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Lightweight and simplified version of TrainWiz's Morrowloot. Contains only leveled lists, crafting and item placement changes. No new artifacts, no removal of level scaling

Permissions and credits
The original author of this mod is Trainwiz. Please download and endorse him. This mod is just a lightweight version of it, intended to achieve as much compatibility with other mods as possible.


Only the basic mods that are so essential that everybody has them. Namely:

Unofficial Special Edition Patch by Arthmoor
Cutting Room Floor by Arthmoor
´╗┐Weapons, Armor, Clothing and Clutter Fixes by Kryptopyr
Armor and Clothing Extension by Kryptopyr

This mod does not require SkyUI nor shall it ever.

This mod makes random loot more fitting to the lore. So you won't see bandits droping any daedric, ebony, glass, elven, dwarven or orcish stuff, nor find it in random chests. If you wish to collect a dwarven set - you will need to go to Dwemer ruins. If you wish to collect orcish - go will have to go trade with an orc stronghold (or go steal from an orc stronghold). If you wish to find elven or glass* equipment - feel free to hunt some Thalmor. Ebony and daedric items can only be found in fixed locations positions. The only advice I can give you is that you should look for people who could afford such rare treasures.

Smithing it is not that easy as well. For Orcish, Elven and Glass armors and weapons you only need to learn the appropriate perk. These types of armor are commonly forged all around Tamriel. Ebony and Daedric items need a very hot fire to melt so you need to use the Skyforge. To learn how to forge Dwarven metal, you need to learn Ancient Knowledge from the Lexicon quest. Forging Daedric requires you to have read all of the Black Books, and thus to have gained much knowledge from Hermaeus Mora himself. You also need to forge it at night. I hope that the Morrowloot Ultimate team will forgive me that i have stolen their (very neat) idea.

This mod does not add any new artifacts. It does not change the item stats. It does not change the level scaling of dungeons. It does not add any new quests.


Unique Uniques - very compatible!
Zim's Immersive Artifacts - very compatible!
WACCF - very compatible!
ACE - very compatible!
WICO - alas, I had to make some concessions so it need tiny ESL-flagged patch attached. But otherwise - very compatible!
Creation Club - very compatible!

I'm not that good a modder, so if you still need a compatch for something then I probably can't help you. I could also gladly accept any help, bug reports and ideas how to improve working of this mod so feel free to send them to me. But remember - I wish to keep things as compact and compatible as possible.

Keep calm and buy Forgotten Seasons so both Todd and Trainwiz can earn some money from their great work! Cheers!


*unlike Trainwiz I decided that Skyrim glass eq is too similar to elven in design, so it is not brought by Dunmer refugees (they brought items made of different materials) but it is carried by the Thalmor occupation forces.