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Liked how unique the morrowind or even oblivion races were when choosing a playstyle? well. I revived the morrowind traits and restored powers. Ie. Khajiit Eye of Fear, and Imperial Star of The West. changed as well. Take a look, it's in a book, or look at pictures...

Permissions and credits
Kill It With Fire! - Skyrim SE - Races
Version 101 Races
Last Updated: 2019.02.16

READ RED for instructions
READ YELLOW if you want to skip banter
READ GREEN for compatability/reference
READ SHAUN BLUE for changes/bugs/plans/planned bugs features

-Seek the pretty pictures!!! They contain the knowledge of the ancients!!! (But read the disclaimer first!!!)
-If bug, read details page then existing bug reports then post bug!!!

Disclaimer: READ
Back up your saves... if you want to try it with an existing character (not recommended, abilities and powers will work. It is HIGHLY advisable to start a new game since actor values such as Health, Magicka, Stamina and Encumberance will not line up completely right even if you console "showracemenu" and then switch to another race and back to your prefered. The real gameplay is with a fresh game and growing with it, loading to an old one will give you different abilities sure, but this mod was intended to make the beginning more interesting and unique as far as playing as a certain race was concerned. An altmer or bosmer may not want to run into a cave swinging in the open at level 1, but a nord or orc could get away with it. Think like the class you want to play but know what your body is capable of.

KIWF - SSE - Extedned Released (LINK)
Considered an "upgrade" from KIWF - SSE - Races (this mod), This mod will be updated in accordance as needed. It is not intended to be used WITH this mod.

UPDATE V101R (2019.02.19)
-One main file, JOP and LHR patches do nothing negative if mention mods are not installed
-Flame Atronach range spell reverted to vanilla
-Unidentified native glitch preventing fireball spell from being cast by flame atronach
-Removed minor unused edits
-NOTE: If "updating" you do not need to make a new game. Changes will not corrupt a previously saved game that was started on v100r


No need to ask permission to make a PATCH, just send me a heads up.
Will not be making Oldrim version (I miss the completed mods like Multirace adoptable children, Expanded Towns and Cities and Enhanced Behaviors, but i have had it with trying to play/edit parts of oldrim (for now...)), feel free to give me a heads up if you make a PORT and you'll have it.
If there's even a few demands for Xbox or PS4 port, let me know and I'll upload it to Bethesda.net myself.

   I broke the unsung rule of "dont touch the Player actor" but it was the only way to remove the bonus to base stats since its only on the stat tab for the PC. This was the only way I could remove the vanilla handicap for player AND npcs efficiently. I tried adding a nerfspell to the player via pcstartquest but it gave red stat numbers all the time and that's not great.
   Anything that changes the vanilla playable races will not be compatable. Each section will list changed and specifically touched items that usually conflict with other mods.
-Character Creation Overhaul (Link- Partially Compatible (KIWF must load after CCO)
-Diverse Character Creation (Link) - Partially Compatible (KIWF must load after DCC)

-SE version compatable with VR
-Left Handed Rings Modified (Link) - Patched (Must load BEFORE KIWF)
-Joy of Perspective (Link) - Patched (Must load BEFORE KIWF)
-VR Body (Link- Not YET patched (KIWF must load after, rare body glitches but works)

Why I wanted to muck up your modlist:
I really didn't... that's just what happens whenever anyone makes something that's a replacer and not a standalone. I recently replayed Morrowind, then began oblivion twaking away the wiffle batting away and was satisfied (KIWF-Oblivion). When I went to start Skyrim gave it a fresh install and began to download the usual mods I liked and looked for some new ones. I stumbled across Character Creation Overhaul by Synclonix and was blown away by their attention to detail. While I very much liked the idea, the scripts scared me a little so I sought to make a script free race mod that "shouldn't" be incompatable with anything apart from other vanilla race altering mods.
Unlike Synclonix or Daiyus I will not be creating birthsigns because I feel the doomstones are good enough and classes are a bit restricting considering most people custom classed the older games anyway. I currently have no safe way to effectively implement a class system based on in-game choices so that is not yet implemented and when i do eventually, it will only give slight but effective bonuses of +10 and +5 for major and minor skill levels and 10% and 5% exp bonus for advancing those same skills (that is my plan anyway). But my biggest reason for making my own race mod however was admittedly because script focused mods scare me as CCO took alot work to make stable with conflicts and bethesda's useless Creation Club updates to the exe. The OTHER my because OCD was going NUTS with the carry wt not lining up with stamina neatly... But the vanilla races are same-same and not unique so I wanted to get my fingers all up in them to fix it.
   That being said, there are other character creation mods and such but this only changes races and if loaded after alternative start style mods it should still work just fine.

