to pray.
- New small Fishery by the docks with new fully AI-Packaged NPC, Sarvil
- Face/body mismatch should be fixed

Also check out my complementary mod, Severin Manor improvements, to make Raven Rock an even more convenient place to live!

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Insanitysorrow and TESAlliance for the excellent modder resources.
Oaristys for the Modders Resource Pack
Blary's resources
PrivateEye for the Ashlander amulet.
Natterforme for scarf meshes. (removed in latest version)