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Fixes bugs and inconsistencies for Skyrim's containers and leveled lists.
Include balance changes for items, economy and game mechanics.

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Lock Related Loot Addon
Containers have loot according to their type and lock difficulty.

1. Download and install Lock Related Loot.
2. Endorse the mod.
3. Hide or remove LockRelatedLoot.esp from Lock Related Loot.
4. Install my addon (make sure that it's placed below main mod in the load order).

Priest Vendors - CLLF Integration
Better integration of new containers.
Require Priest Vendors to work.

USSEP and WACCF Compatibility
Fully compatible with Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. Changes from my mod are implemented into new chests from USSEP.
Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes is recommended to fully overhaul leveled lists. All needed changes from WACCF are already forwarded into CLLF. For even better integration download the patch from my files section.

Implemented and expanded loot changes (ONLY!) from Morrowloot.
It means that you won't find daedric, glass, ebony, dragon, stalhrim, elven, orcish, dwarven, or nordic equipment randomly anymore (there is a few exceptions).

Fixed some Chance None values and flags. Few changes for Object Bounds, to make some containers more consistent with others. Removed some items and changed flags for some corpses to avoid respawn.

Soul Gems
Soul Gems are not longer super common for normal people. They're removed from non-magic merchants, enemies or chests.
You can still buy "lesser" soul gems in magic/alchemy related shops. Bigger soul gems are available only in Winterhold College, court wizards, boss chests and boss eq. 
Some "unique" merchants still have soul gems on sell (like vampire merchant from Castle Volkihar).

Inns and Merchants
Bigger variety of food in inns. 
Stock depend on region (for example: Riverwood have more fish on sell, Falkreath have more meat, etc.).
Fixed idiotism inside the inn lvl lists - apothecary ingredients on sell (skulls, bones, flowers, etc.). GJ Bethesda!
A lot of other weird things inside the merchants lvl lists changed (for example BLACKSMITH lvl list in Drunken Huntsman).
Khajiit Caravans will buy stolen goods. They also sell Jarrin Root.

Less weapons and armors to buy in towns/settlements than in cities. Same thing with other items. 
City blacksmiths have better stuff to sell (like imperial set in Solitude or stormcloak set in Windhelm).
They're no longer sell ores (at least not all blacksmiths). They also sell less ingots than before (because they can't sell you their whole supplies, it doesn't make any sense bethesda...).

Much bigger chance to spawn with ancient weapons + armors instead of iron. Steel weapons + armors removed from their lvl lists.
Ebony, orcish, dwarven armors removed from their lvl lists.
Draugrs no longer drop septims, lockpicks, ingots, gems, potions. 5% chance for soul gem drop. 

Small changes for food barrels - more potatoes, salt, added leek, removed tomatos.
Few small changes with other types of barrels.

Apiary and Beehives
Small tweaks.

Cupboards/ Dressers/ Wardrobes/ End Tables
Less money and gems (noble furnitures have bigger chance for them). Misc items and clothes are now more believable (everything depend on furniture).

Burnt Corpses
Burn corpses no longer drop loot. Same thing apply to all "unique" burnt corpses (you can still loot quest items!).

You can loot different meals from pots.

No more 100% chance for "special items" drop. Removed enchanced items from normal chests; boss chests have 5% and 10% chance for drop enchanced items drop. 
Weapons and armors drop is more believable (for example: draugrs chests have bigger chance for ancient items, warlocks chests have bigger chance for magic items, etc.).
Lockpick no longer drop from every chest possible (vanilla have 25% chance for lockpick drop from ALL TYPES of chests). 

There is a really low chance to drop something from them. It will prevent from gold/ gem farm from dungeons.

They will no longer sell random stuff. They will sell ciwil war related stuff instead (armors, weapons, symbols).

Scrolls and Spell Tomes
Spell tomes and scrolls removed from all merchants except college and court wizards.
Court wizards have only basic spell tomes.
Some unique merchants still have spell tomes/ scrolls for sell.

Removed some items from lvl lists (like diamonds and other valuable items). Reduced gold loot to absolute minimum.

Animals and Creatures
Drop from animals and creatures is more believable - you'll no longer loot gems from wolves, more meat from bigger animals, etc.

And much more...

Manual conflict resolution highly recommended. Wrye Bash/ Mator Smash most probably will break some features of CLLF by reverting vanilla changes.

Trainwiz, Fuma, ChocolateNoodle for MorrowLoot