My Formula:
Traditionally, actor values such as attributes are what make the stats of Health, Magicka, Fatigue (now Stamina) and Encumbrance. Below are what each has affected through morrowind and oblivion consistently (not including skill effectiveness):

Strength - Attack Damage, Max Health, Max 
-Traditionally, encumbrance maxed at 500 unless spells or enchantments

Intelligence - Max Magicka
-Would max at 100 unless you were a altmer or breton with multipliers
-Oblivion Pushed it to 200 for all w/ flat race bonus to magicka

Willpower - Max Fatigue, Magicka Regen, Magick success rate (Morrowind)
-Traditionally 400 max Fatigue
Agility - Max Fatigue, Fatigue Regen, Balance, Marksman Damage (Oblivion)
-Agility was good if you
Speed - Movement Speed
-Character size also played a role in morrowind...
Endurance - Max Health, Max Fatigue
-Health would increase until you capped your skills
Personallity - Affects social interactions and prices
-Not usable in modern system, instead "DnD" style race perks where appropriate
Luck- Affects everything you do in a small way
-Flat valuse across all races, unusable for my formula

Since these attributes were NOT taken into accound when skyrim was in development, the races are all same-same and boring... other than looks and powers we SOMETIMES use, it probably doesent feel like we're playing differently with an dunmer than we do a nord. Not to sound racist or conformist but the races in TES V do not conform to a proper stereotype I think is needed to make a playthrough feel like you are a khajiit or orc. Or when you're fighting them, they're all the same.

Going across the board, I looked at what the values were for each race between male and female and averaged them up. Pairing the above/below attributes together into neat numbers under the actor values they affect. Ie. Argonain males have below avg willopwer so -1 but females have above avg intelligence so +1, in the scheme of magicka call this +0. Orcs have above average strength, willpower and endurace but low agility, for me this translates to +4 points to health (40) and +2 to Stamina (20). The orcs are all above avg strength and this affects damage, so 10% to melee attack damage as passive.

Health - Str, End
Magicka - Int, Wil
Stamina - Will, Agil, End
Extra calcstat (unused) - Per, Luc, Spe (used for reference)
Encumbrance - Str
Skills - Morrowind/Oblivion Base
Start Spells - UNTOUCHED, requires Main Quest manipulation
Abilities- Per, Spe, Lore Culture, Phsyiology
Powers - "Traditional" Lore but also balance (even if NPCs don't always use them)

This is generally the theme I followed and applied the old attributes. Below is a neat list where you can see. In which case: go ahead and hate me, I reduced the starter carry weight to 200 instead of 300 as a base and +/-2 strength on original racial stats will change that even more by 50. I feel like we lug around too much stuff, wheres the thrill in loot if you're not picking and choosing what to take back carefully or if you're not crawling back to your horse? (Obvious adjustement to sync stamina with carry wt for those of us with OCD.)
Reminder: player conventionally started with +50 in all stats over npcs who only got the 50 base. This is no longer the case.

Vanilla Playable Races:

Tampered items:
Player (actor), HighElfRace, ArgonianRace, WoodElfRace, BretonRace, ImperialRace, DarkElfRace, OrcRace, RedguardRace, nearly all spells for race abilities and powers as well as magick effects related.

Altmer (High Elf)
Health (-3) 70
Magicka (+2) 120 (270)
Stamina (-1) 90
Extra calcstat (0)
Encumbrance (-2) 145
Alchemy 10
Alteration 5
Conjuration 5
Destruction 10
Enchanting 5
Illusion 10
150 Magicka Bonus
25% weaker to elemental magicka
75% resistant to disease
Highborn (Power)
Regen 25x magicka for 60 seconds.


Health (-2) 80
Magicka (00) 100
Stamina (-2) 80
Extra calcstat (-2)
Encumbrance (00) 190
One-Handed 10
Illusion 10
Sneak 5
Light armor 10
Alchemy 5
Alteration 5
Immune to negative effects of hist sap (sleeping tree sap), bonus lasts twice as long
Immune to Poison
75% resistant to disease
Swim 50 points faster
Can breathe underwater
Amphibian (Constant) (Replace "Histskin" Power)
Regenerate 3x more health when in rain or water

Bosmer (Wood Elf)
Health (-4/-3) 70
Magicka (-2) 80
Stamina (-2/-1) 90
Extra calcstat (-1)
Encumbrance (-2) 145

Archery 15
Sneak 5
Lockpicking 5
Alchemy 5
Light Armor 10
Pickpocket 5
run/sprint 10+ points faster
50% less fall damage
75% resistant to disease
Beast Tongue (Power)
Command creature 99 levels for 600 seconds


Health (-3) 70
Magicka (+4) 140 (190)
Stamina (-2) 80
Extra calcstat (00)
Encumbrance (-1) 190
Conjuration 10
Illusion 5
Restoration 10
Speech 5
Alchemy 5
Alteration 10
50 Magicka bonus
50% resistant to Magicka
Dragon Skin (Power)
50% spell absorb for 60 seconds
50 pts of shield for 60 seconds

