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Pure Waters brings beauty, refinement and realism to SSE and Skyrim VR's waters.

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Enjoy beautiful water with Pure Waters for SSE and Skyrim VR!

Please note that this is still in WIP. Expect improvements in future updates.


Place Purewaters.esp and Purewaters.bsa in your data folder and activate in your mod manager.

Be sure to correctly uninstall your previous water mod. A bad uninstall could lead to visual bugs such like missing water.


New flow effect in SSE is a pain in the ***. A lot of mods available here on Nexus can potentially break water (generaly by generating seams in a middle of some water areas). To avoid conflict, make sure to use this water fix script and follow its instructions. If visual bugs still appear in your game, place Purewaters.esp upper in your load order.

About this version:

Pure Waters looks great in SSE. However you will see little to no difference between streams from lake and rivers. This is because I need time to integrate new flow effect in the mod. I'll try to improve it in the near future.

About water in Skyrim VR:

Pure Waters is fully compatible with Skyrim VR. Water in Skyrim VR is less realistic than SSE waters because it uses less effects (no landscape reflection, no sky reflection,...). I've tried to find a way to force the game to use reflection but no success yet. So don't expect the same realism in the VR game than in SSE (but it still looks far better than vanilla water!).

Please report any bugs or wrong visual.