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Stay in humanoid form when changing into a vampire lord.
Set any armor to be used on vampire lord.

Compatible with body mods like CBBE, UNP, ect..
Compatible with armor mods.

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How it works

  • Use spell: Set Vampire Lord Armor / press key: V while wearing desired equipment to memorize what to wear as vampire lord.
  • Change into vampire lord and you keep your humanoid form and any armor saved from the spell or hotkey pressed.
  • You do not need to hold on to your armor that is saved to vampire lord.
  • Once you've changed into a vampire lord, your main armor will be stored away until you revert back.
  • Default key can be changed in MCM.


  • Please use a mod manager to install as the file contains a installation feature to install the correct files for your race.
  • SKSE64 is required if you wish to save equipment for vampire lord otherwise you will be stuck with the royal vampire lord armor.
  • SkyUI is needed if you want to use a hotkey instead of the spell.

  • Follow the instructions below only if you use FNIS:
  • Step 1: Backup the following two files from the mod folder of this mod before running FNIS:
  • meshes\actors\vampirelord\behaviors\vampirelord.hkx
  • meshes\actors\vampirelord\characters\vampirelord.hkx
  • Step 2: Run FNIS and have it update behaviors, then copy the two files back into the mods folder. Alternatively If you are using mod organizer then you can copy the files into the overwrite folder instead after running FNIS.

  • If you want wings:
  • Install Animated Wings Ultimate or Dragon Wings Rings SE, not both
  • Only install the optional file in this mod if you plan on using Dragon Wings Rings SE, do not install it if you are using Animated Wings Ultimate.


  • All equipment mods should be compatible including armor with HDT-SMP Physics.
  • CBBE and UNP compatible, I've only tested it with CBBE.
  • Charmers of the Reach SE - Has an option to install the red eyes if you installed that mod and use one of their custom races.


  • Any mods that modifies the vampire lord race.
  • Any mods that removes slot mask from armor.
  • Any mods that change Harkon's vampire lord form. Mods that change his human form should be fine, however his vampire lord form will only use the default humanoid body and face that he starts with in vanilla.
  • Mods that turn NPCs into vampire lords, they will likely have black a face bug.

Recommended mods


Mods used in screenshots

  • Can I use this with Animated Wings Ultimate?
  • Yes, use the craftable wings from that mod instead when setting your outfit, do not install Animated Dragon Wings and Dragon Wing Rings if using Animated Wings Ultimate. The optional file should not be used with Animated Wings Ultimate.