Dunmer (Dark Elf)
Health (-1) 90
Magicka (-2) 80
Stamina (-3) 70
Extra calcstat (-1)
Encumbrance (00) 185
Destruction 15
Alteration 5
Archery 5
One-Handed 15
Light Armor 5
run/sprint 10+ points faster in combat
Resist 75% Fire
Ancestor's Wrath (Power)
flame cloak 8 pts for 60 sec on self
"Sanctuary" 30% for 60 sec on self

Imperial (Cyrodiil)
Health (00) 100
Magicka (-1) 90
Stamina (-3) 70
Extra calcstat (+2)
Encumbrance (00) 185
Speech 15
One-Handed 5
Two-Handed 5
Block 10
Light Armor 5
Heavy Armor 5
Imperial Luck
"find more gold" (vanilla)
Star of the West (Power)
absorb 200 pts of Stamina on target
Voice of the Emperor (Power)
Pacify 99 levels 75ft radius for 60 seconds
Fortify Speech 30 levels on self for 60 seconds

Health (-2) 80
Magicka (-2) 80
Stamina (-1) 90
Extra calcstat (00)

Encumbrance (-1) 195
Sneak 15
Lockpicking 5
Pickpocket 10
One-Handed 5
Light Armor 5
Alchemy 5
12 bonus unarmed damage, counts towards sneak damage perks.
50% less fall damage
Nighteye (Lesser Power)
Nighteye for 60 seconds on self
Eye of Fear Power (Power)
On target, fear 99 levels flees for 60 seconds

Health (+3) 130
Magicka (-2) 80
Stamina (00) 100
Extra calcstat (-2)
Encumbrance (+2) 250
Two-Handed 15
One-Handed 5
Block 5
Light Armor 5
Heavy Armor 10
Smithing 5
Resist 50% Frost
Resist 25% Shock
Battlecry Power (Power)
Rally allies 50 pts in 60 ft radius for 30 seconds
cant get it to work on vanilla riekling follower
Fear enemies 99 levels in 60 ft radius flee for 30 seconds
cant get it to NOT work on vanilla riekling follower
Woad - Not added for balance
Thunder Fist - Not added for balance

Orc (Orsimer)
Health (+4) 140
Magicka (+1) 110
Stamina (+2) 120
Extra calcstat (-2)
Encumbrance (+2) 260
Heavy Armor 15
Smithing 10
One-Handed 5
Two-Handed 10
Block 5
25% Magicka Resist
Berserk Power (Power)
Deal 200% damage and take 50% damage for 60 seconds.

Health (+3) 130
Magicka (-4) 60
Stamina (00) 100
Extra calcstat (-1)
Encumbrance (+1) 200
One-Handed 15
Archery 5
Block 10
Smithing 5
Light and Heavy Armor 5
75% resistant to Poison
75% resistant to Disease
Adrenalin Rush Power (Power)
move and strike 25% faster for 60 seconds
stamina regenerates 10x Faster

Vanilla Race Summary:
As you can see, an orc could probably pick up a bosmer and break them in half, if they could catch them that is. No race is really more powerful than any of the others, or so I've tried to do. They just have their physological niches based on their ancestry. It is worth noting now that... the player character has 50 pt bonuses to base stats over every NPC in the game. This is being negated by this mod. You will have as much hp as your enemies and in some cases less in the beginning just like the good old days.


If you favoring another Vampire or Werewolf mod WILL override the changes so long as it includes the "tampered" items. Just place lower in load order than my pugin to block and override my changes.

Vampires and Werecreatures:
I never liked how the vampires and werewolves were... easy to kill. They were just buffed with no niche strengths or weaknesses like in morrowind and oblivion to make them interesting. Or somehting to be feared... Also: I tampered with the dawnguard and silver weapon perk which adds and negates damage on attacks.
These are creatures of power, the humanoid vampire felt no more special than a necromancer capable of giving you a disease to have fun in the sun. Vampires are now 40% faster running and sprinting, they can attack with weapons 25% faster. In the sunlight they will not have this ability, but in darkness they will now feel like what they live up to in the lore. As a result buffing the dawnguard offensive stat kept the dawnguard faction specialized against this threat. The player will be affected as well. I left magick aspects alone, you can be powerful when you're starving, I didnt want to mess that up too much. But you only get the best speeds when you're feeding on cattle more frequently, this makes more sense... look under active affects while you're a vampire to see them. I know we want playing as these things to be 'challenging' but... they're regarded as powerful beings for a reason. Look at it now as an "easy out" to kill stuff
Just so we're clear... this is for enemies as well. If you're not gonna be playing as one of these things, you might feel a little bit like prey because the speed is much more different than wifflebatting hps and damage.

