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Adds a small fishing camp to the west of Raven Rock featuring a new Skaal tent mesh/textures. Haki and his wife sell seafood and other ingredients.

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This mod adds a small fishing camp to the west of Raven Rock. Haki and his wife will roam the camp doing various work, and sell seafood and other ingredients if you speak with them.  This started as a request from user CMiner on my Solstheim Lighthouse mod, but became another excuse for me to model a new art asset, this time a Skaal tent (see photos.)  It's Horker leather, and the old Norse runes for Protection and Good Fortune are painted on it.

There are no navmesh or landscape edits to keep the footprint extremely minimal.  I also used collision boxes with navcut so NPCs don't get stuck walking against them.

That's pretty much it!  I'm planning on starting a Live Another Life playthrough beginning in Solstheim so I'm just adding little bits and pieces to the island here and there.

If you want to use the tent mesh in your free mod, just give me a link to this page, and give me credit.  Cheers!