Tampered items:
dlc1dawnguarditemperk, SilverPerk, vampire races, werewolfbeastrace, dlc2werebearbeastrace, crabVampire, AbVampire01 and 01b thru 04 and 04b, abVampireLord, werewolfbeastrace, dlc2werebearbeastrace, VampireDiseaseMessage, VampireFeedMessage, VampireStageProgressionMessage, VampireSunMessage, werewolfimmunity, VampireDrain01 thru 04

+20 (vanilla +5) vs vampires

+20 damage vs undead, vampires and now daedra

Player Vampire (humanoid form)
(more deadly in conventional combat if feeding daily)
(still gain spells and better resist as more starved)
80-50% weakness to fire
50-20% resistance to frost
25-10% bonus to attack speed (out of sunlight)
40-10 point bonus to run/sprint speed (out of sunlight)
25% fall damage (out of sunlight)
100-25 more Encumbrance (out of sunlight)

Vampires (humanoid form)
+40 all attributes
50% weakness to fire
50% resistance to frost
25 points of resist physical damage
25% bonus to attack speed (out of sunlight)
40 point bonus to run/sprint speed (out of sunlight)
applicable weaknesses and resistances based on race

Vampires (lord form)
300 all attributes
Immune to fall damage

Werewolf (humanoid form)(player only)
50% reduced fall damage

25% health regen
Run/Sprint 10 points faster
100 more Encumbrance (mostly in case you revert and have to run away naked b/c armor)
Immunity to disease

on hit spell: bleed 3 pts for 5 sec

25% reduced fall damage
10% faster attack speed
40 points faster run/sprint speed

Werebear (humanoid form)
Unable to track down proper abspell, npcs too few anyway

on hit spell: bleed 3 pts for 5 sec
10+ more melee damage

20 points faster run/sprint speed

Daedra and Atronachs:
The oblivion crisis was supposed to teach Tamriel that daedra were viable threats, hence Vigilants of Stendarr. Dremora in particular. The Aureals and Mazken are not in my mod because alanovichromanov does a good job already. I just wish I was able to add the winged twilight mod to the leveled lists, but it would be a little out of lore because post-oblivion-crisis change the universal rules (at least thats why the mages guild doesent teleport anymore but the Psijics certainly don't seem to mind...) Anyway, I am however dealing with the Dremora... Basically they are an orc battlemage who you might want a silver sword for. They are not quite pushovers anymore but being a daedra they have their weakness to silver of mundus as they were in morrowind. They are resistant to fire but weak to shock. Just as they were before. Other deadra such as ash spawn, lurkers and seekers have not been changed. I have not yet added "Normal Weapon Resistance" but I am better simulating it in the Extended Version of this mod.
In Morrowind (i keep going back there...) and in Oblivion (I keep going back there too...) The Daedra and attronachs could be a bit of a challenge depending on when you ran into them. If you fought a flame atronach at level 5 in morrowind you better hope you had a silver weapon or a frost spell. even then it was dicey... in oblivion, it was almost standard to hit a flame atronach around or at 10 and it was quite doable. Easier with frost or a silver sword. In skyrim? level 1 and with an iron dagger would do the trick. Summonables are a joke but at least they're a distraction. As a ally or foe, atronachs were fairly simple. What I am doing is mostly revisiting their weaknesses, I am not yet tampering with HP and normal weapon resistance yet. Texture mods will all work with them, no worries. But their stats are changing. Encountered and summoned Atronachs will have more health only apreciable at lower levels, 25% absorb magicka.

DremoraRace, FlameAtronachRace, FrostAtronachRace, StormAtronachRace, abFlameAtronach, abFrostAtronach, abStormAtronach, flameatronachfirebolt

Health 140 (210 to simulate NWR)
Magicka 140
Stamina 140
Encumberance 270
Destruction 10
Archery 10
One-handed 10

Two-handed 10
Heavy Armor 5
25% Resist Fire
25% Weakness to Shock
Immune to Poison
Immune to Disease

Flame Atronach
Health 150 (up from 75 to simulate NWR)
25% spell absorb constant

100% Resist Fire
60% Weakness to Frost
Flame Cloak 10 pts
Atronach Firebolt
20 fireball (area) damage (vanilla 20 firebolt)

Frost Atronach
300 (up from 150 to simulate NWR)
25% spell absorb constant

100% Resist Frost
50% Weakness to Fire
Frost Cloak 10 pts

Storm Atronach
400 (up from 200 to simulate NWR)
25% spell absorb constant

100% Resist Shock
Storm Cloak 10 pts

That pretty much wraps it all up... If you want more, see version Skyrim SE Kill It With Fire - Extended which will include normal weapon resistance, and passive skill bonuses for player and PC to keep leveled combat varied, interesting and hopefully non-wifflebatty (WIP)(Not published)

Hope you enjoy.